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1 store today. All N/A pop! wool blend chore coat for a buddy to cheer him up. You know who you are, bro.
Bruh, sorry to say but these are wuglay! FUCK! One stop?! You sure?!
Why you trolling us, bro?!
How many are lurkers, I wonder? 
Its alllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll part of the sales pitch. 
[[SPOILER]] Bro, wassup with them jawnz...
Bros! True Detective season 2 just started! 
The sideways splits have been progressing, too. I'm almost there! I've been adding those to my stretching routines to stretch out my adductors for sumo. I heard the split is the best stretch for those.
Today, bench PR 305x1! It was a grind to get up but did 295x1 really easy so fuck it, add 10 lbs. to the bar and BAM! 15 lbs. to catch up to my old PR.  
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