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WTF! I died after answering one question!? This http://cinemassacre.com/2007/08/22/atari-porn/
Not sure if any of you guys play this phone game called Fantasica but we've been on that shit for almost 2 years now. Anyhow, if you were to log in for 10 days in a row in September, you'll get a 70% chance to get a super rare/powerful card/unit. My fucking luck has it that I fell into the 30%...FML!!!    Now, I'm binge eating to numb the pain/disappointment...
Not sure if you are aware but they had Shenmue online! The game series was suppose to be a trilogy but the game got too ambitious for its own good and didn't do well as Yu Suzuki has projected. So only 2 games came out. Shenmue didn't sell well enough to get a translated sequel on the North American Dreamcast. I had to get the Pal version to play the sequel. We finally saw the release of it on the Xbox. Suzuki actually said he would like to release Shenmue 3 in the future!...
SOA season 7!
I still gotz me one of those from dayssssssssssssssssss ago! It's sitting in my closet in the original box as we speak! Don't for get the Shenmu series!!! That shit was the illest!!! That's a very interesting find! I've seen a few of their stuff when I was in Japan. They are not affiliated with Comme Des Garcons. 38R has thrifted a few pieces that were pretty standard. CCDM is pretty much a boutique brand that makes decent pieces for grown ups. Comme Ca Ism, its other line...
Well, I often wake up with a stiff back. I usually stretch it out. I guess I didn't do enough stretching before and after squats? This doesn't happen to me very often. The last time it did was like 3 years ago...It's a constant reminder I should take ever precaution to prevent back injuries.
Not sure but woke up with a stiff back. Did some low bar squats. Skipped the DLs. Drove to work. Got out of car and my back was like, "Fuck you. I'm out! Peace!" Rested for 3, 4 days. First 2 days with ice. Been using a heat pad. Should heal up within a few days. Squats and deadlifs, here I come!
Back been healing up nicely after 3 days of rest. Been doing some Romanian Deads. No pain.
Looks legit.
True but you know the original owner could have hemed it without chain stitching, right? That's not the best indication of authenticity. To me, the hem jobs was done pretty sloppy. You have to use other cues. How long is the inseam? If anything less than 34" 35" or so means it's been hemed. 
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