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 I've written it in the thumb comment already (yay for having those back) but since people give you flak due to your shoe game, I feel obligated to state here once again how great this jacket fits you. Perfect buttoning point and lapel width for your frame.
holy shit snacks since when do we have thumb comments again??
Some men hunt for sport, others hunt for food, the only thing I'm hunting for, is an outfit that looks good...It's the same denim as in this order, I will post a side by side.
I love this. Literally only nitpick: I would prefer if the shirt had wider white stripes and the buttoning point was 1cm higher.
This here is why I will always come back to Luxire. I'm a fanatic about details and where other makers would send me away with my crazy requests, Luxire will gladly go the extra mile. Pictured are my jeans. I've asked for this exact pocket detailing on a previous pair of jeans over a year ago and just referenced the order number again in this order and from the looks of it they replicated it again to a T!Additionally I've asked for a plain leather patch in a colour of...
 I'd love to have pictures uploaded in high resolution. Unlike tumblr, Styleforum has a generous filesize limit.
  Linen-Cotton: Navy Knitted Pique × 1 White Pique $119.99 Linen-Cotton: White Knitted Pique × 1 White Pique $119.99   Those 25% off make the Euro to USD rate almost bearable :(
Took you long enough to finally get here Chris, you and your swan neck!   If you want to repeat or tweak your shirt pattern for future orders, simply order the fabric and respond to the confirmation email: "Shirt in style and measurements as #Ordernumber". Luxire stores a pattern as well as all instructions from your previous orders. If you want something changed simply refer to the previous order and let them know. Personally, I suggest you opt for a thinner placket, or...
I've just spent a good 5minutes searching for the option to change ones email address at Luxire? Is there none or am I blind? I can update my physical address but I can't seem to find the option to edit email...?
 He'll only be able to tell after purchasing his 11th property...
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