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 The one with the shih tzuit...
 That's probably what Gennaro, being a tailor, would have done to Matts suit. Mariano, the stylist, just handed Matt a lefthanded golf set.
I prefer the term KRAPFEN over Berliner or Pfannkuchen. It's just so angry.
  I'll stop with the sketches now
 I tried to convey the difference between a loop attached in and against load direction. Load transmission via shear force is what you want on joint stitching, peel force is what you want to limit or if possible prevent completely. I'll make a quick sketch.
photoshop + touchpad. one truly grows by facing challenges...     1. Attachment on the wrapped leather bands.   Due to the diagonal attachment of the two D-Rings (necessary for equal load distribution), which leaves the opposite side of each leather strap unloaded while carrying on a strap, the concentration of stress in the narrow cross section would cause a considerable peel force on the stitching as opposed to the more dominant shear force when carrying via the...
 I have a couple ideas on attachment locations. I will try to create a couple mockups.  Where did you put it, if we may ask?
  IIRC Foo comissions his jackets with a spalla camicia which extends past his acromion, because Mariano wears them like that.    Though I suspect in Mariano's case the reason being that he's aged since he had this jacket made. Personally I prefer the shoulder seam to sit on the acromion.
I just put in my order for a holdall bag. I was hesitant at first because I don't expect cashmere to hold up all to well over time, but the offer was simply to sexy to decline.   +1 @ A shoulder strap would be lovely
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