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Made in China thooooo... Were there some nip slip and ass cheeks slip? 
To be fair, I don't think I have an average build. I have a 44 inch chest which is a bit large for my 18 inch shoulders. So in order for their shirts to fit my chest, I would have to size up. But I'm afraid the shoulders on the size up would be too big for me.  I actually have this problem with my Iron Heart AND Flat Head shirts. But they look cool so I don't really care. Also, Gustin doesn't list their shoulder measurement. I just don't want to take a chance without being...
Yeah, their shirts are meant to fit mostly tall and skinny people. I was gonna cop a shirt or two until I've saw their measurements...No thanks!
Lol, I wish! But they only had one pair of each. It was between this pair and a Dior. 
So, I purchased something unexpected for my mom. We went to Costco to buy some grocery. Saw some promotions for sun glasses. Saw Dior, Zegna, SF, Tumi, Ray Ban, and etc. I said fuck it! Gonna cop a pair for mom! I think this is her first pair of designer sun glasses.       In China, these goes for $2,000 for retail and $1,000 for when on sale...Coped for $97.   WIN! 
Hey Mike, when are you gonna update your tumblr?
HOLY SHIT! I've seen some shit, now!
Welcome back, bro! Did you get some sick fadez on your Elliots? Wait, are you going to thrift a new roof? 
[[SPOILER]] Wait, those aren't orphans, are they?
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