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I will have to break a lance for the luxire flannels it seems. I have four flannel shirts and am more than happy with all of them.  I just wore the tan brown tattersall flannel and I don't think I've noticed a change in texture. It is flannel after all.     I took a quick picture, all of these shirts have been washed numerous times, the tan one I know for a fact was washed at least 5 times. I wash all my shirts at 30°C in a decent Miele machine though I use generic...
I think you look like (though much better dressed) Edward Snowden. There was this documentary last year called CITIZENFOUR about his NSA revelations and escape from the US. It won an oscar.       hmm I guess I'm not with it anymore...
haven't been that active lately...but surely I'm not the first to notice? 
  I don't believe it's on their page I've communicated this project via Email. I requested a 100% synthetic fiber fabric for sport polo shirts similar to Nike DriFit and Luxire offered to source it from Carvico, Italy. I'm sure if you contact them with this information, they'll be able to give you more details/make an offer.
Have you tried the premium MOP buttons (cream coloured) or the smoked MOP buttons? The thin ones of which are even free of charge.      This was a trial shirt Luxire made me. If I had it done again, and I plan on doing so once this bloody winter ends, I'd request an unfused collar. This one was fused and the fusing shrinks differently than the polyamide resulting in a slight moiré pattern on collars and a permanent crease on the cuffs:   The fabric itself is fantastic,...
Luxire made me a fantastic long sleeve golf polo shirt from a stretchy polyamide from Carvico, Italy. I' ll find some pictures.
 Luxire was always very obliging in sending replacement buttons/buckles etc. From experience free of charge if you have another order placed and they have to ship something to you any ways.
 This was a custom request, it's best to ask Luxire directly via email.
Recently got to wear the super heavy Luxire Plaid wool trousers again in freezing -8°C weather.     Current temperatures have risen slightly though:   Luxire quilted polyester jacket Mini checked nightshadow flannel with smoked thin MOP http://custom.luxire.com/products/mini-nightshadow-blue-grey-gingham-ykh_14279 Wool Rich grey trousers  http://custom.luxire.com/collections/pants/products/wool-rich-grey-pants      
New Posts  All Forums: