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Thanks, bro! Takai was telling me about those! Must give it a try. Paging @capnwes Hmmm, I'm more interested conditioning my leather goods and don't like the idea of making them water proof or resistant. lol Thanks! I'll mainly use the products on my beater boots. 
Bros, I coped some Venetian Cream awhile back ago thinking it only conditions the leather but found out, it also acts as a sealer...   But I don't want no stinky sealer!!! I just want some baller ass conditioner to make my boots last longer! Anyone care to shoot me some deetz of some baller ass conditioner but on the affordable side?! Thankiezzz!!! 
Bro, if I'm not too late, I would like a proxy. This is a great gift for a buddy of mine. 
Bro, for Macy's? Pass!  [[SPOILER]] Forget the Barbour! Well, that B x N&S is fucking sick BUT Maiden Noir is rarer than unicorn semen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why isn't the everybody's head exploding for this gem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Y U NO 32 or 33 or 34??????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fuck! AND suspenders to boot?????!!!!!!   I literally exclaimed, "What the fuck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????" when I saw this and the wife was like  Rising Sun Co. chore coat. My favorite so far....
That's a bad ass coat! They run about half a size smaller though. That M should fit a S.
[[SPOILER]] The tags are legit. I'd say real.
I like the idea of smoking jacket with tux pants. Anyone haz some?! Ah shit, that means I have to get black chuz and black skinny tie, no?
Bros, I'm about to take my mom on our very first cruise, ever! I think there's gonna be 2 formal dinners. I'm gonna jussay fuck it! Gonna rock a blazer and odd pants with a tie with a pair of brown lace ups or should I thrift some cheap tux?
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