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b-b-bbut friday is cas friday...? it's my tweed day   wearing a navy suit on fridays...who am I? patrik booth?
SB has done everything right... alas it was easter: http://www.nbc.com/30-rock/video/sexual-dominance/n21413/
  I live by the rules of #YOTO.   I am assuming you mean the navy CBD shirt behind me? Well the story behind it is that it's awesome.   Here's me sporting it from a while ago [[SPOILER]]
How iGent would it be to install studio lights and an HD webcam in one's closet? sick of carrying my laptop around...   Sweater Yes or No? The weather in Germany is sunny but surprisingly cold currently.         [[SPOILER]]     #YOTO!  
  ...but does it cover your butt?
    very well done. very orgetorix.
I'm sure SB doesn't honestly believe that this Britex strip of a tie belongs anywhere near the good taste thread, himself.   It may have just been a late april fools joke from a different timezone. whichever timezone bizarro world resides in.
    meanwhile in Australia...           @ sugarbutch: Better call Saul!  
  I concur; you've persuaded me. Now let's maladroitly cram the word Zeitgeist in there and call our intellectual effusions a pop music review ready to be printed by the New Yorker.
  But how do you explain the last line of the hook? Roughly paraphrased as: "I could provide elucidation, but I would require remuneration"   Clearly you can't teach mammary glands!
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