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  people with both hands in their unbuttoned trench coat were always suspicious to me...
while we are at it, in my mind you look like Opie from Sons of Anarchy...     ...with less sex, bikes and rock'n'roll but with more poasts, neckties and forvm trolls.
sorry that I have to tell you this but you are not a special little snowflake stitchie. usually one of these pics gets posted: [[SPOILER]]     but yeah... as long as the comments on my hair are mostly of positive nature, I'm fine with it   for the record I'm much older than one might expect... I'm just simply blessed with divine and everlasting beauty and a strong hairline transferred down from generation to generation by my male ancestors... or that's what I'd like to...
  I probably made a mistake measuring peak lapels. The red distance is 11,5cm(4,5inch) the green distance is only 10cm(4inch).     I would not consider myself very muscular, however I am very tall. 200cm / 6'7" or as others might call it: the average height of a pre-adolescent German child.
it's like looking in a mirror...
Trying to find sunlight...         And this is why us tall guys prefer full break trousers....:         One could think, that I only ever wear these shoes...     @gdl that close up shot is like pure texure/colour sex.
    cool tie holdfast...am I alone in seeing fairies on there, though?       PTdub, always full of wisdom ;-)
clapeyron "did you just screencap your likes and reuploaded them to SF in form of pictures?"    
  Well, I will probably even put more thought into how I dress. After all, we are on Styleforum. Don't judge me. Don't judge, lest you be judged!   Seriously though, I just had this made a couple weeks ago and needed an excuse to wear it. The save the date letter came in August though. That way one probably can't claim to already have stuff planned   All of sudden everybody around me is getting married and I'm just here... procrastinating.   Jacket is unlined, twin...
    [[SPOILER]]     MoP buttons good taste?   had the jacket made a couple weeks ago intended as summer/wedding jacket.   jacket has twin vents, is unlined & each lapel has one key hole button hole. Peak lapels are 11.5cm wide (~4,5 inch)
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