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  There's a special place in hell for people who post pictures without providing the fabric details. A place right next to the people who record vertical iphone videos!
Given that some people in this forum even look down on shoes of the make of Allen Edmonds I'd consider it a ballsy move from the beginning trying to cater to this very crowd of shoe snobs, yours truly not excluded. However, I for one encourage it that Luxire always aims high. Only time will tell whether Luxire finds their niche in high quality MTO shoes or ventures more in the bag & belt direction. Keep in mind that Beatlegeuse & Co were something like a closed beta. Given...
 The nano protector does a terrific job at preventing liquids and dirt from penetrating, but it is no match for severe mechanical abrasion. Sometimes I scratch the toes of my shoes on the pedals in my car and after a quick brush with a suede brush to remove the stain I reapply the nano protector. I've been waterproofing over eight pairs of suede shoes with this for the last three years and am only on my second can. Shoes that I don't wear frequently see a reapplication...
I respray maybe quarterly. It mostly comes off when you brush the shoes. I think I may have a video of it in effect on my cell, let me check.
somebody nano protected his shoes
sooooo igent that you restacked your bookshelf between pictures....
 Turtle- and V-neck sweaters in spruce green, navy, maroon and grey in different weights.Heavy and chunky knit cardigans in solid navy and various donegal earth tones.
  After wörk Wiesn!    
if there was luxire stock or company shares, now would be the time to buy...
Double Denim & Snuff Suede      
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