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 they're chinos and yeah I think they stack a little too much. might have the hem adjusted
bout to hit up a wedding   margiela / uniqlo / church's
shrunk my petit standards in a washing machine a fair bit and now they don't crease where the previous fades were how fucked am i
i've seen both irl killspencer bags are totally different   i do rate them though
nah, UK store figured I couldn't really afford them so they're not even opened
Got some BNWT 44 dust/white geos on B&S right now for like 60% of rrp
someone sell me an OG ma1
Brand new with tags Dust/White Geobaskets. Unworn - not removed from original packaging or opened. These are $1300 new.
yo so people with ma1s - think a galaxy s-whatever could fit in the phone pocket?
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