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Damn, 45 plate weighted side bends and leg lifts got my abs rock solid and sore! Good stuff! DAmn, I'm making all sorts of noob gains. But, I've lost a bunch on my bench...
I drove it for the first time during night time and damn, I wanted to pressed the pedal to the metal down the high way...Had to ease back a bit, didn't want my fuel gauge to go down too quickly. 
 Thanks bro! Sorry but the 1986 Transformers the movie had both and then some!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Michael Bay ain't got nothing on the OG! 
I'm pretty sure Tom Cruise isn't his billed height at 5'9" either. I've just paid almost thrift price for a V8.  2000 Lexus GS400 sports package. Clean as my waxed butt cheeks!Cost me $55 to fill her up.   Shout outs to my boiii, @size 38R for hooking it up with them deetz and teaching me to do some home tests. 
Pretty sick action with a shitty story and even shittier linez! But, it was OK.  What?! No jawnzzzzzzzz!!! 
Guys, what are some of your routines for strong abs? My buddy just told me to ditch the bicycles for weighted side bends and leg lifts. 
Yeah, but the trade off is you are paying 600k plus for a 1,000 square feet house... 
 Capital E was introduced to be a luxury line that didn't last that long. It has long been discontinued. LVC then became the big seller. I'm not a big fan of the line but they are pretty decent quality. Bro, that Bedwin is a fucking win fursure!!! Also, this is def. a thread first!!!!!!!!! Super fucking rare!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good shit! Again, big ups for the BAPE!!! 
Bout to thrift a car tomorrow.     Hint: V8  
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