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Thrift stores. 
That is Pooh? 
M0ar deetz, man! Looks good but we need deetz! Damn, well, I hope that 666 fit will squish his balls! That'll show him to thrift something that should have been thrifted by me!!! Bro, I'm actually really wanting to cop a pair of Oni Secret Denim, 20 oz. Any experiences with those?
Spoo and Gmmcl should be able to.
Just finished season 2 of HOC. I know it's total bullshit but I'm dying to see what happens next. For now, The killing it is. @Snoogz, what can I say? I'm always late to the party. 
The Killing is pretty cool but it's too damn slow for my taste. With that said, I'll still finish it. HOC moves pretty damn quickly. The women all are fast and some of the plot twists come at you at a million miles per hour. 
Yes, mother, I won't skip my bench press or military press anymore besides I've never said I've stopped doing those all together. lolz Well, I've been doing bench and press just not as heavy as I used to do them. I think I should still be able to hit 265 on bench but don't feel like doing it anytime soon. Anyhow, I'll rest tomorrow and be back to schedule the next day. Have fun on your vaca. It looks like you need it.  Lol, are you doing the Stronglifts 5x5? I've been...
Well, I've gotten stronger on my squats and DLs but bench, military press, and maybe even back have decreased. I've actually lost my 44 inch chest. I'm back down to a 43. I cut from 182 to 168. That's pretty funny because I've been eating more junk food and drinking more beer.  I don't really care though as long I'm improving on my posterior chain, I'm happy. I should be able to pull 385 this week but no more 1RM until I can pull 350 1x5. I'm both excited and nervous....
S2E11 House of Cards, WTF did I just watch?! @noob you were right, bro. I should have watched The Killing season 4 instead...
Was feeling tired so skipped on squats and press. Pulled a PR thou. 315 x 5 x 5 x 4 x 3 x 3 x 1. As a reward for the PR, did 5 sets of 10 pull ups.    Now, I have something to show for. 
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