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I've seen his images. What's the story behind him? Is he a super Igent?  #brodeetz!!! Fuck, I just got over that phase for now... [[SPOILER]]
Wow, that's a long time. Did you suffer an injury?
Hmmm, I've been hearing people with rivets popping off of their Gustin. I've yet to experience that but I think having a pair or 2 of their stuff is always good for every day wear but I'm at the point where I'm going to upgrade to higher tier denimz. Dude, when we went to LA and hit up a few thrift stores this was the case 90% of the time! *FU face
Just bench PRed @ 255x4. The last rep was a grind though. 
I'm only 5'7", 170 and I'm finding it pretty difficult to find swag in my size at thrifts. Well, to be fair, I was 185 at the time but still...But at retail, all you need is to size up 1 or 2 for a better fit. 
Don't forget the crazy ass TV shows and weirded out pop culture!!! Also, fucking crazy night life!!! More like 5 more months...Maybe 6...Shit, must save up $ for trip and thrift fund!
Bro, you and me both, bro, you and me both, bro. 
Just the tip? 
Well, only if you are a dirty hippie. lolz where I live, cops don't give a shit anymore. Well, actually they don't even respond to break in progress anymore unless there's a gun involved...
So, I've been benching twice a week doing about 13 to 16 sets total per session with relative heavy weight working sets about 10 to 12 sets with 3 to 5 reps after warm ups. 3 days rest in between.   Anyone here who has a similar benching schedule? What are your experiences? What should my expectation with gainz? I've upped my triples from 225 lbs. to 255 lbs. in about three weeks.     @conceptionist
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