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No! But you can send them to me. I'll wear them!
  Sir, haven't you heard the devil is in the details?
 Wait, what?! Pics?! Or it didn't happen!!!
Happy SF Bday! SF Bday > your kid's Bday!
I guess that's kinda funny?
The PRL looks to be from the 70's. Made in USA? The Wesc denim are made in China, yes? Joe's are ok for resell but sucks for self wear unless you just don't give a damn about the denim you wear. lol Edwin selvedge is a good cop and they are my size!!!!!!!!!!!!!   PM inbound! Belvest is a good cop although I don't always cop the...
Hmmm, those are too tight for my taste. Have you tried the straights yet? I would do a 34 straight or even a 33 straight.  +1 I might just do that if my Heavy Americans will fade faster.
Lol, I'm thinking about wearing that to the up coming SF meet in SF so I'll steal some pics from Gus and post it afterwards. Holy shit, WEs!
OMG, guys! I love my new LVC wool coat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
+2 It might have been the camera angle but I too though it looked too big... 
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