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Yea... I definitely didn't have the money for the shadow dot at the time, but I just pulled the trigger and told myself I would get some skymiles for it, best decision ever. As for the turquoise pants, they're from J Crew, fit isn't perfect, but decent and color is sweet. Thanks for the comments on the photos, I highly recommend a visit to Rome for any who haven't yet. Now to save up for future awesome Epaulet shit...
Just thought I'd post a shot of me repin' epaulet in Rome w/ my sis... shadow dot, floral, club collar ftw!
just kopped floral shirt. first shadow dot, now floral... the radness of your shirts is killing my bank account. you guys need a university student discount
Just wanted to say that I just got my shadow dot shirt, rocked it for the first time today. Officially my favorite shirt. It is awesome. You guys rock.
PM sent.
Quote: Originally Posted by tigerFormula end thread. I agree.
I have to say that I have some workwear pieces, and often use them in settings that would traditionally be considered "appropriate" for work wear i.e. in the machine shop on campus, welding, working on cars etc. I'm probably also the only mechanical engineering student at Montana State that cares somewhat about fashion, so I wear these things primarily for myself. I say wear what you like, it's not like one has to be relegated to one aesthetic for their entire wardrobe. ...
Actually, I just bought some N&F skinny guys and the inseam measured 37"...
hem @ 3" above is still 7", maybe a hair wider but not much.
yea inseam requires hemming, my 31's stack after i've cuffed them like 2.5 in. I'm a 29 in NS, I think the waist on the 30's would fit me better, but I went with the 31's cuz I liked the leg room (definately some room in the waist though ~ didn't soak these). No idea how much these bad boys stretch.
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