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Are you sure? I would assume that when you give body measurements, that depending on which style you choose e.g. Regular, Slim etc. thry will add more or less movement ease to the measurements of chest, waist and hips?
I made a snap call decision and bought my first pair of sneakers since high school today. I saw them and I liked them so I bought them. I have no real use for sneakers and don't really know how to wear them. But I never wore boots before I bought my C&J Islays either and now I wear them almost once a week. Change is good. Really excited. I think they'll go great with ecru or white, linen or corduroy. They might even work with jeans. I definitely need SW&D to teach me how...
To get rid of the creases under the buttocks pull up the waistband in the back. The amount needed to straighten out the back is what you remove from the back rise measurement.   Not sure about the rest. In my opinion a curvy side seam is desirable unless your legs came without knees and calfs.
It's summer, yo.              
 you remind me of german ex footballer turned musician Marteria 
So since most of your questions have been sufficiently answered I thought I give you a little deeper insight:   Thinly woven linen is considered a summer fabric because of its ability to absorb and lose water rapidly. Linen cloth can absorb as much as 20% of its dry weight without feeling wet. Contrary to popular belief linen has a very low thermal conductivity (0.0038 Wm/K) that's why it is frequently used as an eco friendly insulation material, though most linen...
Linen: Sunset Yellow Twill Pants "Chino" 1x $129.99 Linen: Off-White Heavy Vintage 1x $129.99   Two more summer chinos with belt loops.     #62XX Mar 08, 2014 authorized unfulfilled $207.98 #62XX Mar 05, 2014 authorized unfulfilled $149.99 #61XX Feb 27, 2014 paid unfulfilled $785.00 #61XX Feb 27, 2014 paid unfulfilled $55.00     It would be wrong to let those...
 More on collars and their order numbers: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0ArNeLrwWnsmodDMwWl9ScVo3VkNlR2JRSU5tTFFOMlE&usp=drive_web#gid=0 Mine has a 35mm collar band more I highly doubt you will need more than 40mm. I don't even think Stephan Winkelmann wears a 50mm collar. Our mexican bro betelgeuse has a collar 40mm high.
1x Additional Service - 20 1x Yellow Brown Tan Gingham Linen   I thought I'll give the premium MOP a try, too.
 I like this shirt collar. I'd be interested in the measurements of the collar band height (front/back) and point length. Not liking the shirt in combination with this unquestionable great jacket, though. The individual jacket screams for a Gep Gambardella commemoration fit.
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