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  But how do you explain the last line of the hook? Roughly paraphrased as: "I could provide elucidation, but I would require remuneration"   Clearly you can't teach mammary glands!
  "My agitated frozen lactose-based beverage attracts all the young chaps to trespass the grasslands under my possession   The general consensus of individuals of male gender concurs that the product in question is of vastly superior quality to your offer"         I'm pretty sure this song is about blowjobs, though...
  Agree 100%. You can describe the show with one German word: Selbstbeweihräucherung.   He wants it to be the television equivalent of Good Night and Good Luck, so badly.
  I have an old humidor I can send you... you can put cheese in it.
isn't the most obvious chocie:   Shoe Polish?     @jrd: elaborate on Eason?
confirmed troll...   Formula 1 clearly doesn't pay the bills well enough, so does tennis or any other sport that is not dominated by muricans ;-)   edit: nice how you edited that post...
    yes I, too, live in an imaginary world...   as if americans weren't trying at all to compete in the most popular sport in the world already but are just failing miserably. americans are not interested in football because the suck at it. not the other way around.
  this the equivalent of saying "I actually let you win since you need this more in your life than I do, right now"  when you finish second place in mario cart against your brother
Biggest let down of a title since Susan Boyles album release party #analbumparty     Joking aside, you guys look great and the event must have been a blast! Great video, thanks for sharing.
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