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  a "sartorial stereotype" challenge could be fun. In which everybody dresses conforming to the stereotypes about their own nationality or profession... I don't see how that could go wrong
    only a few more days...!!!    
I hereby formally invite the SW&D crowd to partake in this weeks MC Friday Challenge!   EMBRACE THE WRINKLE SPREZZ   May your linen wrinkle with pensive aplomb!       That is all.
Quick Good Taste Question:   Is there a correlation between fabric weight/thickness and distance of the pick stitching from the edge of the lapel? What's the golden ratio for this?   I'm getting two jackets made from 370g flannel with a new tailor and he asked me about my preference in that matter. He does it by hand and the surcharge is negligable.
Get in here!     http://www.styleforum.net/t/348731/friday-challenge-5-24-13-embrace-the-wrinkle-sprezz/0_100              
Previous Friday Challenge           All items linen are permitted, may they be jacket, shirt or tie. All linen was created equal but some linens are more equal than others!   Users may select more than one candidate! May the most nonchalant of them all win!   Some people wore neither linen nor wrinkles and sneaked tropical wool, cotton and seersucker into the challenge but for I am not to judge I included them anyway. It is now in the hands of the voter to bring them to...
Polls are closed, does this mean I'm getting to choose this weeks challenge? 
the neckties in both pictures are different?   if you are looking for a tie with a plaid pattern check here:   http://www.thetiebar.com/categoryPages/All_Ties.asp?categoryIds=31,17&optionValueIds=&pg=0&productsPerPage=All   the tie in your first picture looks like it's made from silk the other one looks like cotton.   Good look with your wedding!
Reminds me of Victor   [[SPOILER]]
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