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Looks good.  Fabric actually looks better than 100tc from the photos.  Peak lapels seems a bit daring given this is your first suit for interviews, but you can probably pull it off.
you gotta wonder what they do with all the returned suits, and if they actually take returned ones and try to alter them to fit newly ordered ones.  purely speculation, but that could perhaps explain the inconsistencies.  i went ahead and placed my order...fingers crossed...
I replied earlier and somehow that post is in purgatory.  Anyway, yes, i'm following the IC video instructions which use shirt shoulder width as suit measure.  I presume they adjust it by a half inch or so, but who knows.  And thanks i hadn't considered that for the vest...probably will just go with lining fabric.
yes, in accordance with the instruction video from IC.  i presume they knock a half inch or so off of the shirt measurement to get the jacket measurement, but who knows.    thanks re vest...i hadn't considered that.  
I'm about to order one of the 3-piece suits from IC.  For what it's worth, I think my expectations are reasonable given what we're dealing with here.  While some of the comments here focus on quality and consistency of their suits, the vast majority seem to focus on fit.  And we're dealing with a suitmaker that has never seen the purchaser and is going off of imperfect measurements.  Therefore I do not expect to receive a suit that fits perfectly out of the box on the...
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