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Uhhhhh, I hope she doesn't have AIDS. 
FUCK! I'm officially jealous! 
I'm pretty sure you will literally die around 210 reps. 
Sorry, my Chinese has been diminishing. I'll show my family the signature/writing to see if they can decipher it.   I asked 2 of my cousins using We Chat and they both agree the first character is "Li" which is a common Chinese last name, second is "Bai", third, they weren't sure but one of them agrees with me it's "Wang" as in "look" or "stare." We aren't 100% sure as the character is really poorly written. I think it's a signature. Also, there's a written under the...
Chinese signature. CAn't make out the last name but the middle character is "Bai" and the last character looks to be "Wang." Need more deetz and close up to be sure.   [[SPOILER]]  Coped this Bio Bidget at a discount but not that much...But still! This thing is fucking awesome! Makes me wanna poop more often!  Will save more $ by using less toilet paper! 
1. Bench 300 2. Heal my back 3. Heal my back 4. Deadlift 405 5. Squat 350
YYYEEHHH! I was wondering when you were gonna post those!!! Good shit, bro!
Made in China thooooo... Were there some nip slip and ass cheeks slip? 
To be fair, I don't think I have an average build. I have a 44 inch chest which is a bit large for my 18 inch shoulders. So in order for their shirts to fit my chest, I would have to size up. But I'm afraid the shoulders on the size up would be too big for me.  I actually have this problem with my Iron Heart AND Flat Head shirts. But they look cool so I don't really care. Also, Gustin doesn't list their shoulder measurement. I just don't want to take a chance without being...
Yeah, their shirts are meant to fit mostly tall and skinny people. I was gonna cop a shirt or two until I've saw their measurements...No thanks!
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