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They look pretty round to me. Shit, I'm like 75%... The Gilded Age jawnz I coped for $86 came in today. Not the best quality jeans I've handled but pretty good. Love these beautifully sewn buttonholes!   [[SPOILER]]
Gilded Age Gotham raw selvedge. Not the most quality jeans I've handled but not bad.   [[SPOILER]]
Are you sure those are not Monopoly money in disguise? Lucky for you, bro, I have a major PhD in Currency Fakery Detection and I'll be more than happy to detect some currency fakery for you for a lower service fee of 10%. Please send them to me to examine. Money back guaranteed not.   What a deal! Out from where?
Wow! That sounds fantastic! Do you have pics of the burrito? Yeah, Burritos are more of a Chicano thing. Dude, is it weird for me to say I have a thing for Minnesota chicks? 
[[SPOILER]] Wow! There are tons of detail! Just from that, I vote real! But I've never heard of Art Denim K before. Maybe it's a defunct Baroque Japan brand. I know Baroque Japan Limited was founded in 2000 and they mainly do women's clothing brands such as Moussy and Staccato. I've seen those brands in malls when I was in Japan and China. So I'm guessing Art Denim was founded in 1980 and the line K was registered in 1998 and these jeans has to be manufactured sometimes...
Deetz on them burritos!
HOLY SHIT! One of my rich cousin just coped a top of the line Leica camera for his daughter for her b-day! I think that thing was like $50K!!! I'm not sure what the model it was but it looked hella crazy with stuff poking out of it!!!     Holy shit, also the 3 boxes I sent to Snoogz was around 120 lbs!!!     Holee shat! SOA was crazy! One more episode left!!!
Dog  [[SPOILER]] Holy shit! You are Asian, too?! 
Don't you mean the other way around? I'm taking a break from Arrow on season 2, episode 16. I should really pick it back up again. 
Shit, the latest episode of The Flash x The Arrow cross over totally had a major spoiler!!! A spoiler warning would have been nice!!! 
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