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 If by bevel you mean slanted hems or cuffs, I'd be interested in that, too. A difference of 0.5 to 1 inch in length from front to back should by easy with uncuffed trousers. There's also a technique to do this with a cuffed hem:http://www.styleforum.net/t/278243/san-francisco-alterations-tailor/0_100#post_5054998 I can make some drawings :>
1) those are slanted pockets, since they are slanted. The other option would be pockets on the seam, which I'd recommend for high waisted trousers, or as a third option frog pockets, which add a certain charm to work wear inspired clothing   2) ask for the button holes of this lower hidden tab (not sure what it's actually called) to be made as key hole button holes.
That twill looks very nice. Every time I enter this thread I want to make another purchase. Two voices in my head fight for control whil my index finger hovers over the add to cart button. "Go ahead purchase the fabric as long as it's in stock! it could run out any second!" "No pace yourself, let's wait for the odd twenty outstanding orders to arrive yet!"   I fell like a sartorial smeagol.
 This is one of the most iGent things I've seen in a long while (what's the SW&D equivalent of iGent? I'm just imagining the conversation with the janitor that finds you plunged to a pulp inbetween flights after you tripped halfway down the stairs... Janitor: "Dear Lord! But how could this have happened?"iGent: "The stairs were slippery! I could have died! I'm going to sue the property owner!"Janitor: "Oh that reminds me, we've recently installed security cameras. Let's go...
You buttoned the jacket on the wrong side. Men's jackets button left over right, women's vice versa. Look at your shirt as reference. Happy advent SW&D   [[SPOILER]]
That's just great! Young you reminds me of Larry Gopnik:
Looks great!   three questions: are the straps not padded and/or was this a request? What material are the buckles made of? Metal or plastic? Can you provide the order number and the regular price of this bag if one were to order it now?
yesterday. regular people may walk underneath the advents wreath...    
we all know that UC took an angle grinder to the toes of his boots in order to achieve this uniform distressed look. Not only to gain the respect and esteem from his crew of construction workers but also our iGent admiration. Well done Sir!
New Posts  All Forums: