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Lol, Yerrrrrr, the pilot wasn't all that great but I have a soft spot for super hero shows...Gotham is...IDK...without Batman, it just seems a drag...I'm almost done with Arrow season 1 though! Man, that shit just keeps dragging on. BUT, I mostly watch for the hot chicks. God, I have the biggest crush on Helena!
Shit, bro! Deetzbro! A weeding?! Tell me more!!!! Bro, you sure clean up nicely!  Eazy, tiger!!! Sosick!!!!
lol totes, bro! Can't wait for me back to get to 100% so I can deadlift and squat!
HOLY SHIT! Homeland season 4!!!
Awesome! Congrats, bro! Not to say I have a big bench (currently 275) but compared to my squat and deadlift numbers, I feel I should be able to pull and squat more...I guess I've spent too much time on benching and not enough on pulls and squats...
Super Dry tries so hard to be Japanese Swnd. It's soooooo sad to watch them fail. Please leave those from now on.  [[SPOILER]]
All thrift pieces = big win! Having a lovely family = bigger win!!! 
 Holy shit! You are still around, bro? 
It was $20 and I tip him $10. He does a really nice job. The first I got a hair cut from him, he took an hour to cut it to make sure every detail was right. 
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