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Oh yeah, older Gap selvedge made in Italy was really well made. I koped a pair a few years ago. I thought I was looking at a pair of repro. until I saw Gap. Was like dafaq? Now, their shit is pretty fucking cheaply made.   [[SPOILER]] Goddamn!!! You motherfuckers are pulling bad ass hauls on 50% off day! I didn't find shit today! 
Damn, found 1 two weeks ago but had holes so no kop... Sounds staple as fuck! Congrats!
Looks legit. All the bedwin mainline are made in Japan. I think these are made by Adidas' contacts. Their shit is usually not made in Japan. I always wonder about colabs like who designed it and who made it? Like i know misterfreedom x sugar cane is designed by christophe and made by toyo so in this case it makes sense watanabe designed it and had adidas commissioned it.I've never seen legit made in China Paul & shark before.
[[SPOILER]] 100% Caruso! So sick! OMG!!!!! That's an epic haul!!! Brodeetz on the rest of the stuff! Looks like you and me both are going camping for the next month or so... WTF?! You got cool kids who get rid of their swag in CO?   Synergy!  [[SPOILER]] HOLY FUCK!!! Cashmere?!
Looks like an orphan. I would Kopp on cheap. But would you really wear dated suits?
This is how you do a first post!
So, went back to the hood to see if I can find anymore pooles. I found 4 vests. These were the extra 2 I found which led me to believe there are 2 more matching suits. Well, I know where I'll be camping for the next month or so.     At first I thought these might be from 2 different makes because the hardware were different and the marking (labels? help me out there. What are these called? Raised markings?) were different. Anyone has handled Henry Poole? Maybe you...
Oh, I always mean to double post but I don't always say this but fuck it! Recent conversations has led me to give my $0.02. I remember a few years back (not to say I've been around for that long) the previous thread was muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuch harsher on rookies as in when rookies who included me, would post something that's not thread approved, we would have gotten hazed by the vets. I mean, damn, it was like one of those "oh god, I quit the thread before I even...
New Posts  All Forums: