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[[SPOILER]] WTF!!!??? True thrift?! Bro, just saw your IG. You've been holding out on us...
Wow! Would not wear but these are pretty cool! Troika introduced me to some of his work. I think someone on here posted some. I like his Simpsons work.
Did you see someone carried it off or something? So, turned out my errands are taking longer than i have expected... no 28 stores today... maybe 8 if I'm fast...
Synergy! I popped on the very same tie last night!
+1 on hand washing. I wash my shirts when I'm showering. I'll soak them in "the method" and rinse them with me in the shower then hang dry them. Works like a charm!
[[SPOILER]] On a somewhat related note, Warehouse has a sweet line called "U.S. Naval Academy". Must kopp if come across in store and send to me!
Also, should i pick these up for 20?
Thanks, bro. My shearling game is weak. I mean it's vintage Macy's. The fur feels pretty smooth. I wasn't sure because the texture was a bit too consistent.
Bros, is this shearling?
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