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In the field. Need help iding. Suits.
Best.setup.ever!!!! Love it! Wool, linen, and silk. The last character is suppose to be silk.  
Yes. It was a dafaq moment. But then I realized the built quality was meh. 
Not sure 100% as to what you are asking but the pink yarn is the weft. The warp is white. 
  Selvedge. I saw the same pair in Japan. 
What does him working at an orphanage has to do with anything? What a fucktard. 
[[SPOILER]] Super old Corn is a instapass especially at $25 a pop. I would kop the older stuff if it were tweed and has all the bells and whistles. 
If I had a job or were going into a profession where it's frown upon to have visible ink such as having sleeves, I'll just do what yakuza back in feudal time Japan did such as having the munewari and the gobu. 
Holy shit! Captain Crunch! Finn!!!!
[[SPOILER]] brodeetz on them sleeve.
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