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 Coincidently, I wore a knit tie today, too young padawan.  If you feel the tie knot itself is too long, given that knit ties don't taper, you can fold over a third (or half) of the tie width when going around in front of the back blade. This knit is 8cm wide and the resulting knot is less than 5cm in height, due to advanced knottery, instead of 8cm. Again visualised in this sketch. I believe to remember you having German ancestry/relatives so you should be able to figure...
MTM is a process.   Here is my chronological progress from first to third shirt order:   On my current shirt I'm happy with the collar, the yoke, the chest, waist, seat and the forearms. The only thing that still needs fixing in my opinion are the upper arms/armhole. Suggestions...
 Have you though about tying a smaller knot and giving your ties (those wider than 8cm/3inch) a dimple? The large knot is not congruent with the rest of your physique in my opinion. For knit ties I suggest the kent knot over the FIH or Half Windsor. GIF, may load slowly: 
two swatches for those interested:    
Who has the time for climbing?   Dat nineties beat tho.      1:10 is ludicrous.
I have yet to witness an American to properly pronounce the word hyperbole...
 funny we both wore something very similar today:    Otherwise I wouldn't have bothered to post since nothing new to be seen from me here.
  Anthony Wiener ended his career with a shot very much similar to this if I recall correctly. Great combination, though.
If you are still looking for ideas for your second order.   On of the goals I hope to achieve in my life is to have a pair of chocolate brown suede alligator double monks made.   Though I haven't yet made enough coin nor have I had as posh of an upbringing to ever justify spending these figures on a pair of shoes. But I expect that I might change my mind about this sooner or later.     Here's a picture of a pair of suede alligator loafers by G&G. I'd love to see...
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