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MTM is a process.   Here is my chronological progress from first to third shirt order:   On my current shirt I'm happy with the collar, the yoke, the chest, waist, seat and the forearms. The only thing that still needs fixing in my opinion are the upper arms/armhole. Suggestions...
 Have you though about tying a smaller knot and giving your ties (those wider than 8cm/3inch) a dimple? The large knot is not congruent with the rest of your physique in my opinion. For knit ties I suggest the kent knot over the FIH or Half Windsor. GIF, may load slowly: 
two swatches for those interested:    
Who has the time for climbing?   Dat nineties beat tho.      1:10 is ludicrous.
I have yet to witness an American to properly pronounce the word hyperbole...
 funny we both wore something very similar today:    Otherwise I wouldn't have bothered to post since nothing new to be seen from me here.
  Anthony Wiener ended his career with a shot very much similar to this if I recall correctly. Great combination, though.
If you are still looking for ideas for your second order.   On of the goals I hope to achieve in my life is to have a pair of chocolate brown suede alligator double monks made.   Though I haven't yet made enough coin nor have I had as posh of an upbringing to ever justify spending these figures on a pair of shoes. But I expect that I might change my mind about this sooner or later.     Here's a picture of a pair of suede alligator loafers by G&G. I'd love to see...
 A man of taste :) Have you washed the shirt yet? I'd like to know whether it's still opaque after a 30°C wash with detergent. And please cut the excess boxcloth off those braces or buy a medium. I promise it won't fray. And if you clamp two 2€ coins at the end and cut it with an xacto or a box cutter you still have a round end. 
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