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Have you thought about having a crowdfunding section on your new website similar to kickstarter or what Meermin is doing with their Group MTO? https://meermin.es/listaGruposMTO.php   Right now you could have two offerings one linen denim requiring 75 and an ecru chambray requiring at least 20 orders. People pledge and actually leave you a paypal deposit instead of easily backed out forum remarks, other people see how far one campaign is funded and can join in. On top of...
The trashiest of all belts features a(n) H, though.
Great Jacket. Did they take thumb comments away from us again? 
Just ordered this fabric, any suggestions on how I should have this made up? I'm toying with the thought of getting a short sleeved shirt, which collar and buttons would you choose?  
The navy chambray by Brembana. Though it's a little bit heavier probably.
  Perfect fit! I love the silhouette. Who made your suit?
             The grey polo and the maroon stripe can be referenced via #10537. The collar of the maroon stripey shirt features two asymmetric buttons and 10mm collar points a band height of 35mm in the front and 45mm in the back. Sadly the collar is somehow too tight for me and I will have it remade and slightly altered as soon as I'll find the time. I've seen the placket design in one of my pattern books from Harry Simons. It wears nicely on shirts intended to be...
As far as I know, most of the Brembana fabrics are manufactured in India nowadays. And I think they are very nice.
http://custom.luxire.com/products/grey-pinpoint-oxford http://custom.luxire.com/products/ma...ripes-on-white http://custom.luxire.com/products/navy_pique                   I love all three of these fabrics. They all have a nice texture and weight and wear wrinkle free throughout the day.   The maroon university stripe is among my favourite shirtings. Though it says 100% cotton I suspect that there is at least a little bit of polyester in the...
 Great stuff, superb fit on the jacket! Though a crisp white LC shirt would look even better. I'm not a fan of patterned shirts with glencheck.
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