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Bro, it's not shit but just not all that expensive or grail level. I guess it would be finding a local Neapolitan suit vs. Kittens or *insert other big names or finding a work horse Honda Civic where everyone else on the thread is looking for Ferraris. 
Iron and cooper! lol I just try to type lyke thiz like I were a 14 year old girl or a interwebz gangstah. It's actually quite sad and embarrassing...    
Yeah, those are the 40's donut laurel leaf buttons that are synonyms with heritage workwear. True to the era. 
Lolz thanks breh! Did you see theze?! SG2105 mud dyed weft, gold selvedge, iron make rivets with cooper female! SAWEEEEEEET!
Not just that but he knows the thread count and the model of the needles PLUS the shuttle looms' year, model, weight, and the operators' bust size, waist line, hips size, and shoe size. Bromagic
Did I really?! I did a checkaflip and sold prices weren't that great. No meat left on bones.
#brehdeetzzz@Nataku @Fueco and Company. So, outdoor, vintage heads/bros! did I fuck up passing on this guy? They wanted $20! WTF!!!    I'm thinking 50's? 40's?Dude, where the hell has @noob gone? I miss my honorary azn brotha! 
Breh, it's like Kickstarter + hipster/yuppy denim gurus = affordable jawnz with decent quality which bring down the prices of jawnz in general. BUT grails be grails! 
Brave Star is kinda of like a thing. They did a Kickstarter like last year maybe around when Gustin did theirs. That jacket goes for like $80 or so when they were selling it. I guess you can flip it for a few dollars but it's really just good for self wear. I've never handled their wares before but I can't image the quality is better than Gustin or Lawless Denim. I think they mostly use Cone denim. You should be able to do a nice trade with bros on here who is looking for...
For me, I take ART for what it is. I don't claim to understand it nor do I claim what the system claim is science or anything remotely close to it. All I know is I've been having lower back pains since July. After 2 to 3 sessions of ART, I've been pain free and have been doing sumo deadlift for the last 2 weeks. I was able to pull 235x5 without pain. I'm hoping to continue with ART and pulling sumo to when, one day, I'll be strong enough to pull 405x5. 
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