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Posts by CeeCee is starting their Christmas sale on tuesday. Be ready. It´s 20-30 % OFF. Don´t forget the VAT DEDUCTION 23 %. The prices shown includes the VAT. When you register in, the VAT is deducted. They have now Economy shipping 19 € to USA:                                        
Yes they do. Off Course. If you are selling online outside EU, it is always so, if you company is registered in EU.   The english version is working (not so well), if you press the "in english" -button two times.
Guys!   Acolyth Black Friday SALE started.   -30 % Off - code acobf12 uses Finnish post. I understand that you maybe don´t have such public services in US, but in Finland you can rely on Finnis post. Always. Acolyth sends tracking code to customer for each shipping. The deliveries had managed 100 % and 37 € for that is not much. It is money, but is far away from 150 USD.  
No way. takes 37 € !!! Cheap.
Wellcome to Helsinki (Iso Roobertinkatu 40). There´s coming online great new Stephan Schneider AW13 collection with scarfs, cardigans, shirts and jackets. They are shootings mens´collection right now in the studio. http//
So many have asked new SS AW12 .... cardicans, knits, jackets, scarfs are now on the hanger. Remember the VAT 23 % will be deducted. 
You never know. My boyfriend has one Stephan Schneider cardigan. He is 185 cm long and slim. He needs 7. My advice is "take always the larger size"". By the way.  I´ve just boought a great Stephan Schneider dress (SS12 summer collection). It is grey and very nice. There were some great prices (145 € - VAT)  on mens shirts too (if you guys are interested in). It is a secret sale. To see the discounts you have to register. I heard that Acolyth  e-store is going to have...
Sorry! Unfortunately they don´t have it. Only sizes 4-6.   br CC
Konstnären själv : )
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