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IH-301S? Idk, man...I fucking love denim but top and bottom that are similar in shades of indigo looks tacky to me. I koped a pair of SDA D1613 so I won't have to look tacky. Those are fucking shadow! I hate black x black jeans even the white weft is a bit dark but these are almost grey like. Gonna do a fit with those combo!  I think I'm gonna rock some chinos with my IHSH-33 and the Bronson type 1 when we mob Japan! Also, I think I've found my staple brand: Bronson, Sauce...
Not thrifted but koped on discount and badass as hell for the price I paid!   Bronson type 1 selvedge raw denim jacket made with Pakistan Nishat cotton.   Sanforized so I did an initial soak to the get shrinkage out.    Wearing it like a bawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwse!!!     I love the single chest pocket with rivets, double pleated placket with box stitch, and the badass cinch back! I usually don't like denim jackets as they look tacky but I fucking love this type 1!!! 
LOlz, that's the worst TF fake I've ever seen. Get your money back, bro. How much was he selling it for? 
[[SPOILER]] Really?! You guys are sooooooooooooooooooo spoiled! I would have picked that up for $5!!!
Were you invited or did you invite yourself in?  If the latter, did you go through his closet to see what he wore?
Fuck! You boys are my heros!!!
Bro, we've been meaning to get a set for our wedding but cheaped out in the end with some sur la table...   
On that ugly Dunhill, there's a sticker which says, "Pass" in Chinese...The last time I checked, Dunhill didn't make their stuff with Chinese stickers... Will it be creepy of me to say brodeetz!!!? 
YES! Glad you picked it up! 
Been eyeballing for a wax cotton forever!
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