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good to see there is some discussion here.  I was the OP on Iron Heart forum.  Quite frankly, Im baffled at the method of construction.  The upper is stitched to the mid sole, as stated by many.  However, the fake welt stitching and it being glued down is unacceptable in my opinion.  OSB offered to fix them free of charge, but for a $300+ pair of shes, I feel like this is a corner being cut too sharp.  I'll read up on this and the OSB thread, but just wanted to jump in and...
the commando sole adds a piece of leather like you see on the eastwest boot.  
i would stay unlined for CXl and lined for others.  
dont bother with the Wolverine's.  They are ballet slippers compared to Whites.  The one pair I had for all of 2 days basically fell apart on my feet.  Never looked back.  Every pair I have handled at a tore left a lot to be desired in terms of execution and QC.  YMMV, but I say bypass the Wolverine's and get the Whites
you get used to the weight, but they are heavy as hell when you first handle them.  
pretty sure thats a commando sole and not a 430.  Not sure if they share the same model number or not, but they def. are different.  
my red dog rough outs at the 5-6 month mark
what you have (and I have on mine) is the vibram half composition sole (or comp. half sole) using the Vibram 700.  The half slip is what is pictured above a few posts back.  Its essentially a wedge that runs from the heel to the arch.  I dont know its purpose however.  
thats not a half slip Bingham   although, that build is beautiful
chromexcel is pretty oily, so a good brushing is generally sufficient.  The color is irrelevant.  
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