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Ah shit, I think I'm up to a size 42S, now...Might need to revamp some of my CM's...#liftingproblems #ithinkilift
With shorter nails on the freting hand, it's easier to bend notes, to play arpeggios, and to utilize ghost notes and other techniques on the electric guitar.
Bro, I'm not a big fan of the trucker but Type 1 is pretty sick and for that price, I think you've done really well!
DAMN! That much?! Oh yeah, cuz you are 6'3" with long ass arms. For me it's only a few inches... Bro, I think if you want chest development you would really need to do chest isolation exercises. I up my bench for about 35 to 40 lbs. and my chest only grew like 1.5 inches and that with increased back work out. So, my chest prolly only grew like 0.5 inch. Back in my college days, I did all sorts of chest work outs, ie. dumbbell bench, incline, decline, flys, one arm dumbbell...
Looks legit. 
Shit, after all these years, I think I've just learned how to bench press the correct way with my shoulders pulled back, elbows tucked it, palms on the rings, and push only with my chest and triceps instead of pushing it with my anterior deltoids...I've noticed the range of motion has been decreased and there's far less pressure on my shoulders. I've been practicing the form with relative light weight sets of 245x3 then dropping to pause bench 225x3. I don't know if any of...
That's what I've been saying to my wife for years! She just doesn't get it! Womenz...
Damn, that's an insane haul! But where are all the crazy SWnD grilas them LA guys have been donating?  
Lol, some people hate going to the gym. After 4 years of doing martial arts, the school got packed. I hate training when the school was packed. So I hung around for another year and even more people signed up. So I bought a heavy bag and quit the gym thinking I can get similar training. After a few months of hitting the bag, I quit...lol I think it's her way of saying she's done with the dieting/exercises but want to let you down slowly...If that makes sense.    
New Posts  All Forums: