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took out my natty cxl penny loafers still unworn from the custom promo, noticed some of the machine stitching has come undone.  looks like it is the stitching that they changed the design to be the box stitch (i requested the old style).  Hope they don't start to fall apart.  : (
great photos.   so no whisky gmto ever, or while stock is short? 
anyone used Nano protector on white suede / nubuck?  I understand that saphir invulner is safe for white, but what about nano?
wanted to ask about the studded dainite sole.   Has anyone experience the "slippyness" that i have seen reported when coming in from the wet?   How about comfort level?   I am usually on concrete / pavement / sidewalk, fairly often in the wet.   Would rather the medway sole, but the studded dainite seems to be the standard without going MTO.   Am i blowing concerns about the studded dainite out of proportion?
ER? How about the good ol' Mac Method?
Snoozed & Losed
my shell indys with commando will be requiring a visit to the cobbler for a re-heel pretty soon.   wondered how people dealt with the commando heel?   I wondered if it was unadvisable to replace the heel with a flat heel piece, and actually reduce the heel size by (say) 3-5mm, bringing it down to the standard heel height for indys.   Any advice, thoughts --- "no that is a very bad idea!" most welcome!
Well this thread blew up again!
Thanks to both of you for the response.Much appreciated.
A question on the subject of (what I will call) "insole impression drop" - the significant room that is created within the first wears from you foot on the cork.... Is the drop / "room" created with the single flex sole the same volume as the double leather? I guess what I am asking (which perhaps no one will know is if the layer of liquid cork used is the same thickness on the double leather and the single leathe soles? I ask because I just picked up a pair if jcrew...
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