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Looks great!   three questions: are the straps not padded and/or was this a request? What material are the buckles made of? Metal or plastic? Can you provide the order number and the regular price of this bag if one were to order it now?
yesterday. regular people may walk underneath the advents wreath...    
we all know that UC took an angle grinder to the toes of his boots in order to achieve this uniform distressed look. Not only to gain the respect and esteem from his crew of construction workers but also our iGent admiration. Well done Sir!
I was on the edge of my seat during that entire six minute single take tracking shot. True detective season 2 has a tough act to follow. Time will tell if Vince Vaughn is able to pull a Bryan Cranston.
Lost is one of the few series I started but never finished. A little while after the series finale I read the synopsis on wikipedia and did not regret that decision. Same goes for Sons of Anarchy. The Walking Dead and How I Met Your Mother. They all started out promising but quickly ran out of breath.   Once you've binged Breaking Bad move on to True Detective (8 episodes) and then Fargo (10 episodes). Those are among the very best 2014 has brought forward.
I vaguely remember a picture of you actually meeting Kyle Maclachlan in person?
I am not a number! I am a free man!
I wore a chocolate brown blazer with off-white piping and a large number 6 tag over a turtle neck as a costume on carnival a couple years ago. Let's say I stuck to costumes that need not constantly be explained from then on....
 Firefly had an okay first season and it definitely would have had the potential to develop into a great show if FOX didn't prematurely pull the plug; but in my opinion it is a little bit overrated nowadays. Hopefully we at least agree on the fact that it had the cheesiest opening sound track. Serenity was okay.Rome had a great first season and a mediocre second, you could really feel how the BBC quickly ran out of money and desperately rushed the production. I enjoy GOT...
New Posts  All Forums: