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  shoes are loake shoemaker, coat is bespoke and trousers also come from a tailor who does most of my trousers, however I ordered them over the phone and I didn't have time for a fitting. that might be the reason for the pockets flaring out a little.
This weeks Clapeyron awards go to:     The prize for both best pattern and best colour coordination goes to Pingson, would have been my clear winner were it for a higher collar.   [[SPOILER]] The Spoopoker price for best collar went to Mexico this week:   [[SPOILER]]     This was imho this weeks best fitting fit with both a great jacket and shirt, a close second on the Spoopoker shirt collar award but a clear winner in the Clapeyron excellence initiative of coat...
You are cordially (now that's a learning curve) invited to vote in the greatest poll since last weeks Friday Challenge.   http://www.styleforum.net/t/349514/friday-challenge-5-31-13-be-like-barbera-aka-the-four-pattern-challenge/0_100   Some say the winner of this weeks poll gets to choose a Forvm Feature...and I just happen to like thumb comments
Xpost Friday Challenge!         New pents. Now new with wider leg opening, yay... 6cm cuffs...yay. ...and a little bit of pocket flair...fuu. back to the drawing board.    
Didn't think I could participate, but the weather in Germany played along nicely. 12°C outside my house, so I took the tweed in to the woods before hammering myself with mimosas (at brunch, not in the woods). Have a nice weekend!         Nothing new, but the trousers which arrived on Monday:   [[SPOILER]]         I see your Ferrari Spoo and I raise you...wait...no... I fold.  
  The longer I think about it, that is actually a brilliant observation. After Godwin, Poe and Dunning Kruger we've now coined Foo's law.
stitches, you should come to Hamburg...
isn't he violating some sort of tailor-patient confidentiality in doing so? I wouldn't want my tailor showing strange iGents my inseam... 
with the precision of a Fox news journalist, Foo will manage to draw a red wavy line in there somehow independent of the actual contour of the shoulder of course.
I swear my fingers have small barbed hooks. a cat's tongue or a lizards feet have nothing on me!
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