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  @pinkerton my experience with 100% cotton was that independent of how airy and light the fabric is, that I am going to sweat if I walk 5 hours in 37°C sun and once I dry off a little bit and sweat again I'll risk discolouration especially at the collar. Linen might absorb a little more water than cotton but is also quite a bit more expensive and delicate. The answer in my opinion is 100% synthetic fabric, they are the easiest to clean and if woven right should wear...
The F343344 are afaik 35%Linen and hands down the best shirting I own.
http://luxire.com/products/sr_203_apple-fresco-cotton   This is hands down one of the greatest fabrics I've ordered through Luxire. Get it now while it's still $89.   Super airy but opaque and good drape, wrinkle resistant because fresco, holds a beautiful crease and comes in a great, great colour. Looks great with a navy blazer and even casual with a polo. My name is clapeyron and I approve this fabric.   I had to keep myself from recommending this fabric right away...
what happens when you fold the lapels to the width of the sample jacket? This would decrease the collar and narrow the shoulders. Though that is entirely dependent on how the jacket was constructed, hard to tell given just one picture.
 I used the same measurements, though I narrowed the sleeves. I did not experience too much shrinkage.  I like the colour, and I like that it is mostly opaque, these trousers for instance are not lined to the knee unlike my other white chinos. I wouldn't describe the fabric as wrinkle prone, but what you see in these images is after 6 hours of wear, initially they were pressed but they loose the crease during the day and start to look more casual. For that reason, if I...
 Here's a closeup of the grey knitte piqueAlso I'm wearing Brisbane Moss White Twill trousers    At this point the grey polo has been washed maybe 15 times.
 What you are looking for is the eidos collar polo shirt, you can search the thread and you will find some pictures:  [[SPOILER]]
http://luxire.com/collections/polos   I am very happy with the Linen Cotton fabrics though at their current price point they are quite expensive, though definitely worth it. I was lucky enough to have ordered them at 20% off during the Linen Sale http://www.styleforum.net/t/304965/luxire-custom-clothing-official-affiliate-thread/18300_100#post_7978183 http://www.styleforum.net/t/304965/luxire-custom-clothing-official-affiliate-thread/18500_100#post_7998155   I have...
How wrinkle prone would you rate the linen cotton shirt?
  That looks really awesome. I'm currently waiting on a Made in India fabric as well. I am very excited. Given Luxires execution standards, this price point is insane.
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