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I like mafoos coat. what I don't like are his giant cuffs. cuffs are for tall people.
us europeans have to stick together
to me a jacket has to visually 'cut' a person from heel to shoulders in half. and must not be shorter than to cover your butt.
  'murricans pronounce the letter R as ARRR similar to the verbalism used by pirates to connote a profound state of emotion as determined by the method and context of articulation. contrary to popular belief, the term was never used by pirates, but in fact originated in the 1883 adventure novel 'treasure island' by scottish author robert louis stevenson.
    I like everything until we get to the timepiece over the shirt cuff... you ain't agnelli
try to channel doc holliday by wearing a white shirt .   tied my tie too short and forgot to take a close up of this fantastic shirt texture...    
  people wearing baseball caps in the restaurant? looks like you are back in the US...
  would be cool if we got a couple of regulars to participate by providing a full body shot with the tri pod set to a fixed height and distance.
  at 186 it should be rather easy to find fitting clothes. stick to tall slim sizes. 1,84 is the average height for a dutch adult man...   anybody interested in a height chart photomontage à la the usual suspects? starting with foo ending with vaux de la vicomte.   could be fun to see how picking out clothing suitable to your size and proportions matters.
    since the sleeves were in fact too short back when I bought the coat a couple years ago, I tried covering it up by sewing in black rib cuffs. which may look like they are part of the turtleneck but actually belong to the coat.   the coat is a relict from my non-bespoken days...
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