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rare footage of synthese waking up  
 I don't have to like the style to appreciate how well something is executed. And given the amount of intricate detail that went into these trousers, I'd say that there's a very happy customer somewhere out there.Luxire caters to everyone from the vintage fanatics over at the Fedora Lounge, to the urban lumberjacks in MC Casual, to the soporific suit crowd on Wall street and the futuristic goth/ninjas of superfuture.
  Are you happy with the sewn in crease? Is the yarn visible? I've been playing with the thought of getting some duck canvas trousers for golfing with a crease like this. Though I fear they will look funny unless you iron the trousers at least a little.
  Great job on the shirt and the dress form. I figure the enhancement of the bust was done in house?
Bought myself a 100% tussar silk sweater. No idea how to care for it...        
Luxire Selvedge - Custom Jeans - 14 Oz Dark Indigo Maroon University Stripes Oxford    [[SPOILER]]
 I have the same issue going on with my shirts, so let us know once you've figured that one out. I suspect that they have to be rotated outward, though then the pattern needs to be reworked as well because the way I would rotate them, the sleeve seam would be in the front.  Here are a couple of pictures of my Luxire suit. Out of the box not yet pressed. I've asked for a con rollino sleeve head, though they are a little more rollino than I expected, I quite like them....
A higher collar band in the front, so that the collar rests on the sternum and can't move downwards and/or two buttons on the collar band will fix this by preventing rotation of the band.
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