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Sick jacket, man! ^^
I suspect bad form on sumo deads a few days before the back spasm. Woke up with a stiff back. Did some squats. Didn't hurt until later that day. 
My back is coming back slllllllllowly. Been using a heat pad. So I've been doing nothing but bench, pull ups, weight side bends, and taking long walks in the neighborhood.   Benched 225x6 235x5 245x4 then burned out on 225 for a few sets. Chest is almost back to 44 inches again before the cut. But haven't been able to 1RM more than 275 lately. Goal = 3 plates. 
[[SPOILER]] Holy fuck! What does a 100% cashmere suit looks like?!
Sorry dude! PMed! Thanks again!
Oh cool, that's how much I got my Red Wing. I would eventually pick up a pair. But I would like to keep it under $150.
Hauling phat as usual! ^^
I remember when you made this and posted last year! This is what Brian spend his eBay money on.
Ohhhh snap! How much were yours? I think at this point its safe to say cashmere is the poor man's vicuna. 
How do you guys feel about Chippewa? The ones I was looking at were not Goodyear welted...So I coped a pair of Red Wings instead. 
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