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Just finished my taxes! I've never finished it this early before! Got a little bit of money back. I'm about to splurge and cop something dope, something I've been eye balling for daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaays!!! My SWnD bros, get your popcorn ready! 
How did that happen?
What are fake hippies?  DAmn, would it be wrong for me to say she has a purdy mouth? 
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Takeo_Kikuchi I'm not really into his stuff. But Thrift Vader likes his stuff. We've seen tons of his stuff at thrift stores in Japan.
Shout outs to my boy, @Takai for an awesome trade!    Poster Overall Herringbone chore coat. These are the same model as the denim one I picked up in Japan. Feels like chords = heavenly. But the sleeves are too short...Prolly gonna sent them to @Snoogz     Women's PS pinstripe pants. Made in Italy for sister in-law. She's gonna freak out when she see these!!! Thanks again, homeboy!   
[[SPOILER]] Looks like ancient Chinese coin but prolly decor sold at Target. The writing on the coin is in traditional Chinese writing with a typical phrase while the writing on the background looks to be "Xiao Zuan Ti." I'm not 100% sure though...Just on the top of my head. My wife bought a few for cheap and they are hanging on our walls. Not sure if worth anything but more #brodeetz is need to determine. 
That's what she said! Sorri, just couldn't resist... 
Dude, even my Iron Heart and Flat Head is serged...
GTFO! Vids, yo! Well, you do live in Bulldogsvile, Cuz.
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