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Here are some of the items I passed. 4 mason's
Soooooo, went out today. Had a decent haul. Sorry. Posting on my phone. Can't spoiler. Too lazy for brodeetz so opt for label porn. All from thrift shops. No resell shops.
Sure why not
Fack! Who donates grails like this?! Where do you thrift? PM me! Your size?! My size?! 
I've always had good experiences with Chipp. Picked up a 100% cashmere sweater. Well, the wife did. lol She's busy so I'm bragging for her just with no pics... I usually leave old Canali Milano behind unless they have some modern styling but their shoulder pads are usually pretty bad. Holy shit, bro! You've poped on a grail!!!!!!!!!!!! Thread's first!!! They've been around for a minute and do fashion forward/technology/utility outer wear its designer, Setsumasa Kobayashi...
Did no one read my post like a few posts ago?! 
waitwat? did you just refer yourself as Bruce Lee?  
and singing random ass karaoke to him or on the voice mail! 
[[SPOILER]] Bro, let's have a picnic there! Fuck yeah! Love the long jacket! I want one!
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