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those that can, do; those that can't, teach.
 Then I guess @sugarbutch and I were trendsetters, back in the day? I did not pursue the idea further since I use lab coats while handling resins, adhesives and the likes and go through at least one per month, which would probably break my wallet. Luxire offered to make them though!    
 Looks good. Personally I prefer a roped shoulder, butI agree that a spalla camicia would look better with your build. The sleeve needs to be cut even wider where it's attached to the armholes. I'm not sure if widening the pockets could help with the balance, I could imagine them moving an inch closer to the middle.
 There is more to fashion than classic mens wear. Head over to the street wear section. Black is all they wear. Yohji Yamamoto, Rick Owens etc. pp.
Have you even been to SW&D?
 This is literally the best news I've heard all year!   I just put in my details for a midnight blue roll neck sweater!
Something like this?   http://luxire.com/products/grandi-rubinelli-soft-flannel-fade-blue-cotton-twill-teddy_gr_teddy_11033_00303
I recommend the route of sending in a shirt. Just measuring does not necessarily capture the slope of your shoulders and when your shirt's bespoke you'll save yourself a few iterations.   Send in just one shirt and specify which cuffs and collar you want, if necessary via image. Luxire has done all of them before   I recommend their prepaid express shipping: http://custom.luxire.com/products/prepay-for-shipping-an-item-to-us
Quote: Luxire replicated an ill fitting existing jacket I sent in and lengthened sleeves, front and reset the buttoning points. The original jacket, much like many of the clothes in my wardrobe replaced by Luxire items, is now likely being worn by some tall Syrian refugees in preparation of our German winter.      I absolutely agree on the fabric's need to be a true dark black watch tartan without an overcheck. I'd also prefer it if it was in a scale similar to buffalo...
New Posts  All Forums: