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 I'd love to have pictures uploaded in high resolution. Unlike tumblr, Styleforum has a generous filesize limit.
  Linen-Cotton: Navy Knitted Pique × 1 White Pique $119.99 Linen-Cotton: White Knitted Pique × 1 White Pique $119.99   Those 25% off make the Euro to USD rate almost bearable :(
Took you long enough to finally get here Chris, you and your swan neck!   If you want to repeat or tweak your shirt pattern for future orders, simply order the fabric and respond to the confirmation email: "Shirt in style and measurements as #Ordernumber". Luxire stores a pattern as well as all instructions from your previous orders. If you want something changed simply refer to the previous order and let them know. Personally, I suggest you opt for a thinner placket, or...
I've just spent a good 5minutes searching for the option to change ones email address at Luxire? Is there none or am I blind? I can update my physical address but I can't seem to find the option to edit email...?
 He'll only be able to tell after purchasing his 11th property...
 Thanks for your input. I still think though that it might be just what I'm looking for, since there's no way to iron a crease that will last for 6 hours on the golf course in summer. Afterwards I always change clothes in the locker room before heading to any chair at the 19th anyway. I agree with sugarbutch though, it's likely less noticeable with thick wooly fabrics. Sadly older entries in your order history dissapear on the Luxire site, once you had more than 20...
Once I've received my newest pair of trousers, I'm going to order a pair of golf trousers with military crease and slanted cuffs.   I'm in the market for some soft, non wrinkle prone, non shiny, navy chinos which can handle a little mud and dirt and thus multiple laundry cycles without loosing too much colour.   Recommendations welcome.
Care to share closeups of how they've incorporated the crease with the cuffs?
 You can find the collar sheet in @luxire's signature https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0ArNeLrwWnsmodDMwWl9ScVo3VkNlR2JRSU5tTFFOMlE&usp=sharing#gid=0 I can recommend the Broke and Bespoke Button Down collar: #7921
Is Azzuraa a Luxire spin off for leather goods?   http://www.styleforum.net/t/459017/azzuraa-bespoke-leather-goods-official-affiliate-thread/0_100
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