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Lit BNWT - £85 new - asking £75. Size up. I'm a medium and it's SLIGHTLY too tight for me because the wool's so thick.
Buying size M (48) TOJ Oxfords. Selling/swap XS light blue TOJ Oxford.
As title.
Still goin' strong
Looking to purchase any TOJ0 order. Alternatively, any BRAND NEW black/black black/navy in 46 with any lengths.
probably £10
(LAST TWO IMAGES ARE NOT MINE) Bought from MrPorter last year worn once (no box though) Paid £180, only want £110 plus £10 for recorded UK shipping (overseas will be around £20-25 depending on the country)  
Jump on this boys and girls, I have this jacket in this exact config and it is sick as fuck. Good luck w sale
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