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Bros, beware of the TF necklace that comes in different sizes but still cost the same.   http://www.tomford.com/large-penis-pendant-necklace/TFPND005D-GDC.html
   Fuck! #brodeetz!!! BRODEETZ!!! This is a fucking badasssssssss find!!!
All of the tags and details of the construction.
That shirt is dope!!! Wait, you ok thtrifting with your post surgery foot? 
Wait a minute, you spend about 150 (Dollars? Euros?) buying a Gucci shirt which you weren't sure about its authenticity? Why would you do that? Is there free return, at least? It looks real but without seeing all the details, I can't be sure. 
Holy shit! After 10 sets of benching including 3 sets of pause reps, I hit 225x7! 
2 seconds pause bench PR @ 225x5. This bench twice a week with shit tons of sets is working!
[[SPOILER]] For some reason, even the 60's true vintage type 3 don't get much love on fleabay.
Hmmm, I don't think I'll be needing more jeans...But, those are decent price. Guidos? Good for them!
Yip! They are suppose to have enough money to fund for future employees' retirements 70 years in the future. They are trying to bankrupt USPS so private shipping companies can take over. Dirty motherfuckerz.
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