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Why did you size down? My shoe size ranges from 11-11,5 UK which is a size US 12 or 46-46,5 EUR and the socks fit me perfectly froom heel to toe in a size US12. And I do have veeery long legs at 6'7"...
baudelaire baudelaire baudelaire jack daniels jack daniels jack daniels
@fridayfrenzy  what size are you wearing?   I'm 6'7" and I wear a size 12. they fit me perfectly.
Thought I'd share my Viccel experiences from a couple of months ago as well.   I had already ordered several pairs of socks from Viccel and when they released their winter weight socks I decided to place an order for a single pair of Grey Black Herringbone Over Calves. After waiting for 4 weeks I grew impatient and wrote an email to Ahmet. Previous orders had only taken about a week to be delivered to me to Germany.   Ahmet explained to me that he can't offer...
what is going on?
 Why would any of my questions warrant a rude answer? Maybe it is my language barrier which causes the intentions of my questions to be interpreted differently by you. Maybe a native speaker wants to chime in on this. With 2) I mean that people on this forum spend quite some money on properly storing their clothes and a simple reassurance by you, that sent in garments are stored properly and moth free and that maybe natural shoulders are not necessarily stored on wire...
 Would greatly appreciate a response. also I'd be interested in a large scale black watch fabric:
@luxire   1) When ordering a jacket, how do you send them out? Panta has these nice boxes where the jacket hangs on a hanger:   2) How do you store items sent in for copying?   3) Would one be notified if you not just examine measurements but open up an item?   4) That Navy LC polo fabric looks great. I'd be interested in a natural light picture when you have made one up.
    I've removed Styleforum from my Ad Block white list since video adverts with sound started playing on here.   Non intrusive banner ads are fine. Blinking widgets are borderline annoying but having me go through five different tabs to find that one advert that plays sound, well? that takes the cake.
 How is this fabric? Is it see through?
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