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SHIT! Went on vacation. Didn't have internet for a week. Came back to find out they are sold out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
[[SPOILER]] Love Rakuten and love Kindal!!! They have so much cool stuff. But I wish they would carry more grails in bigger sizes. Size 4 barely fits me...
I played with a lion cub.  
I have Gustin's first release of their 16 ounces raws, well, they were their first non-kickstarter jeans, 32 slim in pretty good condition. They were sold out in a few minutes. lol Those were signed and such. Interested? 
Wait, what?! Brioni outlet?! 
Bros, soooooooooooooooooooo I was packing for my cruise that's coming up and found out all of my pants no longer fit me!!! But instead of freaking out, I packed my jeans and I'll rock them with a brown knit tie, and a black watch sport coat like a bawssssssssss during "formal dinner" because I no longer give a flying fuck! 
If you have a pair or two that's higher end, then I would pass. But if these would be your go to jeans, I would cop.    
Like for good?! brodeetz!!! Speaking of CMSS, I was watching a video where Shawn, the creator of the label splattered paint on some pieces with his colabs with Lurker by NBHD. I kinda figured his stuff isn't all that innovative. It's just rehashing of things have been majorly done before. I guess when you have $, influence, and connection, you can literally throw out shit and your fans would eat that shit up. This is another reason I really dig heritage workwear with a...
 Yes, sir! But during that time, I've made 15 lbs. of gains and only cut down about 8 lbs. I almost didn't fit in my size 38 Prada. I had to sell it...I don't think I'll ever cut down to a size 38. Aaaaaaaaaaaaand I've made another 15 lbs. of gains recently...This is an awesomely aggressive fit!!! Also, you've gotten the SF approved robot pose down to a T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I'm 159% sure that's a fake. The tag indicates this is a colabo between Fragment Design (Hiroshi...
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