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should we not be expecting a 30% further reduction promo code for the sale stuff soon?
email notification (sorry for bump)
are these sold?
interested in the SC 2009   couple of Qs   for hemming how to you measure inseam? - straight down the seam, or the diagonal (afaik there is a slight difference in result)   when it says "will stretch up to 1.5" i assume that is a maximum, and that if you buy 0.5"-0.75" smaller than a well worn jean - they would stretch out nice but not too much?   Any other pics of 2009 and various stages of wear.  the model name 2009 is kind of terrible for tracking pics /...
are the cigar indys from J Gilbert?
been away a little while.   seems like it has been raining Ravello Captoe.   so i didn't miss anything special 
it was nov 5 2012  to november 5 2014   raining here at the moment but give them their first wash and pop up some pics!
His father like Lobbs... are these?       no other close up except the sole sadly
   i likey!!!
+1 on more rum leather pics
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