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Oh Hans, I totally LOLED at your wife's quote about you looking arrogant! 
Sup bros! I've just fit 2 pairs of jeans, a basketball jersey, a bottle of vitamins, a post card, a ps3 video game, and a bunch of love and hugs into a small ass box to be sent off to 38R! Damn, I'm good at packing shit!!!
 My response was to @mistercitizen. Why are you responding? Riiiiiiiight, because it's so easy to detect sarcasm on the internet. 
The horses' butts for @capnwes and the rest of it goes to this bad ass jacket!  Also, saw that pair of Saint Laurent raw you got! DAMN! 
Oh snap, it only says in your signature...OPPS, fail...
Giving you don't flip if I recall correctly, I think $20 is a pretty good deal if it fits. That is sooooooooo sick! If it were a M, I'll be all over that!!! 
Hey Ben, stop cheating and staring wear your jeans hard, super hard. I used to lift weight in my Super Heavy Slubs. You can see the barbell wear around my thigh area from doing bent over rows. 
Yes, send it to me and I'll "authenticate" it for you, bro. 
I think that BB gun check is my size.   [[SPOILER]] And I think none of theze are my size.
HOLY SHIT! We've been looking for a luggage set FOREVER!!! I've just coped 2 sets!!! Check it out if you are a world traveler and are in need of a decent set or two!   http://www.luggageonline.com/samsonite-luggage-set-nested-5-piece-set
New Posts  All Forums: