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Wow, as in postdoctoral? Impressive. Deetz?
They are up to par...I won't be jumping out of my pants if I pulled one. I prefer limited and not mass produced pieces. What is it?
+1 There were shit tons of J. Press stores when we went to Japan.
That's a great first post. Visvim are rare as they come. Contrary to popular beliefs, not everyone who posts on here is a flipper. I don't flip so I won't know its sold value. But other members on here do consign. @Brianpore @Nataku @SpooPoker @Snoogz   http://www.ebay.com/sch/Mens-Clothing-/1059/i.html?_from=R40&_nkw=visvim Here's a good place to start. 
 Is this your first post?! Look at the retail price tag. That's how much it's worth. 
[[SPOILER]] Yeah, sorry bro, this is a fake. All Neighborhood pieces are made in Japan. Their sizing are usually the standard Japanese numbered typically "1" through "4". They should at least have Neighborhood CO., LTD. on the tag. Check out the tags from my field jacket. A real piece would at least have one of these tags on it. Just like other high end makes, Neighborhood release their pieces in limited quantity and are not mass produced so they are all tagged...
That looks sick!! SWEET Find, bro!!!!! Neighborhood started in the mid 90's in Harajuku by Shinsuke Takizawa who wanted to make high quality clothes for his biker buddies and crowd. He eventually got over that hype and started making clothes for regular folks who don't bike but wanted to look badass. Most of his stuff is biker/military culture inspired. Thus, they are very well made and tough as nails. You can tell the brand takes pride in itself by the quality and...
Dafaq!!!!!??????/   @SpooPoker, does your daughter know about this?!   http://www.thewire.com/culture/2014/08/what-mrow-hello-kitty-is-not-a-cat/379252/
Yes! Thanks man! I remember when I was visiting him in LA a few years back, he told me he and some locally well known fashion designer were launching a line. I just remembered that waking up from a nap. 
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