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 What's the opposite of a humblebrag?
  This are the trousers to my Luxire suit. Initially I requested a loop to keep the fastened adjuster from sticking away from the waistband but then I opted for the entire shebang and asked for both the adjuster and belt loops. Gives me the chance to either go with or without belt. Here are a couple more teasers of my jacket: Vent finishing done the old way: Notice how the lining extends to the edge of the folded vent. This can only be achieved by hand.  Were most...
I've tried Brecht Brothers and JThreePenneys to no avail...
 Americans wouldn't need a 40 hour "work" week nor would they have to give up on paid vacation days if they spent their working hours working.  What a classy move. If memory serves right, according to Neapolitan bestseller media sociali per i sarti, Luca must now drink two Saki and address Gennaros big oval head.
Does SW&D recognize the make of these glasses or know of a similar model?    [[SPOILER]]
Anyone recognize the manufacturer of these glasses? or knows of a similar model?          
 did you ride the subway six hours before anybody noticing your corpse doing laps around town?
Received my jacket recently. It's currently a work in progress but I thought I'd share a quick teaser of some of their splendid efforts:   Asole Lucida by Luxire:     Buttons attached by Luxire tailors do not subscribe to Newton's theory of gravitation:  
That's exactly what I think has happened. Friedrich should check the email confirmation of the order. Luxire does offer their pique fabrics made up as shirts. If the measurements of the shirt matches those he's given them, I'd suspect Friedrich is at fault himself. Recently someone complained about having received a smoking shirt with barrel cuffs instead of turnback cuffs. It turned out he left barrel cuffs selected in the drop down menu while adding other details in the...
  There's a special place in hell for people who post pictures without providing the fabric details. A place right next to the people who record vertical iphone videos!
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