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At what age? Pretty much the age I was 5 seconds ago. And here I was thinking I had learned my lesson to never google any of edmorel's cultural references...   Once again, edmorel, I leave this thread more confused than I would care for, but having glimpsed yet another tile in the rich mosaic that is your coprophilic history.
Due to me being born and growing up right next to the French border of West-Germany and having been taught Spanish and Latin as well as basic ancient Greek in high school I would consider myself well equipped with a vast vocabulary in both Germanic and Romanic/Neo Latin languages which may have given me a little advantage when learning English.   If you learn a language by reading it is easy to appear more eloquent and to make fewer mistakes in writing than your average...
Our crazy dog lady tax accountant recently found an excuse which allows her apparently to bring her two overzealous tick catchers to work every day.   One of which in a fit of horniness drooled all over my flannels...         I wonder what the law has to say about defenestration of animals.
No I'm not. I can barely justify the time I'm wasting on here...
  Funny thing is, that you were the inspiration that made me buy a turtleneck in the first place, not steve mcqueen..
On all my jackets, single or double breasted, with patch or flap pockets, they are placed on the same height as the lowest button. same goes for the height of the twin vents.
    I am wearing a suit coat as odd jacket. I believe the flannel fabric and the oxhorn buttons make the suit versatile enough to allow for this.   the tie is by far my favourite item. http://www.samhober.com/grenadine-piccola-silk-ties/forest-green-piccola-grenadine-silk-tie-11.html
    we have the turtleneck Shining holdfast.
  Soooooooo German...
  I was actually talking about my navy blazer / green tie / mid grey flannel pents fit:    But I take that compliment even though you are likely too young to be my parent.
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