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 That's all we needed to hear. Let's get him sectioned Holdfast!
  I could see myself wearing some of these drake's florals when attending summer weddings, though.
 This isn't Bntailor though?
  Great fit!I've been looking for a printed pocket square like this, where did you get yours?
Would love to have a pair like these with a hidden snap button instead of a button hole in a light blue polyamide fabric. What did you pay?
so I just came up with this genius way of voting in these polls... no more scrolling up and down or remembering awesome fits   From now on I mouse wheel click on the thread two times and slide one of the then opened tabs to a new browser instance. windows key + arrows and flip flap bam two windows side by side. now I can scroll and vote at the same time.       I do realize that this PSA does not make me eligible for a peabody and that it's really not that...
 That khaki red tattersall linen looks so much better on you in person than it does on the website. Maybe due to the black tailor bust...  After the linen brown gingham [[SPOILER]]  was sold out I was suggested your fabric but instead opted for this one http://custom.luxire.com/collections/dress-shirts/products/pale-yellow-brown-stripes-linen  Seeing yours now makes me question my decision :/  RE: overcoat. I feel like those sleeves could see some slimming. Personally I'd...
tell me more about the lower half @Anden grey flannels and brown suede?
 how I've spent my sunday you ask?      POLL is up for the Friday Challenge: http://www.styleforum.net/t/384703/friday-challenge-the-green-tie-28th-of-march-14/100_100 Come and vote for what you like, not whom you know!
New Posts  All Forums: