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 The same name should not be an issue though. Luxire sometimes refers to different fabrics with the same external identifier, after all there are only so many ways to describe blue and brown, however every fabric has a unique ID as can be seen in the URL.I'd welcome it though to have the internal ID that refers to the fabric public. That would make it easier to share and recommend fabrics as well as knowing when a fabric sold out and was replaced with a slightly different...
  I would enjoy seeing a video of you approaching peacocks at pitti, giving them the impression that you intend to take their picture, while actually recording video. I wonder how long some of these coryphaei would freeze in their totally unaffected, nonchalant, iGent pose for you. Something like this:  
So which one of you Double Monk wearing Londoners tried to jump the machete wielding jewellery robber?                    
solid second post in 5 years.
 Retribution for what? From what I gather, it is true that Gennaro cut Benedikt's trousers but I'm sure he was commissioned to do so after all.It was only when Benedikt, not happy with the constricting fit of full length trousers, decided to cut them a second time by not properly yielding at a stop sign, that he ended up with this pricey pair of flannel hot pants. No one to blame but his lacking knowledge of Italian road traffic regulations. edit: Is Gennaro the guy that...
 clearly the stylishest of them all  
what's the age limit of a fuccboi?
rare footage of synthese waking up  
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