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Koped a pair of Allen Edmonds clayton lizards. Been passing on these.
Lol you forgot the comma, spoo.
Sup, got 25 stores on list today. A bit ambitious. Started things off with And Prada pants. This was a good indication of things to come. Popped on edifice, dries van noten, neil barrett, reunited orphans, left some shit. Now taking a poop break peep'n the thread.
PreviewNot the first time pooping the poole.i might be able to squeeze in these lol
Yeah row tweed suit and scs but all had moth holes. Thinking about keeping some for my private collection
Just confirmed the owner was a banker. Not sure if i should post here
Holy shit someone died and the family donated his entire row tailored tweed. And some young dude got sick of his Japan shit and belgium shit
Cleaning this bitch out! My current dilama is should i leave behind damaged Henry poole. Might post later if I'm not feeling lazy.
[[SPOILER]] Synergy!
Haha, yeah, kind of. I remember a few years back it was kind of an unwritten rule that if you got something from a proxy but you decided to sell the piece, you would split the profit with your proxier. I've always thought that was silly. I mean i understand why you would do that but if i gift or proxy you something, it's yours to do whatever the hell you want with it. That's why back then, i prefer trades more than anything else.Bro, i read the most expensive pair of jeans...
New Posts  All Forums: