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Faq no, homie! 
Hey guys, anyone has a decent shaped Barbour quilted jacket that's styled similar to the liddesdale laying around? Looking for 45ish chest, 24ish sleeves, 18ish shoulders, and 30ish length. Thanks! I got stuff to trade, too!  
Yeah, WESC sucks, too. 
[[SPOILER]] Oh shit! The Green Gourd of "The Gourd Brothers" for your avatar! I haven't seen that cartoon in forever! Sick! 
Saw these today and was like dafaq?! Looks cheap and couldn't find the country of origin.   
 Bro, do you always not lock out at the top with hips drive? Try hips drive next time.
Bro, pretty much what Troika said but i prefer jeans that are a bit on the heavier side. Also, i prefer Japanese denim over cone because they tend to be rope dyed (not sure these were) and fade better and just because I'm partial to the land of the rising Sun. Oh yeah, they are cheaper, too. Why not get both? They are both affordable.Fuck! That looks sick!
Y'all seen thiz?   http://www.theroot.com/blogs/the_grapevine/2015/02/kanye_west_s_nyfw_was_a_hot_mess_of_tattered_clothing.html
I've read that Blue Gem was a copying Blue Bell during the 30's or 40's. I've also read former Blue Bell employees started Blue Gem (maybe even in Greensboro, too) as a big "fuck you" to their former employees and selling them way cheaper. They've tend to use cheaper fabric to make their jeans so they sell them cheaper to grab Blue Bell's market shares. Cone Mills bought out Blue Gem in the 50's, hence, the Cone label. The brand died in the 90's. By the vibrant colors I'd...
Bro, I hope it's something he ate that caused him to expel and the blood is only a hemorrhoid and not of something worse. I hope he heals quickly. 
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