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 Food for thought: In German:  and again in English:
  It depends mostly on the weave of the fabric. I could go into more detail but essentially the ability to resist wrinkles goes like this: Less wrinkle resistant   1x1, plain weave (end on end, chambray, broadcloth etc...) basket weave (oxford cloth, a modified plain weave where two yarns are bundled and woven together in the warp and weft), 2x2 twill weave (denim, tweed, chino, gabardine, serge,..) atlas weave (satin, jacquard, ...) More wrinkle resistant In essence, the...
 The pictures are true to the colour, it is a nice indigo blue. I've washed it two times and the colour faded a little, but it's still a lot darker than the pic on Luxires site; I knew this though beforehand since the fabric was posted here quite a bit. Some might give it the denim treatment and not wash the shirt for 6 months.I can recommend all three items.
Grey Knitted Pique - Heather Grey Dark Indigo Denim Chambray Luxire Signature Denim - Custom Jeans - Midnight Grey 11 Oz  Long sleeve button cuff popover polo & Signature denim    Indigo Denim Chambray with the inverted cleeve pleat in the back     Broke & Bespoke Button Down Collar     [[SPOILER]]
It's more of a Clinton thumb...
 Well, there goes my intention of donating $200 to wikipedia... I hope that doesn't weigh too heavy on your conscience...
        New shirt, new jeans. Indigo blue shirts grew on me this year.
 The slit fabric would be hidden on the inside. In the last step the cross hatched area when folded along the slant to the inside, will form a straight edge. I suggest folding first and then cutting.The entire necessary additional trouser length for a cuff of the height h and angle α would come down to 3*h + f*tan(α) and 3*h + 2*b*tan(α).  [[SPOILER]]  But I'm not a tailor...
   I'm pretty sure Despos has a niftier way that involves heating, stretching and pressing fabric but this definitely worked when I folded paper :O  [[SPOILER]]  On second thought a faux cuff might be 20 times easier.
 If by bevel you mean slanted hems or cuffs, I'd be interested in that, too. A difference of 0.5 to 1 inch in length from front to back should by easy with uncuffed trousers. There's also a technique to do this with a cuffed hem:http://www.styleforum.net/t/278243/san-francisco-alterations-tailor/0_100#post_5054998 I can make some drawings :>
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