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Gloverall use to do pretty well on the bay but recently, not too great but if you were to wait, you might get a decent price. How much was it? I would totes kop if cheap and I'll just rip that tag off.  Ibex is a pick up? I've been passing.  
NOt an expert but if it were real, I would leave P&S, made in China. The collar tag looks legit. I've some fucked up looking fakes.  Wow, that is so you! Ah fuck, now they know, they will start pricing Brionis at those prices....  [[SPOILER]] Wait, why did you leave the Gloverall? 
15 stores today. Someone had been raiding my hood! Felt like first 10 stores, nothing! Then Then found 10 Paul Stuart tailoring pieces including 2 isaia Stuart's choice. Koped 6. Left the orphans. Good things happen to those who wait and goes to every fucking spots.
I really hate these stores. I went to a few and never went back since. 
I don't think he's in debt that much. I mean, is it a coincidence not long after his new album dropped, he tweets this? He's known for generating publicity from bullshit. I call this bullshit. I would call that half Norfolk.   [[SPOILER]]
 This is so money!
Lol, I usually just tell people I'm getting stuff for friends. If they ask more I usually tell them my friends and I buy stuff in our sizes and trade which is true. 
Holy fuck! I yelled when i saw this! ISAIA? NEED DEETZ!  You know art? What is this?Big shout out to my boy, @takai for an excellent trade!   [[SPOILER]]   Love this vintage Hanes! Tenderfuckingloin!!!
Why do you say it's fake? I mean, I'm not an expert on the colab but it isn't all that great imo. Got deetz to make sure?   [[SPOILER]] Jesus! My jaws literally drop a few inches. 
Almost koped this if it weren't for being an orphan...  
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