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To me, Mariano's jacket looks like a garment he would have properly filled out 15 years ago. Now due to the naturally ageing process he shrunk a little resulting in his shoulder seam not sitting on his shoulder any more. Thus the pronounced convex shape and the draping sleeve. It's still a great jacket and it still has a lot of mileage left and I don't think that one jacket is better than the other, since when it comes to clothing I don't like to deal in absolutes, but I...
have you seen his trapezius/deltoids? I'm pretty sure that's just how unpadded shoulder look on a beefcake like bill.       I actually like the way his NSM coats look and much prefer this shoulder line over the convex shaped droopy looking shoulders on marianos coat. But then again It's not fair to directly compare the coats, given the age difference of the wearer as well as the fact, that it's save to assume, that mariano made his coat 15 years ago and it...
that's all I have to say about triple welted soles...       but hey, they are German so at least you know you are getting quality...
voted for both your pics timo, good luck my fellow 'almost' german.       the f*ck's a hair off battle? are we arming ourselves with epilators and Nair and go at each other? first to turn the other one into james carville wins? sounds yucky
  don't know it's OTR Altea ...tree fiddy maybe....   my neck is a little over 16inch
same old. not sure if i posted this geddup before. dry cleaner did a horrific job on those lapels.    
Saw that one recently worn by Moriarty in the new Sherlock series on BBC, too.     My research led me to Spencer Hart: http://www.sherlockology.com/wardrobe/shirt-jim-moriarty   I had one made by my tailor. Looked ridiculous on my long neck...   edit: shit necrobump
if I recall correctly david carradine frequently wore belts as neckties...  
  please go with spoos recommendation and make it a green tie. essentially turning the whole thing into a throat artichoke.
jacket too long, pents too short.   sleeves may be a touch too short, too. The jacket overall looks very dated.   I like the colours. individually.
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