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His father like Lobbs... are these?       no other close up except the sole sadly
   i likey!!!
+1 on more rum leather pics
tifosi - i am quite confident that the Aberdeen last 8E would fit you well.
Looking forward to summer ...  
personally i liked the stripped look, still don't think i could bring myself to do it.
 How would you describe the 8d barrie vs 8,5D leeds fit?
 cheers thams.  I assumed (perhaps wrongly) DC's captoes would all be commando rather than double leather, you don't happen to know?  I should have specified #8captoe speed hooks double leather..
am i correct that the AE Leeds PTB is slightly narrower than the Alden Barrie PTB?
     Greatly appreciate the replies, but I am an idiot as i meant to ask *with* speed hooks rather than all eyelets (may tifosi forgive me)
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