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higher waisted trousers usually don't really work completely flat fronted because once you bend your waist in order to sit down the waist circumference increases dramatically. pleats really do serve a purpose here.
   How long should I size the cafe racer? should it hit above the belt line? since its obvious biker origins I assume I'm committing a faux pas if I choose to have it below my belt? I fear if I size it too short, at a 6'7" frame it will appear unintentional. How wide would you size the collar? snug fit with a button down shirt underneath? How long ought the sleeves to be? should they reach the first knuckle of my thumb?
The black cafe racer jacket is really tempting. I'd probably remove the chest zippers though.   People who have ordered MTM leather jackets before, what would you have done differently on your first order? Does leather "give" over time, i.e. should I order sleeves slightly tighter in order for them to mold to my contours over time? I own one leather jacket and it's RTW and it's from before I knew about Styleforum so let's not mention it's fit.
I didn't specify anything but referenced the 'broke and bespoke'button down collar.
  This is what I sent Luxire to recreate in addition with a dew changes. The buttons are for belt loops. I opted for belt loops in this style to visually break up the back of the trousers, where there are two more loops, I don't intend to actually wear a pistol belt with these though.
I will have to break a lance for the luxire flannels it seems. I have four flannel shirts and am more than happy with all of them.  I just wore the tan brown tattersall flannel and I don't think I've noticed a change in texture. It is flannel after all.     I took a quick picture, all of these shirts have been washed numerous times, the tan one I know for a fact was washed at least 5 times. I wash all my shirts at 30°C in a decent Miele machine though I use generic...
I think you look like (though much better dressed) Edward Snowden. There was this documentary last year called CITIZENFOUR about his NSA revelations and escape from the US. It won an oscar.       hmm I guess I'm not with it anymore...
haven't been that active lately...but surely I'm not the first to notice? 
  I don't believe it's on their page I've communicated this project via Email. I requested a 100% synthetic fiber fabric for sport polo shirts similar to Nike DriFit and Luxire offered to source it from Carvico, Italy. I'm sure if you contact them with this information, they'll be able to give you more details/make an offer.
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