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    I disagree with the general statement that the square is hideous. In my opinion, in the words of Jim Carrey, the square is B-E-A-UTIFUL.   BUT I don't know enough about matching pocket squares to dispute your assessment that the square is wrong in in this ensemble. So I won't disagree with you there.   In case you were offering aforementioned Drake's square for the sake of forging a master-padawan relationship with me, I'll gladly forward you my address. 2 out of 5...
  what's the conversion rate?  1 = 0.8 = 0.5
    I'll join you with the square fail. lead the way crat...         how many :foo:s for wearing the square folded like this. I'm still convinced that this is superior to puffed.  
  I was just quoting George Costanza in case you missed that reference.   But to answer your question, I hate two button collar bands. I blame in equal amounts my love for thick buttons and my lack of fine motor skills for this. The small buttons on my shirts are usually 14 ligne x 3,5mm. those are a pain in the hindquarters to button close next too each other. My collar band would leave enough space for two small buttons, since I too belong to the cervixes longiusculus,...
  some people say the second button makes or breaks the shirt, but I say it's the collar ;-)
    this 3roll2 is superb, however I feel like your shirt collar could use a little less height in the back and a little more in the front. that has to be more than 4cm in the back.     edit:   the lighting leaves a lot to be desired but let me show you what I meant:           comments about grooming are prohibited.
    really great stuff. I'd prefer the overcoat sleeves a little bit shorter though. still, everything is top notch.
      ...and staple items for all.
trying to pull off my least favourite jacket for casual friday today. oxford cloth hidden button down, cream hank and brown suede at the bottom. pictures were taken in the twilight after work.   my boss wanted to show me his gratitude and asked me what I was yearning for as incentive... I asked for a big box of LEGO's and all I got was this bottle of scotch =(      
  quite good? given that I sneaked in a white shirt that's quite the compliment coming from :foo: =)   yes the last outfit has folded silk but it's vanda's kimono silk, shit's like 1mm in thickness. folds like french crêpe!     yes that's the bane of skinny lapels. thanks don draper.   I wish my weight would change for once, I've been 220 lbs forever now and desperately try to gain... metabolism like a hummingbird.
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