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Lol is it a party fail if i say i would go around the guy because that's what i do in real life.
Naw bro, tell him to get some naked and Famous in skinny guys. Hide.gifAugust burns red has some sick break downs, bro.Is that a Caruso tag on that arnys?
Sometimes, the post man, woman doesn't come to pick up my packages. I find it easier to drop them off.Lol found a few of these shirts. I was stoked to find pns but after closely looking at the tag i get the feeling someone was trolling me.
God, i love kapital goods!
United arrow is a thing. Good find!
Kapital has some cool business card. Rocking my favorite hat!
So, i got a catalog.Wit some cool pieces.Oh look! [[SPOILER]]
Koped the boro at roppongi blue hands. Koped the shirt at kapital legs down the street. Lol I also have met two new Facebook friends. Lol The goods came in a sweet bag.
Bros, guess where i went today!? Bros, guess what i koped!? Now to enjoy this. Deetz later.
So, here's a brag, not thrift related but went to neighborhood store near Harajuku. Didn't go here last time. Koped 2 cups. Made in usa. Pretty quality. Damn, nbhd does colab with everyone! Oh, popped on a bounty hunter item for free!!! Pics dump later. So, every store didn't allow pics of the goods unless you are Vader and i stomping at the stores in his hood. I understand that. I tried to take pics of the comme des Garçons sign on the wall when the lady stopped...
New Posts  All Forums: