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  The longer I think about it, that is actually a brilliant observation. After Godwin, Poe and Dunning Kruger we've now coined Foo's law.
stitches, you should come to Hamburg...
isn't he violating some sort of tailor-patient confidentiality in doing so? I wouldn't want my tailor showing strange iGents my inseam... 
with the precision of a Fox news journalist, Foo will manage to draw a red wavy line in there somehow independent of the actual contour of the shoulder of course.
I swear my fingers have small barbed hooks. a cat's tongue or a lizards feet have nothing on me!
  you think you have it hard? my hands are dry as fuck and rough from all the sanding, glueing and general use of adhesives and oodles of isopropanol and acetone in the lab.   everytime my velcro hands touch a grenadine or knit tie I can hear my fingers ripping small fibres... for a while I thought I might put a box of disposable gloves in my tie drawer and tie them like a surgeon every morning. but that would be just silly.
black grenadine/silk knit or b/w glen plaid would be my choice.   or magenta if you dare so :> [[SPOILER]]
        I wasn't sure what this forvms policies on huge throbbing, veiny male reproductive organs were. So here's a frog.  
      Thanks guys, they come from a place called https://www.hosentraegerwelt.de/ and they are super cheap.   I just wrote a small review here: http://www.styleforum.net/t/349759/the-quest-for-extra-long-braces-a-review-hosentr-gerwelt/0_100     Snapped another pic in front of the butchers after work for the review this Wednesday; forgot to take a picture with the jacket on, though.  
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