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So, last week I was talking to @Jompso about thrift related stuff and he told me he has a ton of shirts he need to unload. So, I jokingly said to him if I could thrift his shirt racks?!  He then sent me a box full of goodies today. I like how each piece was nicely wrapped in plastic bags.   BoO, Brioni, CDG Shirt  AND  OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was super jelly and drooling over these showroom selvedge when he showed me these last...
Opps, what I mean to say was "I'm gonna TALK to people." 
lolz, nah, bro.   It was this     and not this.
when you say found you don't mean kopped, right?  The weirdest thing I found was a Japanese mandoline made of entirely wood plus the blade. It was so organic looking. Got the instructions and in package, too.  Damn, that's a come up!!! I think I'm gonna stalk people. So, does that mean those are extra small to a medium? That's a sick fit. I approve!  RIP, Mr. Bowie...Just a few months ago, I was singing your songs in Japan. 
Hahahaha i know where you from has a butt load of homeless and people who have mental health. I hear they frequent thrift stores.
If i were to win the lotto, i think I'll quit doing real thrifting and hit up consignment and resell stores all day for racks of grails instead of grinding for 2 to 3 items in each store.
Holy fuck! Do you thrfit in Silverware's hood?! Silk
That tag looks real. 
Dafaq?! With my speed thrifting, I would have prolly pass on that. Ugly as fuck, too.   [[SPOILER]] I've picked up a limited edition P&S shirt for around $10 before. 
Many brands make their stuff in Tunisia. But that tag looks a bit off. You got more deetz of the labels? Nice shoes. What are they?
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