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But without a Rubinacci you can't tell other people that you have a Rubinacci... can't put a price tag on that. With a Rubinacci, in addition to a terrific suit, you buy the feeling of superiority.    Nobody in the real world will care nor notice the infinitesimal superiority of a 6.000€ garment over a 2.000€ garment 99,9% of the time.   Everything after a certain price point you are just doing for your inner vain demon. Nothing wrong with that. You admit to your...
  I can very much recommend Sen Li, too. I commissioned several things with him and he nailed my pattern on the first suit. Funnily I ran into this very chelsea boots and dormeuil tonik wearing chap during one of the fittings. Suave fellow.  
    you mean the standard corleonesi issued monkey on a chain? or do you mean Mr. Blasty in his holster?
Coolest dude to ever walk the realms of styleforvm...  
  One of the few Yakov jokes that made me giggle originated during the recent Russia meteorite blast: In soviet russia, space explores you...   to get back on topic... somewhat: a friend of mine recently showed me old b/w pictures of his grandfather from Sicily whom he never met before his death (we both grew up in Germany). Having just gotten a new high dpi scanner I accepted the challenge.   Did I restore in good taste?      
por que no los dos?
I do like all of victors outfits as soon as I revisit them in greyscale... fit, texture and pattern wise always excellent. colour coordination, very russian. Is it true that there's no russian word for tacky? If so I gladly lend you a German word to describe that cardigan, kitschig.  
  I am very much familiar. I was merely expressing how lame it was, old man.   Let Henry Winkler update you on the current evolutionary status of 'in soviet russia' jokes:
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