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Passed a Salvatore F. jacket today that didn't look like Lardini made it. Anyone knows what other Italian tailoring companies made for SF?! Thanks!   Not minez but a homie's passes from today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not at thrift prices though...I hope he won't mind me posting them on here...BUT STILL!!!!!!! Me wanty wanty!!!!    
We changed up the menu tonight. No chicken nor beef but wild caught salmon! Nom nom nom!!!  
Ahhhh sweet! Good job, dude!!!!!!!!!
OMg!!! I'm totes freak'n out about now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Dana Lee is super hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Brioni Hawaiian shirt???!!! Crazy! It says "Hong Kong Yacht Club" in Chinese on that LP polo, in case you are wondering.
Super duper awesome and rare find! Very cool!
Who the fuck does he think he is?  That's how mofos end up getting shot!  South bay, sir.  I see somebody has a new avatar!  LOLZ! But still cool pieces!!!
Deetzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!  Dude! That is a sick sick sick fit!!! Please teach me how to dress like youzzz!!!!Lucky bastard...  Fashion house, hip, and very minimalist. Popular with the young and hip crowd. Quality is mehhh. Think Versace Jeans Couture.I would totes rock this if I were a Buddhist.
 Did you cop? Yeah, TS has a MTM program that uses Southwick. I wonder if the quality is any different. Can I haz the candles? tub, next time you are in the city, hit me up. I'm only an hour away.
Lol, me, too, budyy, me, too...But I still use the internet for pornz.
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