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Bon Voyage! Have a safe trip! When are you are back in the Bay, hit me up! Alright! One more down! Who's next?!  This is a badass pop!
This I've been dialing down the deads with only 2 plates getting that perfect form down. 
Fuck!At the same time?
I would kop for myself if my size. I know they are popular in Japan. Bro, you are now my new internet besty!!! PM incoming! OH snap! Double underhook outside trip! When? If you are going when we are going, let's hang out! Fucking epic!
Been doing light weight squats and deads. Been on that low intensity high volume training. Shit, I sweat like a pig every session. 
Sorry, spoo, don't know these but saw these.http://global.rakuten.com/en/store/kind-u/item/572215002540/Not sure if a thing but prolly not...But more deetz is needed! Got tags?
  He'b doin hipster shit'n shit.  Wait, no splits, no count.
Freak'n love the clean lines!!!!! This is my pick! I can ever pull off this look but you sir are pulling it off wonderfully. 
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