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For Brian to wear or sell?  Yeah those Jack & Jones...Yerrrrrr... That is a beautiful jacket! I think hip folks have been wearing hemmed selvedge like capris pants during spring/summer.   Dude, lay the good news on us! It does say Steerhide. 
I'm an inspired power lifter. There are 2 reasons why I enjoy the idea of being strong but not look like it. 1) I'm kinda lazy...I don't want to spend 2 hours at the gym for 6 days a week. 2) I want to be strong but yet still wear my slim fitting suits/jacket/whatever, and since I've already built up a sizable wardrobe, I don't want to up sizes because I've gotten too big for them.  All that food for 2 people???!!!
[[SPOILER]] Wow! Sick haul! Super killer! But I'm not so sure about your choice of fit though...
Real ^^
That's shady. Put him on blast on here, bro. Real. I had two with the same tags.  1000% fake! Levi's are and were never made in Thailand. Also, those tags...Yeah, super fake! Also, the letters on the Levi's red tab are lopsided. The red Levi's tag on the rear is just...Wow, so poorly done. The bar tag is really shittyly done. Yeah, it's like they are not trying anymore. Need me to keep going? LOLZ For a few years, tons of fake vintage Levi's were coming out of Thailand and...
I've learned that members who stick around usually will make up for it down the road. 
How long has it been?
I've just read your signature. Classic! 
Thanks. I have been trying out different techniques and have found the one that conceptionist spoke of works best for me. 
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