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I think of the seven hanks I own five of them are white...     I am working on it though, a shipment from vanda is on the way
since when did we loose the 'add a comment' option when giving thumbs up?   how will I be able to dish out snark without appearing like a major cunt?
I don't get it...  
I agree with foo on this one, brown socks with navy trousers look good to me depending on the shoe.   but I also think that dark grey socks look good with cordovan.
Who has the time for decisions like matching socks in the morning?   I simply took those out of the equation by having 90% dark blue socks and maybe 10% charcoal socks in my sock drawer.
I'm like larry david I always carry tissues, a pen and a mint. I am prepared for everything life throws at me.  
    the dilemma you must have had this morning whether to wear two safety needles that day...
  I own a scale wise very similar one, while mine is a little more brown/reddish yours seams to be more ochre, green-ish, though. Eitherway I like it.   How do you call a fabric like this? I've always said gunclub houndstooth?    
dat arch  
  which one? both?     SB peak lapel renders CBD impossible? de jure?
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