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You are looking at a pair of instacop. That thing is bad ass! I was drooling over a similar one that was sold on Union Made. 
Lol, the in laws have three chickens. They were raised by my wife when she lived with her parents. They've build an awesome cage. We will be getting two or three chickens sometimes soon.
No way dude, no car has more soul than this.   [[SPOILER]]
Wow! Synergy! We've drank a half bottle of the same Port! Yum! 20% alcohol by volume!
Oh yeah, speaking of lifting, I once had a skinny trainer at some gym told me I'm lifting wrong or some shit like that...I think I was doing flat bench and I wasn't letting the bar touch my chest or something like that...I was in my top shape at that time, 190 lbs. 13% body fat. I was like BRO!  
$5???!!!! Are they organic?  Please add bent over barbell rows to that list. You gotta have a strong upper back, too!  Hmmm, it's been awhile since I took an exercise physiology class but I've always though Cardio is more of a fat burning work out while anaerobic training, ie. weight training is a carb burning work out. BRB, gonna go do some skull crushers.  Is it wrong of me to say pics or it didn't happen?  
Wait...Even the Fit is crap? Ok price for self wear. eBay, you might get $50 to $80. Now, if this were a RRL...But I would have coped if this were my first barn coat.
+ 1,000! I think it's called being a king of consignment and a dad. A full time dog owner might aad 0.15 to the 2 jobs.   That Seamaster!!! I'm gonna thrift one in Japan in 2 months... [[SPOILER]] Cool car, bro. But more importantly, does it transform into some sort of Autobot with some shit name?I approve! That's style by my standards! Dude, you still have those? Wow...This inspires me to wear some holes into minez...
I think the p2p should be around a 42ish.
Alright, alright, I'll take it.
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