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This weeks Clapeyron awards go to:     The prize for both best pattern and best colour coordination goes to Pingson, would have been my clear winner were it for a higher collar.   [[SPOILER]] The Spoopoker price for best collar went to Mexico this week:   [[SPOILER]]     This was imho this weeks best fitting fit with both a great jacket and shirt, a close second on the Spoopoker shirt collar award but a clear winner in the Clapeyron excellence initiative of coat...
You are cordially (now that's a learning curve) invited to vote in the greatest poll since last weeks Friday Challenge.   Some say the winner of this weeks poll gets to choose a Forvm Feature...and I just happen to like thumb comments
Xpost Friday Challenge!         New pents. Now new with wider leg opening, yay... 6cm cuffs...yay. ...and a little bit of pocket flair...fuu. back to the drawing board.    
Didn't think I could participate, but the weather in Germany played along nicely. 12°C outside my house, so I took the tweed in to the woods before hammering myself with mimosas (at brunch, not in the woods). Have a nice weekend!         Nothing new, but the trousers which arrived on Monday:   [[SPOILER]]         I see your Ferrari Spoo and I raise I fold.  
  The longer I think about it, that is actually a brilliant observation. After Godwin, Poe and Dunning Kruger we've now coined Foo's law.
stitches, you should come to Hamburg...
isn't he violating some sort of tailor-patient confidentiality in doing so? I wouldn't want my tailor showing strange iGents my inseam... 
with the precision of a Fox news journalist, Foo will manage to draw a red wavy line in there somehow independent of the actual contour of the shoulder of course.
I swear my fingers have small barbed hooks. a cat's tongue or a lizards feet have nothing on me!
  you think you have it hard? my hands are dry as fuck and rough from all the sanding, glueing and general use of adhesives and oodles of isopropanol and acetone in the lab.   everytime my velcro hands touch a grenadine or knit tie I can hear my fingers ripping small fibres... for a while I thought I might put a box of disposable gloves in my tie drawer and tie them like a surgeon every morning. but that would be just silly.
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