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Wait, i thought he was in the mid west. He's in the bay area?
Fuck, I wish I were doing backroom deals all day with owners and not middle management and banging the owners' hot daughters all night. 
Bro, I know what you mean. Competition is fierce out there! Members like Nataku and Sngooz have hit LA before and they've told me there's a method to this game. You can't just expect to hit every store and score big because little, fat Hispanic ladies to the tall, lanky hipsters are all your competition! I got a few tips from members and I have gotten some cool stuff but there are stores I went to at a certain time, were all picked clean like, if you don't get there when...
Fuck it! Do it! Bro, I'm serious when I say this. You don't need to prove anything to anyone more than what you've already proved by posting your grails consistently. I wish I could thrift 1/4 of what you pull in on a constant basis. Ok, I guess I'm done stroking...The ego and not the cock. Been checking out your tumblr...F.U.C.K.
Bro, you got mad respect for the epic grailz you've been pulling. I've told another member on here that sometimes, it's just easier to scroll pass all the text and thumb the grailz. Your blood pressure will thank you for it. Anywayz, might stop by LA, soonish...Let's go tear it up in this bitch! Mad shout outs to my boy @Snoogz for another great month! If it weren't for him, I would have been up to my eye balls in kopps! 
Bro, take care of your health. No amount of money or thrifted swag is worth at the cost of your health. Do 30 min. Of cardio everyday. Your cholesterol level should drop in no time. Oh yeah, stop getting into heated sf keyboard wars, that helps, too. Lolz
Dafaq? Does that say size 5?
BRO, are those jeans kamakazi attack!? Couldn't tell from the glare.
WAT?! Brodeetz! Were there condition issues?
MA Julius?
New Posts  All Forums: