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Bro, college is over? Hit her up!Looks like it could be samurai jeans. Need more deetz to confirm.
Take notes, boys! Better put a rock on that! Wait, why do you thrift, again?
Did someone say MOMO?! brodeetz!
Shoe porn, bro! Wait, why?!!!
Make sense! Thanks! But I have a looooooooooooooooooooooooong way to go since I barely restarted on deadlifting...OH well, this is going to be a life long goal. 
That's not bad, actually. But I would have listed it at 1k. I'm not that greedy so OBO would have taken 800 for it.
I've only thrifted in LA once. The true thrift stores have crazy competition even the mid aged barely can speak English Hispanic women all know what Etro is... Once, I arrived at a GW late. The whole damn place was picked clean except for a moth chewed up Etro SC that was dangling by its last breath. It was such a sad sight...But it was triple patched though. But the resell shops usually have cool stuff.  [[SPOILER]] This is a fucking awesome jawnz haul!!! Actually, mind...
I never listen to music during lifting. I need my concentration. I watch the interwebz when resting between sets though.  Bro, hit that 4 plates! My goal on sumo pull is 4 plates for 5 reps. Also, bro, you think too much. 
I vote for 60's.  Fuck yeah! Didn't spoiloer for badassness!!!
I've missed out on their selvedge chinos and heavy weight chinos. I kinda don't want to wait for them to come back just so I can wait a few more months for them...So, I backed a pair of The Quarter Century Pants on kickstarter. Hopefully, those were be on par with Gustin's quality, well, from last year.
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