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 I would prefer if the first three got one polo each instead of the winner taking them all.
Fantastic weather in Germany these last few days...         And with an objectionable attempt at swaying voters: here's where I would wear my criquet shirt golf polos... if I had any!  
  I see several issues here. Slim down and shorten the sleeves, reduce the back width, if you insist on the shoulder width, go with more shoulder padding, if you insist on the soft shoulder, reduce the shoulder width. The two button jacket you posted works better with this cut, the 3 roll 2 has too little space between the buttons imho. While the wide peak lapels work, I would reduce the width of the notch lapels and opt for less visible pick stitching. Reduce the back...
North of 168cm (65" )Made in Italy Lands End. Very affordable and the grano de riso knit weave is fantastic.
Long knit tie is long. Blue oxford shirt is blue.                   New tie in the mail this morning:    
 Alright, alright, alright...
Suggestion: let's form a Luxire Buyers Club. Everybody pays a "club fee" and all orders going out are declared as gifts.  
What I gathered in the German Forum: they started declaring the real value of the clothes on the package (unlike before where they were miraculously below the tax exempt amount) or in some cases left the bill entirely off the package leaving the burden of proof to the customer. Turns out while some people are okay with paying additional 19% turn over tax most all of the people strongly expressed their aversion to getting penetrated with the 7" strap-on that are DHL and...
wow every single foreigner fit is absolutely phenomenal!   proving once again that foreigners are the cream of the crop!  
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