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X post from the thrift thread.
Iron heart Post oalls Stdio d Warehouse Almost paid retail for a dope haver sack chambrey today...no xl...almost paid retail for a ted company chambrey too...no xl...
This is what my newly thrifted fullcount jeans will look like after 7 years of wear.
So this is what my new friend gave me for a nice to meet you present. Houston inc. Faux Fur lined repo naval deck jacket! !!! My favorite jacket ever!!!
More like nobody spending time buying used clothes and brag about it on a forum is cool.
Hows this for opening up a can of worms? SF sucks! But some of the people on here is cool.
Dudes,seriously, Im in love my with tweedy CDG especially they have the triple patch pockets!
 Fosho! That shit was super rare!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was like how the hell no one cop this and saved it for me?! Score!!!!!!1Thanks bro! Not everything was thrift prices but 80% of what I coped were discounted heavily. For instance, that Post Oalls chorecoat with the beautiful throat latch was like  $30. The wife coped 7 beautiful silk kimonos for like $5 a piece.
G1 original 1986 first issued Predaking! One of the rarest combiner ever made! Suck it bitches!!!!!!!!
Thanks brah!
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