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Lol my favorite was the little guy with boxers. No, those are not the real McCoy's you've been looking for.
I think I've passed on a zegna orphan with the same made in Italy tag. Hate hunting for pants.
Found some interesting stuff. Lol not the McCoy's I'm looking for. Lee staying true to their half selvedge. I was like yeeeeeehhhhhhh Boi! This should pay for gas and dinner! Then i was like Fffffuuuuuuuccccccccckkkkkkk! Turned out this 100 cash overcoat was moth food. Fffffuuuuuuuccccccccckkkkkkk! Only left with this ugly thing.
Wait, what? Any pics or brodeetz to go with the text for reference?
Sure why not
Paging @fueco @Nataku this is what I've been looking for?
WOA! This has to be a resell store! This can't be true thrift! 
Please keep us updated with the results. I would love to find out about the results.Were you there recently?Dude, i use that shit to get rid of ink on my white walls!I think the reason hairspray works is because of the alcohol.
i hope there won't be any other cocks involved...
[[SPOILER]] Why you such a nice guy?! I'd say it's all fair game! Great haul and bro, you can't just cock tease us with the YY and not show us the brodeetz! 
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