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@ Spoo, with the new collage style posts the images themselves are too compressed to give us the impression on the textures you usually so nicely combine.
right eye is blue and left eye is blue green, on some days entirely green. don't know what to think of that :/
  my left eye is green :)
because I know how much you guys love red ties:     brugundy red with navy striped knit and olive kimono silk with cherry blossom print, shirt is light blue royal oxford   [[SPOILER]]
looks like I will be making my 800th post here then:     tie is burgundy with navy stripes, pocketsquare is olive    
  that explains it. hilarious though that they turned Brünhilda into Broomhilda. Silly Americans...       Could Caseyfud post a fit please?  I want my 800th post to be special.
really minor spoiler adds literally nothing to the story. and if you are neither a major cinephile/nor suffer from autism you may neither notice nor care during the watching of the movie. I will definitely watch the extended cut, though.   @ shah, I looooove hot pot.   just had some recently in tianjin: [[SPOILER]]   and my username is not a veneral disease...   more PV = n*R*T
I loved Django Unchained. Germany was well represented. Quentin however is as great as a director and writer he is, a very weak actor... [[SPOILER]]      
Is there something like a best of thread? I loves me some internet drama...
  200cm.... 6'7" 
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