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I played with a lion cub.  
I have Gustin's first release of their 16 ounces raws, well, they were their first non-kickstarter jeans, 32 slim in pretty good condition. They were sold out in a few minutes. lol Those were signed and such. Interested? 
Wait, what?! Brioni outlet?! 
Bros, soooooooooooooooooooo I was packing for my cruise that's coming up and found out all of my pants no longer fit me!!! But instead of freaking out, I packed my jeans and I'll rock them with a brown knit tie, and a black watch sport coat like a bawssssssssss during "formal dinner" because I no longer give a flying fuck! 
If you have a pair or two that's higher end, then I would pass. But if these would be your go to jeans, I would cop.    
Like for good?! brodeetz!!! Speaking of CMSS, I was watching a video where Shawn, the creator of the label splattered paint on some pieces with his colabs with Lurker by NBHD. I kinda figured his stuff isn't all that innovative. It's just rehashing of things have been majorly done before. I guess when you have $, influence, and connection, you can literally throw out shit and your fans would eat that shit up. This is another reason I really dig heritage workwear with a...
 Yes, sir! But during that time, I've made 15 lbs. of gains and only cut down about 8 lbs. I almost didn't fit in my size 38 Prada. I had to sell it...I don't think I'll ever cut down to a size 38. Aaaaaaaaaaaaand I've made another 15 lbs. of gains recently...This is an awesomely aggressive fit!!! Also, you've gotten the SF approved robot pose down to a T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I'm 159% sure that's a fake. The tag indicates this is a colabo between Fragment Design (Hiroshi...
[[SPOILER]] I have the vary same IHSH21 and its my go to chambray shirt! That bad boy never fails me!!!
BUT is it selvedge though?!  Yes, supply and demand at its work. But at the same time, it has brought us together!  [[SPOILER]] We had a casual wedding. I was rocking a pinstriped suit. It was cool. 
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