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Ahhh shit! What a shitty way to ruin a nice Mackinaw!
I suspect it's a bit tad small?
 Sup brah, only if you are a skin head. lolz well, not really. But I would like some deetz, though! A whole year? Damn, even in the summer? That's hardcore, bro! Bro, I think I'm gonna chill on jawnz copping until I actually wear a few pairs to the ground, brah, brah.
Really? I would think 22 oz. jeans would last you for another 23 years or something. 
Dammit! I was hoping you would say no to talk me out of it...That'll be like 11th pair or something...
Talon 42. Prolly vintage Levi's or something vintage. Or Lee 101Z. 
Motherfacker!!! Well, I hope he gets balls rash from those. I'm actually looking at a NWT pair for 2 bills...Should I pull the trigger? They sizing is hella weird. I fit their 30 even when I'm a 32 ish.
Thrift stores. 
That is Pooh? 
M0ar deetz, man! Looks good but we need deetz! Damn, well, I hope that 666 fit will squish his balls! That'll show him to thrift something that should have been thrifted by me!!! Bro, I'm actually really wanting to cop a pair of Oni Secret Denim, 20 oz. Any experiences with those?
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