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  IIRC Foo comissions his jackets with a spalla camicia which extends past his acromion, because Mariano wears them like that.    Though I suspect in Mariano's case the reason being that he's aged since he had this jacket made. Personally I prefer the shoulder seam to sit on the acromion.
I just put in my order for a holdall bag. I was hesitant at first because I don't expect cashmere to hold up all to well over time, but the offer was simply to sexy to decline.   +1 @ A shoulder strap would be lovely
Are these black MOP buttons on the tartan shirt? quanto costa?
 On that note, I'd much prefer a piece of tape in cm and inches as reference scale for fabrics over varying coins of the us of a.
That adrenaline rush when pressing send on order instructions to Luxire in a sleep deprived state and realising that instead of writing the word circumference you've written circumcision roughly 19 times.   Thank god for Thunderbird's 5min mail delay. I'm wide awake now.
Tibor really stepped up his game...
 It's hard to judge from the pictures but the toe curvature of your shoes might not necessarily, depending on the leather used, be too much. This upwards curvature prevents buckling of the sole while walking and delays the formation of ripples and creases.Here's a €1300 bespoke shell example featuring this aforementioned trait:   (source http://www.maftei.at & http://forum.stilmagazin.com) I'm sure your shoemaker knows what he's doing, so take everything armchair...
People criticize what the Foo says, but they never give him enough credit for how verbose and eloquent he says it.   I for one, as a non-native speaker being not emotionally invested in either side of the debate, thoroughly enjoy following these arguments simply for argument's sake. Now it's back to the peanut gallery for me.
http://luxire.com/products/navy-denim-chambray this one? yours looks much darker compared to the website? Anyone who owns this fabric a little longer want to chime in on how well the colour holds up after regular washing?
 What fabric is this?    Please share the order number once you've received a shirt with a back pleat like this.
New Posts  All Forums: