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Bros! Need some help deciding which color I should get. I'm learning towards the army green because it would be nice to break up all the blue due to I wear jeans so often. What do you guys think?        
I was so impressed with Bob Dong's quality I went back to cop their wabash selvedge cinch back!!! I've always wanted a pair of wabash selvedeg or a pair of selvedge cinch back!      
Oaktown? FUCK!!! Bro, sounds like you owe me some steezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I think canvas makes sooooooooooooooooooooo much better at being a type 3 than denim!  You've been outed, Spoo! Grats!  Fat lapels?  Bro, those are Gustin's first run of their Italian organic cotton green line. They no longer use organic cotton to make those anymore. I won those in a raffle!  What are those jeans for Florian? Can't see even when I squint. Muji?! As in we are trying to be Uniqlo but we make household products, that Muji?! Never knew they would make...
Bro! Get that paper!
Older Big John denim shirt. Made in China. Nothing crazy.  OH SNAP!!! 
[[SPOILER]] I fucking knew it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was looking at the slubs and thinking to myself, "I bet this was Naked and Famous." Fuck, I'm gonna give myself a cookie! 
Shit, all I remember is smashing into walls tire first for forgetting to break and smashing my nuts on the seat cover while still trying to play it cool and not throw up from balls hit pain. 
Bro, Levi's Selbedge Goods is a legit line!!!!!!!!!!! I wished they didn't die out so soon...Tell 'em @double00But they made them in Turkey and China. That is such a notion form the privileged!!! I just tell people I belong on an internet forum where we trade clothes we find when asked about if I sell? Or sometimes, I pretend I don't speak English. Yes! Good!  AHA! Take that, Fueco!!!  Now you know how it feels!  [[SPOILER]] Wow, somebody fucked up. What is it? brodeetz!
New Posts  All Forums: