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Which white fabric is this G-man?   Short sleeved shirts get a bad reputation due to most of them not having fitted sleeves. This one with it's sloping shoulders looks very good on you.
 it's a limit sequence to avoid divison by zero, though independent of what you put inside the brackets it's still going to be multiplied by g=0. so yeah. math. not even once.
I came up with this handy formula to calculate delivery time:       While I agree that Luxire could update us more frequently on our delayed orders, I'm also very certain of this fact: In the end Luxire always delivers.   There's a saying in German "Gut Ding will Weile haben"   Loosely translated to: Neither Rome was built in a day nor were Neapolitan trousers sewn.
looks great. good choice of background, too.
 clearly the sky blue oxford with a spread collar is a european thing.    
If I could trouble you for a picture; I would love to see this fabric in natural lighting. I've been looking for some time now for a certain grey green or grey taupe  trousering and this seems to be a close match.
For those that have ordered fabrics from Brisbane Moss through Luxire, how was your experience? Is the quality worth the price and approximately how long did you have to wait?   I've ordered the white twill beginning of June and hope to get my hands on them by August giving me at least a month to wear them before Labor day. It makes sense that brand fabrics take a little longer to procure and might not have been the best choice for a current season impulse buy. Has...
 Jerry Seinfeld had this great bit about care instructions being the only kind of instructions people take seriously.smoking kills? pffspeeding is dangerous? pffwash at 30°C and don't tumble dry! OMG i can't deviate the slightest from these orders or else...
from what I experienced in the us of a, dallas in my case, people who line dry are considered to be to poor to own a dryer... they tumbled blouses and shirts. the only thing I put in the dryer are bed sheets and towels. not only does it save energy to line dry but it also preserves the clothes. guess where all that dryer lint comes from...
if I had to guess best sellers, I'd rank crisp white #1, then pale blue and then khaki or white with navy stripes. no agenda.
New Posts  All Forums: