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Shit, @Jompso I passed a jacket with that Balmain tag...Bad pass? I mean, it wasn't all that great. It didn't have all the bells and whistles. 
  +   @SomethingsFishy for
 Fake.Bape always have these Nowhere Co. Ltd. company address and phone numbers on them. Actually, all the Japanese pieces I've handled all have either phone numbers, address, or at least their company logo.Also, compare the outline of the ape to this tag. Noticed the difference? That's another quick and dirty way to tell if it's real when in the field. But the new AAPE stuff no longer belongs to Nowhere. I think it's tagged IT? Not sure. I always pass on those. Found a...
 I love the going into battle stripes! Where were the Levi's made?  
For $40, it would have been a hard catch and release for me... Are RRL good for flipping? I pass on those all the time. I finally picked up 2 because in good condition and awesome pattern. Those jeans looks familar... That is a badass fit! Wow!
Just one item today Kinda basic
 Woa, that's like bromance type of mileage. Bro, that's RLPL, right? Also brodeetz on them kittens!  [[SPOILER]] Pass and never ever look at it again. 
Lol, although I enjoy thrifting with a buddy, I do better on my own though. I'm more focused, faster, and aggressive when attacking the racks. Of course, I get more booties! 
Haha http://40.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_mdi7miPZK61qi3vu6o1_1280.jpg I'm not into movies where people get stoned. But that was a few years ago. I might give the movie another go. I love No Country for Old Men! I really enjoyed Fargo, the TV series but the first season was my favorite so far. 
Haha, am I the only who started watching it but half way, turned it off? The flying scene just didn't do it for me.
New Posts  All Forums: