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Fabric is nice.  The "whiskering" (which concerned me) is pretty much non existant. The fit is very similar to old officer, just but a little slimmer  and without a giant waist (personally i have found that i used to sized down, whereas that is no longer neccessary) small niggle is that the direction of the cord is 90 degree on the pocket flap. Personally i would heavily lean towards hemming rather than cuffing (like the cotton officers).
Just had some work done.   Great workmanship, and superb service.
Got some of the tan officer cords incoming. Description uses the term "Bedford" so I assume (aka hope) the fabric is like the LVC Bedford cords (quite firm/stiff) Don't know how other people how found RRL Officers but it seems the cut /sizing has got a bit smaller recently ?
How is the SUGAR CANE TYPE III BLACK DENIM JEANS - SLIM fit in comparison to the 2009?   I have a pair of 2009 in 34 and they fit great.   Looking at a pair of the black slim and the waist measurement is an inch wider, which would suggest sizing down to size 33, but even though the thigh measurement is the same as the 2009 in 34 I would be a bit nervous sizing down from a standard cut into a slim cut (in a smaller size).   I am happy to slim down below the knee from...
Anyone interested in Natty CXL Beefroll w/ Honey Camp Sole size 8EE ?   If a Barrie 8D is a little roomy on you they should fit well, similar fit to an 9.5US in Nikes (aa they are similarly too tight on me as 9.5US Nikes)   Shipped from UK.   PM me if interested, only worn a couple of time but sadly have had to accept that they are too tight.
^ great deal
RRL Mount Street London closed a couple of weeks ago. Couple of rooms worth in the New Bond Street store
Shame you guys favour the 325 over 335, although the 325 is 'dressier' than the 'country' more casual 335 I think an unlined chukka on 335 would be great.
should we not be expecting a 30% further reduction promo code for the sale stuff soon?
email notification (sorry for bump)
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