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if I recall correctly david carradine frequently wore belts as neckties...  
  please go with spoos recommendation and make it a green tie. essentially turning the whole thing into a throat artichoke.
jacket too long, pents too short.   sleeves may be a touch too short, too. The jacket overall looks very dated.   I like the colours. individually.
  creppy euro? wouldn't call him that... but you must know yourself what's best for your shin bones...     besides....euro? think again. I leave this here:           http://www.styleforum.net/t/234255/hof-what-are-you-wearing-right-now-part-iii/10365#post_4763859   Victor is simply the greatest guy SF has ever seen.
  I disagree. Retrospectively those linens where a disaster. the high waisted mid grey flannel pents I had made after that where a disaster, too. I severely lack Victor's upper body muscularity to successfully pull them off.   Though I've made the decision, that next time I'm in Beijing I will try a three piece suit. Probably mid grey flannel. If that does not work out for me I can wear it as two piece and keep the vest as incentive to stay in shape until I've reached...
  have you ever been to the north west of Spain? Visit Salamanca during January. Don't forget your snow shoes.   But when has climate ever prohibited someone from wearing a three piece suit. One of the few things I learned in Hong Kong.     Regarding vests.I believe vests are great to hide a belly but I stand with my point that they look out of place on the younger crowd or the very young looking crowd such as myself.   Every piece of clothing looks best on physically fit...
in another 6 years you can wear tassel loafers
Hermes doesn't even sell wallets to paying customers. why would they then give away free stuff?
  I haven't reached 30 yet. It's not that I don't like three piece suits, but I rarely see someone my age pull them off decently.   Until I have come of age I will have to either resort to custom length ties or bring back the cummerbund as business appropriate office wear.   @ photoshop. I can only claim credit for the execution; edmorel came up with the concept.
  the wood imitate flooring screams Asian handiwork... dat laminate roll
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