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Synergy!Today's spoilsWait, what!? I'm getting my popcorn ready.
I'm getting better at this.just pulled a gitman vintage shirt without looking at the label just on built quality.
So, I found a black widow in the Tire Rack. Needless to say I got all my ass out of there ASAP and found some stuff to kop. I was going to take a picture of the little guy but she darted off like a missile. I love thrifting all day but he has to take a shit in public toilet.
[[SPOILER]] Pretty sure that PRL is a SC especially with that throat latch. If it's an orphan, it's very sportcoatable. 
Well, in that case she gets a pass. But just one.
[[SPOILER]] Tweedy!!!Ohhhhhhhhh fuck that!!!!!!!!!! It would have been hard for me to not go full on hood on her ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's why when I find stuff I think were miss priced, I keep my mouth shut and camp at that store!
[[SPOILER]] Brown's beach? How's the new job?
Fuck yeah! I'll drink to that, bro! 
Wow! Camp on that shit! I know Snoogz recently sold a Poole orphan for around $150. But striped are a bit harder to move. I'm still trying to reunite all of my Poole orphans...
Holy shit! Suits or orphan?   [[SPOILER]] That was made for you, bro. Replace sperm with ejaculate and you are good, bro. 
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