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Received my bag as well. I've opted for the herringbone cloth but with brown leather trimmings and white zipper:     Comes with free Ghandi Comics!     Expertly attached D ring and straps!   Zipped pocket flap is actually detachable by snap fasteners.                     The bag is stunningly stylish. A lot of the leather stitching was clearly done by hand. I'm really happy with the combination of leather and fabric.   One minor nit...
        spent one hour stuck in traffic on the autobahn. holding weissbier in my bladder. then this song about rivers came on in the radio. friday the 13th... great song though
Quote:  That collar looks great...though I do am 8'6" and have a bobble head. That probably weighs in on what I perceive as beautiful. Not that I would expect manlets to understand though...
 Don't be silly. Nothing will happen. Use their prepay shipping option: http://custom.luxire.com/products/prepay-for-shipping-an-item-to-us  In related news:All of the items from order #9681 have now been shipped:1x Leather Holdall Bag - Grey Wool Herringbone hey ho!
medium weight more a 3/4 season fabric
  Great look, though the jacket looks a little bit short. Might just be the camera angle, though.   "Honey, get me my broom! The iGents are back contemplatively posing in front of our doorstep again...."
  All in jest. I am guilty of 'most all of the aforementioned things.
In the foreseeable future, Luxire, in their never-ending, Sisyphusian attempt at pleasing literally every single customer, will purchase a custom label printing machine to be able to offer custom clothing with any choice of wacky logo.       That's when we will cry for fabrics with our own name woven in as pin stripes.       Goes without saying, though that we would bridle at any ever so slight adjustment in prices. After all I, as a long term, two-time...
  Have you contacted Luxire? If I recall correctly the increase in shipping cost should cover import duties. Keep us posted.
 The same name should not be an issue though. Luxire sometimes refers to different fabrics with the same external identifier, after all there are only so many ways to describe blue and brown, however every fabric has a unique ID as can be seen in the URL.I'd welcome it though to have the internal ID that refers to the fabric public. That would make it easier to share and recommend fabrics as well as knowing when a fabric sold out and was replaced with a slightly different...
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