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YES! Glad you picked it up! 
Been eyeballing for a wax cotton forever!
[[SPOILER]] Daassdou...Oh wait, are we talking about the same Brandi? 
Thanks bro. Gonna sign up for a 10% coupon. 
Add here http://www.styleforum.net/t/320419/ufos-unidentified-fashion-objects-the-fake-phoney-and-just-plain-funny/200_100#post_7973357 Bros, is NWT Barbour Bedale in my size worth it at $190!? Been wanting a wax cotton FOREVER!!! 
lol I don't know about you guys but I feel awkward thrifitng another members' territory whom I know in real life and have hung out a few times without telling them or asking to meet up. Maybe I need to stop making friends on here so I can invade others' territory without feeling ashamed. 
That's a holy fuck level of thrifting! But wassup with that Borrelli jawnz?! brodeetz!!!
Been working on da splits. Almost there.  
[[SPOILER]] WTF?! These were from true thrift stores or resell shops?! That's incredible!I'm sorry for you loss, Wes. Hope your family heals soon. 
9.5 oz. Perfect for summer! 
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