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80's kids! Look what I've found today while searching on the google!!!   http://kissanime.com/Anime/Transformers-Headmasters/Episode-001?id=31204
All those articulations!!!
Yeah...the buttons are on the other side...Yeah...
I saw that same rag & bone cardigan NWT at a discount store. Too much to cop but if it's on clearance I would cop at least 2! Good stuff!
+1 When you put on the jacket the gorge might not be as low as you think.
 I always pick up PS depending on price and condition though. Pfftt, I used to shred that jam on my acoustic and do all the vocals without a drummer! Beat that, expert mode!!!
I was...Or I should say I still am... My excuse is it's winter so I need to put on some weight and be ready for the [[SPOILER]] I think having the extra fat will last me at least a few more weeks...
Yeah, from where I'm looking the stitching doesn't look very quality especially the chain-stitching looks a bit off. But still a very cool find!  Holy crap!!!   
Never seen Brit selvedge in real life. Made in China? Was this a thrift store find or a discount store find? Pretty cool item though.
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