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How do you guys compare 9160 and 9014 ? any answers would be helpful, thank you...
Is there anyone who has experienced Red Wings 4557 ? I'm just curious where to cop them.
is it good to wear visvim virgil suede black with a suit ? just wonder how it looks like...
where can i get this pair dude...? i hope someone has the pair in this forum and has desire to sell them, just let me know... thank you very much :)
i've been browsing for many times but i didn't find any of the yuketen maine green, where could i get them...?  
  oh a million thanks dude, it's really helpful... i just thought that i would change the sole to vibram 2021. should i change the sole...?
where could i resole my yuketen maine boots...?
  i usually wear a size 9 in nike sneakers, and i wear 8.5 in maine boots of yuketens, it feels comfortable
sorry double post
are those 9030 hard to break...? it's really look rugged boots...
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