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How do you measure your sleeves? 
Do you have measurements for this? Pit to pit in particular    Cheers
If anyone In England has a medium trucker in anycolour and wants to swap for a small olive, let me know
Picked up a Seattle fit Weekend/Mile Marker this weekend  On a piece of outwear like this, would you expect the shoulder seams to lie directly above the shoulder seams of your shirt or is having them hang slightly (half an inch to an inch) lower acceptable?
I backed the first olive run and my update is also still on pick up no later than 3/20 Anyone have any experience with shipping times to England?EDIT: do you get given a tracking code?
 More details on the hatPrice? Colours?
Backed the second batchInternational shipping is killer but will be worth it as long as it fits  Wish you could see how many orders an item needs to reach 100%
Anywhere I can find Obenauf in the UK?
Is there much stretch in the Horween desert boots? If there's none I guess I have to go up half a size (annoyingly so no where with any discount stocks halfs in the uk) Even a little will make these perfect
http://www.jungmaven.com For T's and hoodies    Not only do they use organic cotton, it's also blended with hemp so a lot less water is required per garment 
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