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[[SPOILER]] Pretty sure that PRL is a SC especially with that throat latch. If it's an orphan, it's very sportcoatable. 
Well, in that case she gets a pass. But just one.
[[SPOILER]] Tweedy!!!Ohhhhhhhhh fuck that!!!!!!!!!! It would have been hard for me to not go full on hood on her ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's why when I find stuff I think were miss priced, I keep my mouth shut and camp at that store!
[[SPOILER]] Brown's beach? How's the new job?
Fuck yeah! I'll drink to that, bro! 
Wow! Camp on that shit! I know Snoogz recently sold a Poole orphan for around $150. But striped are a bit harder to move. I'm still trying to reunite all of my Poole orphans...
Holy shit! Suits or orphan?   [[SPOILER]] That was made for you, bro. Replace sperm with ejaculate and you are good, bro. 
I think it all started when we had that cold attack in October and November. We would take hot showers and not open up the windows to let air flow so that increased the humidity. What I did was brush off all the contaminated stuff. Everything that was not wool, I soaked them in vinegar and hot water before washing them with Woolite Black then hung dry on a rack. My wife used an anti mold cleaner to spread down the infested closet and placed a fan outside of it to dry it...
So, I found some of my clothes have mold on them when I was going through my clothes tonight...Fuck...What do I do to get rid of the mold? I plan on brushing them in sunlight and let them out in the sun. How do I prevent mold from growing on them? Also, does that mean my closet is contaminated and I have to clean it out before I can place clothes back in it? Fuck, ain't this a fucking bitch?!
Sorry bro, going to my homie, @Thrift Vader I have a cotton moto jacket from their Steve McQueen International line. That thing is baller but not waxed and really soft. Now, back to sipping on some Bourbon with Rock Star.
New Posts  All Forums: