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it doesn't necessarily have to look like this, but it can turn out that way.  
I let you be the judge...    
U tryin' to be a sheep, bro?
  let the hate flow through you:    
twist: you received Foos trousers  
SVB titled my outfit as Clapeyron Burgundy. I thought I had to share this brilliance. that is all.
well... I'm a mechanical engineer. I already get strange looks from my peers when I appear in an ironed shirt every morning. now imagine double monks... but yeah I agree brown suede would have been best.
    i was conflicted between brown suede monks, navy suede chukkas and these tan brogues.   retrospectively I've probably opted for the worst choice out of these three...
  that would limit his search down to just all of southern Germany...   no i don't live in a castle but it might be a rather iconic landmark with which one could be able to determine a location rather well, wouldn't you say?
because Romans brought us the first ceramic tiles back when america wasn't even a thing...
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