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People who own the Wool Rich Grey Pants (http://luxire.com/products/wool-rich-grey-pants) how are they holding up? would they be suitable for the colder seasons?
 I had the same issue, my pockets and pleats are offset by 3cm from the waistband via bar tacks and on some trousers the pocket openings were too small for my giant hands. In my latest pattern iteration the pocket opening is 16cm which works very well.
Good choice! It is the perfect summer fabric in my opinion I almost never wear cotton trousers more than once in a row, though with this one I've caught myself wearing it oftentimes two days in a row in the last few weeks. I've asked Luxire for a beige and a mid grey version of this fabric. Maybe you should reset the button of the waistband tab so that there is a little less pulling going on.
 Interpol is notified...
So, they just released a phantom sketch of the Bangkok bomber...     ...completely unrelated but what is @caseyfud up to, nowadays?  
  @pinkerton my experience with 100% cotton was that independent of how airy and light the fabric is, that I am going to sweat if I walk 5 hours in 37°C sun and once I dry off a little bit and sweat again I'll risk discolouration especially at the collar. Linen might absorb a little more water than cotton but is also quite a bit more expensive and delicate. The answer in my opinion is 100% synthetic fabric, they are the easiest to clean and if woven right should wear...
The F343344 are afaik 35%Linen and hands down the best shirting I own.
http://luxire.com/products/sr_203_apple-fresco-cotton   This is hands down one of the greatest fabrics I've ordered through Luxire. Get it now while it's still $89.   Super airy but opaque and good drape, wrinkle resistant because fresco, holds a beautiful crease and comes in a great, great colour. Looks great with a navy blazer and even casual with a polo. My name is clapeyron and I approve this fabric.   I had to keep myself from recommending this fabric right away...
what happens when you fold the lapels to the width of the sample jacket? This would decrease the collar and narrow the shoulders. Though that is entirely dependent on how the jacket was constructed, hard to tell given just one picture.
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