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Military issued? Did you do a complete listing on Korea War era G-1?
Lol, naw bro. I koped a Fantastic Four/Iron Man/Marvel comics fabric and my wife made a pocket square for me! I've never used it so its just folded behind my laptop. 
Yes, CB.
One item. One stop. Yesterday. Usually don't pick up GA but this one is 100 cashmere. Should bring a Benji. Women's tho. ..this guy was screaming for me to grab. It was just sitting on the rack casually.
Thanks, bro! Well, I went to a shop that's frequent by the local flippers. But I was in the area so I dropped in anyways. Went through the entire store didn't find shit! I was so pissed but I checked a place I don't normally check and I don't think the local flippers check it either. BAM! I was like 
Forget the main house. I just want that little cottage in the back!
Bro, did you start consigning? @capnwes
Maybe having rough thumbs will give you a different sensation?
Bros, I don't know if y'all feel me but whenever I see something sick posted on the thread and it looks like it might be my size, I'm like, "Damn, that's sick but I think I'll find something like this or better when I'm in Japan." Please tell me this is normal thinking...
Look at you, bro! All skinny and shit! 
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