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Guys, what are some of your routines for strong abs? My buddy just told me to ditch the bicycles for weighted side bends and leg lifts. 
Yeah, but the trade off is you are paying 600k plus for a 1,000 square feet house... 
 Capital E was introduced to be a luxury line that didn't last that long. It has long been discontinued. LVC then became the big seller. I'm not a big fan of the line but they are pretty decent quality. Bro, that Bedwin is a fucking win fursure!!! Also, this is def. a thread first!!!!!!!!! Super fucking rare!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good shit! Again, big ups for the BAPE!!! 
Bout to thrift a car tomorrow.     Hint: V8  
I think the general rule is eat a small meal every 3 hours. I eat about 5 to 6 times a day. I think from 2-7, that's 5 hours without any food is too long if you are lifting. I haven't done protein powder in years so I don't remember just a shake will keep my hunger in check. I prefer solid food. After my work out, I usually eat a 1 cup to 2 cups of non-fat Greek yogurt with some egg whites depending on how much time I have. But it's a pretty quick snack which will hold me...
Good for you, bro! I'll be going back to China to visit my family. My wife isn't coming this time. She's saving up for our Japan trip next year, too.  Got my Barbour x Super Dave jacket!!! E-coped for 66% off the retail price. Please excuse the super casual fit. I just got done lifting in the garage. I think my half dried sweat ruined the jacket lining...OH well! I was hoping this won't fit me like a tent as it's a L. I did some reading and found out this is a slim fit!...
Are you not going with her? Is she Viet?
Da ass.
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