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Waist = 31" Inseam = 37" Hem = 14"
Monday = Machine shop appropriate attire... J.Crew AA N&F Clarks
Just bought from Farinelli's, bought a 31 and 30 and the 31's fit perfectly, never even tried these on. They were selling for $77 dollars plus shipping (I paid $85). Will off-load them for $75 including shipping CONUS. Cheers.
Gant EP's Red Wing
Just thought I'd post a quick pick of my GT's. Got them about a week ago cuz somebody ordered them from my store (i work at Schnee's boots and shoes in Bozeman), but they were to large for them. They happened to fit me perfectly (wear 8.5 clarks db's, these are 8's) so I decided to go for it. Gotta love employee discount. Toes got scuffed today in the machining shop on campus, but nothing a little polish/conditioner can't take care of.
First WAYWT Had a case of spring fever... high of 45! BR linen Jcrew Levis Clarks DB Filson
@ melonadejello ~ did you go true to size on the skinny guys?
Hey, just wanted to say that I got my EP's in Indigo the other day... they are wonderful. Quality of denim and construction seems top-notch. Just waiting to get them back from being hemmed, but wanted to say thanks for putting out solid jeans at solid price. Poor college kids appreciate it.
Rag&Bone actually... still available on Farinelli's. I was literally just contemplating purchasing it when I happened upon this thread... I think it's a sign that I must own
Blue and selvedge
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