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This makes a lot of sense! Thanks, bro!
Does it have to be purchased within last 3 months? 
Did you already wear out your first?
@mrchariybrown @conceptionist When you sumo pull, do you keep your shoulders in front or behind the bar? Do you keep a high hip or low hip? The reason I ask is due to my anatomy, when I keep a higher hip, my shoulders tend to place in front of the bar. When I keep my shoulders behind the bar, my hips are a bit lower but I feel my pulls are much more difficult due to a reduced leverage. But at the end of the day, does it really make that much of a difference? 
Sounds like Eddie and DM7 doing big things. 
What is it about the jacket that makes you think it might be fake?
Just coped this bad boy for $50 off and free shipping.   
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