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still for sale, buyer fell through
  I guess you could say I wear a 42 jacket (still "pinches" at armpits slightly for most lines) at 5'9" and 185-ish lbs. My issue with clothes is my back/shoulders:waist ratio, as my waist is a 32-34 depending on time of year.   That polo is a size L, not washed yet (will have to wash on cold and ait dry to avoid shrinking I presume?). I originally ordered XL's but after trying to L that fits near perfect out of the box, I changed my order to L's. I'll have to wash this...
I received a KW Polo as a Secret Santa gift, the fit is amazing which is very difficult for me as I have a broad chest/back and narrow-ish waist   (disregard the mess, home for the holidays and crammed space) I have 3 more on the way that I actually had to change the size of, KW's customer service is excellent as well and responded to my emails very quickly. Can't wait to get the other 3
I purchased a pair (well a couple pairs until I got the right size) of Allen Edmonds Strand  from Nordstroms, and since the closest location is still a decent drive, I figured I would try and sell on here. These were shipped directly from Nords direct of AE (since order was over the phone).   The shoes are brand new in the box, only worn in my bedroom (minimal walking around) to assess if they were the right size, but when my feet started going numb I knew they were...
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