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BRO! I also use that technique! I swished on 2 Lesley & Roberts tweed SCs using that "if the pattern is loud and tweed, it might be something baller" technique. Saw those puppies from feeeeeeeeeeets away!!! Baller! I got hooked up by @Takai with a 3 piece tweed suit but if I were to win the Lotto, I would go to the Row and commission a few 3 piece tweed suits! One in grey, one in a darker grey, one in blue, one in a fun pattern, one in brown, one in POW (not sure if they...
True but I got a chuckle out of eazy's comment. I ALWAYS appreciate humor. 
I read that part kinda fast and it went "the girl took home fuck and loved the overcoat." 
Jebus! Who the hell has been letting all the cats out?! 
Ellen?  When I first started, I was so scared of buying licensed crap that I passed on a Gives suit...Still kicking myself to this day! I'll prolly be like 50% but my OCD doesn't allow me to leave without turning all the jacket labels. Thanks, bro! But your fire has been burning much brighter!  I would like to think the thrift gods are rewarding me for helping other people in the thrift stores whenever I can like picking up after people and giving stuff for others to have....
So, i went back to the hood to see if i can reunite some orphans. Just found out the Henry poole were 3 pieces as ive found the 2 vests. But found another vest with the same built quality. That means there are more pooles here. Need to camp out. Oh, reunited hf orphans.
To the bro who's asking about quality vs label.. I just pulled a rlpl pants without looking at the label but relied only on the built quality. So, the skills to recognize quality clothes will come with time and practice.
Bros, so I just had a WTF moment. It was so surreal. I felt like I was in a movie. I went to one of my regular store which hasn't been producing much lately. For some strange reason, I had the nagging feeling that I was going to find some kittens in the racks. I kept hearing meow meow meow. Guess what? I came across a kitten orphan. I was now both ecstatic and sad the same time because i had shitty luck reuniting kitten orphans in the past. But just as I was thinking about...
The method might work on removing the stains depending on the size and type of stains. I would Kopp at 6.
Is it kosher for me to say I'm liking the new frenchy more than the old one? 
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