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  Luxire Jacket in Minnis 0520 Luxire Dress shirt in Cool White Linen Cotton Luxire Chinos in Apple Fresco Cotton <<< Please restock this fabric! Please also in grey and stone colour!   Very happy with the jacket, very happy with the shirt and happiest with the trousers.
Maybe this could be cut and sewn together with regular navy jersey to achieve something similar.
They are unlined. This fabric is quite thick and has a some weight to it and is definitely not see-through.
Haven't posted in a while. Wore two Luxire items recently:       Fabrics are still available.   Linen-Cotton: Navy Knitted Pique   Linen: Natural Ecru Hopsack
Order and pay for the amount the shirt fabrics would cost sans shipping through additional services. add your instructions to the notes during checkout or respond to the email with the new #order number and let them know that you would like to have it shipped with the previous #order.
with a pink popped collar polo shirt with the visible Moncler logo!
Quote:  The tastefulness of this hopsack jacket is proportional to the tackiness of these cargo trousers.
 I've had the exact opposite experience on three previous shirts the button holes were all too large for the thin dark MOP buttons and frequently became undone. On my newest shirt (with thin cream MOP buttons) I specifically requested to have them look into it and match the hole size to the ligne of the buttons and it came out perfect.
 When in doubt order the trousers with buttons on the inside for braces and don't use/remove them when you are happy with the fit provided by the side adjusters.
 perfect for when you have to work in an office at 6:30 but have to usher a clown funeral at 8.
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