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  at 186 it should be rather easy to find fitting clothes. stick to tall slim sizes. 1,84 is the average height for a dutch adult man...   anybody interested in a height chart photomontage à la the usual suspects? starting with foo ending with vaux de la vicomte.   could be fun to see how picking out clothing suitable to your size and proportions matters.
    since the sleeves were in fact too short back when I bought the coat a couple years ago, I tried covering it up by sewing in black rib cuffs. which may look like they are part of the turtleneck but actually belong to the coat.   the coat is a relict from my non-bespoken days...
  I very much agree, that's some alain delon 'le samourai' hat-wearing right there. tibor could learn something here.
holdfast when are we finally having that turtleneck meetup? to see london coping with 2 inches of snow is always very amusing.     navy turtleneck with NOBD™ plastic buttons on this peacoat.     @bboy for what it's worth I like the chan coat, can't say very much on the other one at this stage. can't yet compare the two.
I'd very much appreciate you to not act like a douche, tits.   I see you are from dallas, I went to mckinney high school as an exchange student quite some time ago. from my experience people from texas are usually very friendly
  no native speaker here, I meant how much overlap he pinned at the buttoning point. [[SPOILER]]     is the first one a Chan, too? the final decision on jacket length is a personal one, can't tell much from the finished jacket with the shirt untucked and your feet not included in the shot, but it looks like it's covering your butt. so i'd say that works well especially if you are short, as you said.   I couldn't perform a golf swing in a jacket not even with armholes...
@ bboy: I'd say you need a higher shirt collar and I'd go easy on super high lapel gorges with your built. nice looking shoulders. if you could post a full body shot you'll get feedback on the coat length. for how many cm is the buttoning point pinned? looks like more than one inch
    you need to learn the sugarbutch'sche way to buckling one's seatbelt: over left lapel > under tie > under right quarter.
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