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The sideways splits have been progressing, too. I'm almost there! I've been adding those to my stretching routines to stretch out my adductors for sumo. I heard the split is the best stretch for those.
Today, bench PR 305x1! It was a grind to get up but did 295x1 really easy so fuck it, add 10 lbs. to the bar and BAM! 15 lbs. to catch up to my old PR.  
  1:11:30 had me rolling of the floor shitingmypants from laughing so hard!!!     1:30:00 OMG!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAA!!!
Bros, this has nothing to do with thrifting but I just want to share that I've found a pretty sweet one man operation for leather goods from New York. His name is Brandon White. His brand is called BWeiss.  Check out his stuff! I bought a belt from him and so did my coworker.  Italian hardware. This was my co-worker's. The copper belt buckle took Brandon 3 hours hammering it into shape on an anvil. This is good old American labor. Check out his wares if you guys are...
That's a very beautiful looking pussy. All regal looking and shit.  I'm sorry to hear this, bro. I hope all goes well for the rest of your trip. I can't imagine what it must feels like knowing your pet is in poor health but can't be there for him/her. 
[[SPOILER]] Holy fuck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Military issued? Did you do a complete listing on Korea War era G-1?
Lol, naw bro. I koped a Fantastic Four/Iron Man/Marvel comics fabric and my wife made a pocket square for me! I've never used it so its just folded behind my laptop. 
Yes, CB.
One item. One stop. Yesterday. Usually don't pick up GA but this one is 100 cashmere. Should bring a Benji. Women's tho. ..this guy was screaming for me to grab. It was just sitting on the rack casually.
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