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it was nov 5 2012  to november 5 2014   raining here at the moment but give them their first wash and pop up some pics!
His father like Lobbs... are these?       no other close up except the sole sadly
   i likey!!!
+1 on more rum leather pics
tifosi - i am quite confident that the Aberdeen last 8E would fit you well.
Looking forward to summer ...  
personally i liked the stripped look, still don't think i could bring myself to do it.
 How would you describe the 8d barrie vs 8,5D leeds fit?
 cheers thams.  I assumed (perhaps wrongly) DC's captoes would all be commando rather than double leather, you don't happen to know?  I should have specified #8captoe speed hooks double leather..
am i correct that the AE Leeds PTB is slightly narrower than the Alden Barrie PTB?
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