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Bros, anyone recognize the maker? Is it Crockett & Jones?
Ships has been around since the 70's. They are like the United arrows, uniqlo, and such but with better quality with their ivy league look. I want to say their quality is on par or even better than journal standard. Good Kopp!Speaking of journal standard, i koped a js homestead which is their Americana military inspired in house line, garbadine waterproof military coat from unionmade archive sale. They ended up sending me the wrong size. I got a full refund and i get to...
Because they can smell you from miles away.
Congrats, spoo! This is huge news!I might Kopp a pair of kojima 15 oz. And wear them to work just to see how they would fade. They are fairly good workwear pieces but nothing too specially. What attracts me are their fairly low price point and they are an Okayama company.
Pm jompso
Popped that coochie! I hope it was not a tight fit or worse, too loose!
No, not really. Unless your jeans are super light then you can roll them up without being too bulky. but I would say any jeans over 15 oz. it's gonna be impossible unless your inseam have been shortened. You should see what happens when I rolled up my 20 oz Oni 527OR! 
Shit, you guys are pulling grailz while I get thirsty because of this damn drought...
Fuck no! I don't like draft dodgers who shit their pants. Oh wait, wrong Ted!Coming to a thrift near you!http://www.endclothing.com/us/brands/yeezy-season-1?utm_source=dotMailer+List&utm_campaign=d2b4cf8ef3-291015_YEEZY&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_25eb58f72a-d2b4cf8ef3-31261481
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