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Though I haven't posted much on here, I have been trolling for a while. After reading Whodini's post on where this forum was going, I thought an inspiration thread would be interesting. A quick search found that one had just been created (a may be a noob to this forum, but not to forums in general). Someday I will get around to posting some waywt pic's, like when the weather is appropriate for outfits of this style. Cuz i'm probably the most preppy/trad person in...
In no particular order: Clark's DB's Sand Sperry's Original Brown APC NS J. Crew Navy V-neck Merino Wool Sweater BR Monogram Blue Herringbone Dress Shirt (on sale sz. small fits like it was made for me) Filson Medium Field Bag (goes everywhere with me) Porsche 911 Chronograph watch (a gift that never leaves my wrist) Wool Socks (Montana Winters are cold) Patagonia Down Vest (see above) iPod Touch (no at&t service in MT ~ no iPhone)
not the turbo s... it had the nasty rear quarter panel vents. just the standard 993 turbo, cuz I love turbo's and air-cooled porsche's.
summer: brown sperry's winter: desert boot's
Fall weather has gotten me in the mood for Chai and bluegrass. Chris Thile in particular. I am also appreciating making time to play the cello again.
i'm sure it's been posted on here somewhere before, but generally earnest sewns in milk blue 3d are a pretty good bet for a light wash understated jean, though best to buy on sale. They have a few different cuts available in that color i think, so you have some options. Any other suggestions? I've thinking about this myself...
I work at the store that makes these... they are bomb proof and surprisingly comfortable / warm. I live in bozeman, MT, so sometimes things are stylish because they are practical and classic.
I'm a fan of my optical whites, though the first dirt marks stood out like hideous blemishes. Luckily they're cheap so i'll just buy another pair come summer...
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