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Hi Aquanaut77! I saw this website There's a wide variety of modern furniture for living area that may suit you. 
I remember Bandolino brand shoes. I wore it during my elementary graduation. Until now it's still okay. But upon checking it on different shopping stores, Bandolino is no longer sold. Too bad, it is one of the most durable shoes way back then.
Lower back pain is usually caused by the straining of lower back muscles due to decrease muscle tone, aging, and poor posture.    So when moving an object you should consider having a good  stance and center of gravity to maximize your force. Also, to increase muscular strength in the lower, do regular exercise.
I like the design man. It's very unique and modern. It also saves space. Oh wait!  I think I bought a coffee table just like this.. I got this from this website:
Sorry to hear these sad news everyone. I think most of us undergone a breakup. Some has a good ending and some can be nasty. I too had a relationship that lasted for 5 years and 6 mos. Until now, I didn't get it why we broke up. Maybe the cliche is true sometimes you can fall out of love. 
I read it somewhere that when you regularly exercise you increase your metabolic rate even if you're not doing a strenuous activity. This should be accompanied by having a healthy diet and clean lifestyle.
I like the smell of aromatic candles such as lavander and chamomile.  I light them wen I want to relax or when I read books.
Today, at 6am I ran about 5kms around the park. Then I cooled down, had a shower and went off to work. 
It's okay to eat eggs everyday- once a day. Egg white doesn't much contain cholesterol than the yellow one. 
I also like the concept of the beds nowadays that have compartments below them. It saves spaces and you can organize your clutter in the bedroom. You can check out beds on the internet with such features.
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