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Da ass.
Thanks for sharing the link! I'm seriously considering to cop a few to hang them up in our garage so I can look at them while I'm lifting! 
Bro, all I know is that Barbour looks sick as hell! It might be fake as I've been falling off the wagon lately but still, it looks sick as hell even if it were a fake!!!
Wasn't 50 of those in one day? Those are fucking sick! I wish I had me some purpley shooooz.
Is it me or was her butt off of the bench? I wonder how her back feels after chest day.
WTF is this...Wait, did you sew on that tag?!
True, there were a few Levis x Clot collabs but only one Levis x Clot x Bearbrick Watermellon and Strawbearry from like 2008 or 2010. Sorry bro, I've let you down. 
Well, I thought long and hard, "Should I 1RM today? I might hurt myself but if I do it correctly, I might set a PR!" "What to do...What to do...Ahhh shit, I'm way passed my in between set rest time!" "Fuck it! I'm just gonna bro it out!!!" PR set!   I've just rediscovered how great side bends are with a 45 plate! Haven't done these in years. 
OMG! My Super Dave x Barbour jacket is gonna be here tomorrow!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHH!!!    
Ahhh shit, I think you are right. That means the pair I saw was fake, too... I just saw the selvedge has stitches instead of being weaved into the fabric...It should say Made In Japan...And I just realized how shotty the details are...I quit... 
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