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Hey boys, meet Panko.   100% free=thrifted. The local SPCA was giving kittens and cats away.  
HAHAHAHA!!!   BTW, I e-coped a sick tiger stripe camo work cap by Cut Rate so you won't have to stare at that crusty one I've been wearing since college. It's still not Troika approved but whatevs.   Sweet cop, bro!
HAhahahahahaha! I started using Platform Helper to track my bar path on DLs. Who else uses the app?
  It looks like the Ransom Holdings Co. label. They are a Canadian company that makes shoes. I've never seen their jeans before so I don't know too much about them. Sometimes, I see made in the EU, I automatically thinks it's made in Canada.   IDK shit about bikes but all I know is that thing looks badass!That is sooooooooo sick!
 Sweet find! Hella yeah, Cop! You get get that laces replaced. 
Glen Plaid. Forgot that Zegna made for them.  That's a sweet cop!
 Noice!!! My goal is to hit 500 within 2 years.Wow! That's so fucking insane! What were you sniffing before the sets?  Sorry to hear that. I hope you will recover soon. 
That's a good look! Can we get the full pic? Fuck yeah!!!
Wait what...
You lift so fancy!
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