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I bought this jacket in  2012, wore it about 10 times. I outgrew the jacket, and it has been hanging in my closet ever since. No tears, smells, or stains If there is discolouration, is has come from natural wear However when it was bought it already looked kinda of faded I bought this jacket for 250 in 2012   Prices include 4% and shipping US: 185 USD Can: 180 USD INT: 200 USD   Size Large RiRi Zipper Handmade for Heritage Research Drawstring hood and...
pmd about the size 45 mmms hmu asap paypal ready
yee these pics helped alot. 
    ye yoox is were i found em. but after seeing this pic kinda makes me not want them at all. look clay like imo
    find what ? just the lows. Ive yet to see highs of the patent captoes. guess gotta keep looking
if I were to go with a pair lanvins atm it would be the patent captoes grey or black or maybe those weave suede ones.    
not feeling the lavender on these ones. 
been looking for some nice white shoes for summer n spring. been feeling these two and white og low achilles. know the mmms maybe cliche but there to clean imo. n the midsoles on the rafs i like alot. any other suggestions or which direction I should go. ty     or  
    ye both are a great looking pair of shoes. last two responses both of u guys said white pair . is there a reason why white? or just personal preference?
bought myself a pair of chuks couple months ago and there really great versatile shoe. now considering between org black mid and low achilles for spring which would pair would u guys go for ?
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