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what did you pay for CMT @kulata?
I'm trying to place an order via regular check out but this little graphic keeps on greeting me. Fyi I'm situated in Germany.     Searching for all shipping rates...   I usually check out via paypal but I haven't found the option to apply a gift card or discount code this way.
Anyone ordered the Aquamarin twill? How's the quality?
have you tried bending the metal ones @holdfast? bend them with a pair of tongs. once bent above yield stress (adjust for spring back) they should stay in any shape you'd like.
after my 5th Luxire shirt or so...  
which epic fabric colours are you currently carrying? I'm looking for light blue and navy blue golf trousers that can withstand a summer rain.
After initially delivering trousers with missing and/or different features, Luxire eventually came through and made more than good on their promise of customer satisfaction by providing a free remake.   The whole process took from February fourth till today, I assume a busy backlog and the move of their operation are responsible for that. The fabric was the mushroom twill chino, though it is currently out of stock. (The shirt is an old TM Linen and not by...
from what I understand chambray is simply an end on end weave fabric with a certain textile finishing.
white linen trousers and brown suede accessories
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