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Bro, please cop some more swag and brodeetz!!! We should hang out soon! Oh I forgot, saw these and was like  Look at them tiez!!! 
Oh, forgot to say I started the day off with a proxy from @Thrift Vader.   I've been looking for these for over a year now!!! Grail acquired! It came with a hanky!  Will rock as a PS.   Of course, every package came with a bonus!   
Bros, brahs, bruhs, soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, today I went to Carmel By The Sea to hang out with my boy @Snoogz and Mrs. Snoogz. I brought my mom, wife and our doghter. So, I was able to save some postage $ by bringing Snoogz some swag and some not so steez to consign. We had lunch and went to Khaki's to kill some time. Shit, I've seen some shit!!! As expected, the store was full of goods that would require us to change our underpants. Then Snoogz was like,...
We've only gone into contract for one house and that was the house we ended up buying. But we've put in quite a few offers. Bro, IMO, 6-7 houses are nearly not enough for you to make a decision. But I've read the inventory is quite low for the past few seasons. So, there are far less choices out there. I was going through all the fliers after going to contract, I had to throw out a few fat stacks of them. We went with 4 agents and looked at least 100 houses within a 2 year...
Yeah, I used to be pretty bad, too. I mellowed out a lot after I turned 30. Hitting the heavy bag really really really helped. Lifting helped a lot, too. 
Hmmm, just thinking about making a deadlift platform with 2 pieces of 4x6 plywood and putting those horse stall mats on top. Been thinking about putting the lat pull down pulleys on the cage. After all that, the setup would be complete. I'm starting 5/3/1 routine just on my deadlift. I think the bench and squat lacks volume just once a week. But the program is suppose to put 100 lbs on the dl in a year for an intermediate lifter. I've been benching twice a week and I'm...
Felt great hitting 285 on bench with my shiny new bumpers!  
Almost done with the home gym!      
brodeetz!!! Well, this was Tibet but close enough...    [[SPOILER]] O.M.G!!!Swagmannor!
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