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 This is literally the best news I've heard all year!   I just put in my details for a midnight blue roll neck sweater!
Something like this?
I recommend the route of sending in a shirt. Just measuring does not necessarily capture the slope of your shoulders and when your shirt's bespoke you'll save yourself a few iterations.   Send in just one shirt and specify which cuffs and collar you want, if necessary via image. Luxire has done all of them before   I recommend their prepaid express shipping:
Quote: Luxire replicated an ill fitting existing jacket I sent in and lengthened sleeves, front and reset the buttoning points. The original jacket, much like many of the clothes in my wardrobe replaced by Luxire items, is now likely being worn by some tall Syrian refugees in preparation of our German winter.      I absolutely agree on the fabric's need to be a true dark black watch tartan without an overcheck. I'd also prefer it if it was in a scale similar to buffalo...
Recently somewhere in Italy. NSFW for Americans.    Luxire quilted jacketNavy Chambray by BrembanaNew Copper Chino My entire casual wardrobe is made in India these days. I love it.   Seeing this fabric reminded me of my need for a black watch tartan shirt. Anybody else interested in peer pressuring Luxire to source something like this: 
 When I wrote 'right' position I meant proper position. Meaning if you widen your stance, past shoulder width, does the crease now move outward? I've had this happen with my initial trousers before I had my the fork and seat reworked.
 When you widen your stance the crease moves to the right position? This is afaik caused by the trouser legs being attached in too large of an angle.
 Simply order this collar by referencing: 'collar of the khaki shirt in #12779' and additionally request the collar band to be stiff and the collar leaf to be soft or medium soft. No need to sound like a little bitch, though.
 smartass.... From the pictures it looks like it's a combination of side metal adjusters + elastic DAKS tunnel
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