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  If Foo had died and had we wrapped him in copper wire before burying him and replaced his tombstone with a giant magnet we would now have ourselves an infinite source of energy. This pocket square fold would make him spin in his grave and generate electricity.
@stitches @ian   I took the liberty of removing your neonatal quarrelling. carry on.   @ holdfast   is that a black PS??? also, where was this picture taken? my gut says fontaine de trevi in Rome but i don't remember if they had giant lizard sculptures on display there...
  bright orange suede shoes with a linen suit? and here I was thinking I created a truly unique outfit for once...
        come at me.   http://www.styleforum.net/t/348731/friday-challenge-5-24-13-embrace-the-wrinkle-sprezz/0_100       in related news: Why are so many people hating on PG? From what I see he is a down to earth self confident guy who really enjoys living exactly the life he wants. And what's with people questioning his dedication towards his hobby? have you seen his calves?
sexy shoes timo, which meermin last is that?        
Funny, I can only wear pleated trousers when they are slim.   maomao sets the bar:   If I wear wide legged trousers they have to be flat front; if I were to get wide trousers with double pleats made up, I'd look like the rest of the F&E department...     @NOBD looks like the weather in the koninkrijk will be perfect for the challenge tomorrow
    that's on the same level as these beauties: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1554649889/parle-iv-changing-mens-dress-shirts-forever         Perfect timing Mr. Wang! ---> http://www.styleforum.net/t/348731/friday-challenge-5-24-13-embrace-the-wrinkle-sprezz/0_100#post_6362668
  These trousers just made me question whether I was wrong in insisting on outward facing pleats all along... this is rally great. I would have gone with some type of brown leather chelsea instead though.
  a "sartorial stereotype" challenge could be fun. In which everybody dresses conforming to the stereotypes about their own nationality or profession... I don't see how that could go wrong
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