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here goes nothing:     trying to pair my least favourite jacket:   [[SPOILER]]       shirt is doc holliday white in royal oxford   [[SPOILER]]           these trousers are with 5cm cuffs the grey flannel trousers in the prior fit are made with 4 cm cuffs, which suit me better?   [[SPOILER]]
@mktits: who makes the suit? brooks brothers? I frequently see their suits with pocket square pockets misplaced like this.
  I agree completely with your assessment, the elbow patches work great with the jacket and the fabric makes for a great suit, but the patches don't really work for me in the context of a suit.   Would be great if the elbow patches were attached via Velcro or magnets and you could detach them depending on the situation. I'm calling the patent office as we speak.
  great job on those patch pockets.   agree 100% on the lapel, pocket square pocket overlap.
I bet sugarbutch doesn't own anything navy either.   there, NOBD just dropped dead.
  I for one welcome foos remarks since he only seldom graces us with his presence nowadays. so when he does his insights are somewhat refreshing.   he is like a solar eclipse, happens only once every couple months, it is always interesting/entertaining to watch but you better enjoy it quickly because if you gaze for too long you can damage your eyesight.   personally I would love to post an outfit to get some brutally honest criticism for once (most of the time you guys...
  agree completely.   [[SPOILER]]     but foo is right, too. thin flimsy silk doesn't look right folded
I like mafoos coat. what I don't like are his giant cuffs. cuffs are for tall people.
us europeans have to stick together
to me a jacket has to visually 'cut' a person from heel to shoulders in half. and must not be shorter than to cover your butt.
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