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white linen trousers and brown suede accessories
http://custom.luxire.com/collections/dress-shirts/products/pale-yellow-brown-stripes-linen   and premium MOP buttons.             I'm impressed with the cloth.
is the one piece collar hidden button down? I'm thinking of getting one like this. Care to share your order#?
  That would solve the "dang it! my tee is in my left pocket and I already put my glove on" problem...
 That's all we needed to hear. Let's get him sectioned Holdfast!
  I could see myself wearing some of these drake's florals when attending summer weddings, though.
 This isn't Bntailor though?
  Great fit!I've been looking for a printed pocket square like this, where did you get yours?
Would love to have a pair like these with a hidden snap button instead of a button hole in a light blue polyamide fabric. What did you pay?
so I just came up with this genius way of voting in these polls... no more scrolling up and down or remembering awesome fits   From now on I mouse wheel click on the thread two times and slide one of the then opened tabs to a new browser instance. windows key + arrows and flip flap bam two windows side by side. now I can scroll and vote at the same time.       I do realize that this PSA does not make me eligible for a peabody and that it's really not that...
New Posts  All Forums: