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  [[SPOILER]] Bro, because you blocked out the face...So what number on a scale of hotness does she lands on?
Hey guys, did any of you received tacking for your August Heavy Weight? Have the orders been shipped out or are they delayed? 
PM me uncensored pics plz.
Well, when I started learning deadlift I would literally watch hours of instructional video on the conventional pull and I would pause and play them in slow motion really trying to get the technique down. After a few months of practicing, I got pretty comfortable with the form using moderate weight. But when it comes to sumo pull, I just said fuck it. I'll just do what I think it's right and then I pulled my back literally on the third session...FML! I just don't like the...
Dr. Conceptionist, thanks for your input! I don't mind starting over after my back heals. I've actually re-injured it a few times due to being impatient from doing pause deadlift when it wasn't at 100% yet...FML...I think when I was pulling sumo, my legs and gluts were fatigued from doing squats that I used more of my back to pull. That's when I pulled my back. I don't know how you guys feel but I feel I don't have as much of a strong stance in sumo than in conventional....
Really? Experiences tell me with this kind of injury, it usually heals within 2 to 3 weeks. When I pulled my left pec, it took me about 3 weeks to heal. After that, I was barely benching 205 lbs. I'll give it an extra week just for good measures. I hate sprinting more than I hate jogging. lol I just love the feeling of adding load to my legs! Well, I have a min vacation coming up. I'm gonna try to do some light pulls when visiting different gyms. 
So I've decided to take a month from doing squats and deadlift in order to make sure I've healed my back 100%. But I got to do something for my hammies and quads. So I attached my leg extension/curl attachment and started doing seated leg extension and lying down leg curls. But then I remembered someone on here saying lying down leg curls can put pressure on the lower back. So after jimmying with the attachment, I figured out how to do leg curls while standing. To further...
WTF!!! Brodeetz up the ass/to the max!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Are they raw?! If they are, you've just wontheinterwebz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
@hooker4186 add The Legend of Kora to your TV shows list.
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