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yesterdays cash friday   (click to enlarge)     close up  
I notified PeTA...
  I was strictly speaking on behalf of the thick kimono silk, I didn't mean pocketsquares in general. I agree with you that it depends on the material as well as the occasion.   I do the puff the fold the tuck and the I don't give a f*** with my squares, too. I didn't, I repeat, I did not try to promote a "oneSquare™" way of life in any way shape or form.
    I disagree with the general statement that the square is hideous. In my opinion, in the words of Jim Carrey, the square is B-E-A-UTIFUL.   BUT I don't know enough about matching pocket squares to dispute your assessment that the square is wrong in in this ensemble. So I won't disagree with you there.   In case you were offering aforementioned Drake's square for the sake of forging a master-padawan relationship with me, I'll gladly forward you my address. 2 out of 5...
  what's the conversion rate?  1 = 0.8 = 0.5
    I'll join you with the square fail. lead the way crat...         how many :foo:s for wearing the square folded like this. I'm still convinced that this is superior to puffed.  
  I was just quoting George Costanza in case you missed that reference.   But to answer your question, I hate two button collar bands. I blame in equal amounts my love for thick buttons and my lack of fine motor skills for this. The small buttons on my shirts are usually 14 ligne x 3,5mm. those are a pain in the hindquarters to button close next too each other. My collar band would leave enough space for two small buttons, since I too belong to the cervixes longiusculus,...
  some people say the second button makes or breaks the shirt, but I say it's the collar ;-)
    this 3roll2 is superb, however I feel like your shirt collar could use a little less height in the back and a little more in the front. that has to be more than 4cm in the back.     edit:   the lighting leaves a lot to be desired but let me show you what I meant:           comments about grooming are prohibited.
    really great stuff. I'd prefer the overcoat sleeves a little bit shorter though. still, everything is top notch.
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