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l m f a o this thread is hilarious   seriously though shearling please
gwarg what were you wearing i probably saw you i was in like uniqlo hoodie with damir doma pieces
absolutely rinsed the UK store for prosecco tonightchester quality is good, fit is greatbest quality pieces were the padded coats and the trench.
 they're chinos and yeah I think they stack a little too much. might have the hem adjusted
bout to hit up a wedding   margiela / uniqlo / church's
shrunk my petit standards in a washing machine a fair bit and now they don't crease where the previous fades were how fucked am i
i've seen both irl killspencer bags are totally different   i do rate them though
nah, UK store figured I couldn't really afford them so they're not even opened
Got some BNWT 44 dust/white geos on B&S right now for like 60% of rrp
someone sell me an OG ma1
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