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We all wear Lederhosen, though.
  I've made a good experience with this: http://custom.luxire.com/products/prepay-for-shipping-an-item-to-us Took 6 days from Germany to India IIRC.
 Since I never knew whether it is 'taking serious' or 'taking seriously' I just stopped taking it entirely.  More like HELEN KELLER am i right guys? because she's blind and would have picked that outfit...guys? guys? I'll show myself out.
 The context being that you've given up on life?
who has the time for full body shots or mirror for that matter?     (navy suit, white/blue stripey linen cotton, bordeaux red grano di riso knit tie)           After work I dropped the suit and slipped in chinos and my first sneaker buy since high school:   http://www.cultizm.com/product_info.php?info=p4997_Buttero-B5313-Sneaker-Vanilla.html         Shit feels weird to wear sneakers. I feel tiny without heels.   Suggestions welcome what to pair...
Out of an odd 10 or so orders I've only been charged once with customs when ordering more than two items to Germany. Prior to that I've paid $26 or so when I had something sent to Beijing. So I'd be against paying a flat $20 fee, since my orders are rarely below the free shipping limit of $100 and German customs are mostly chill. I would be willing to pay $20 for fast tracked manufacturing, though because I am an impatient man...
Are you sure? I would assume that when you give body measurements, that depending on which style you choose e.g. Regular, Slim etc. thry will add more or less movement ease to the measurements of chest, waist and hips?
I made a snap call decision and bought my first pair of sneakers since high school today. I saw them and I liked them so I bought them. I have no real use for sneakers and don't really know how to wear them. But I never wore boots before I bought my C&J Islays either and now I wear them almost once a week. Change is good. Really excited. I think they'll go great with ecru or white, linen or corduroy. They might even work with jeans. I definitely need SW&D to teach me how...
To get rid of the creases under the buttocks pull up the waistband in the back. The amount needed to straighten out the back is what you remove from the back rise measurement.   Not sure about the rest. In my opinion a curvy side seam is desirable unless your legs came without knees and calfs.
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