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[[SPOILER]] HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!! Wait, how did you get the hangers?! Did you just ask for it and they gave? 
It came!!! 
Fuck! Fucking idiots at the thrift store punctured the fabric to put their precious tags in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 
[[SPOILER]] Poly cotton blend? Naked and Famous? 
Kiton tie from Last Call, if I recall. I was eye balling that for dayzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.  The Flash season finale douuu!!! 
 I like that single pocket. Did you post in the denim challenge thread?Alright! First NM of the new thread! 
Fu*k you, stains! Especially stains that are on Canali and Polo flat front pants!!! As matter of fact, f*ck your whole staining ass family!!! 
X posted from the Thrift Store/Discount Store Bragging Thread Part II. Hey guys, I got my Lawless denim yesterday. For a company that has a poor reputation for not keeping their promises of shipping dates, I was pretty surprised to see how fast they've shipped their ready to wear jeans. They are having a sale on their RTW jeans for $35 a pop. I coped these before the sale prices... Anyhow, this is my first impression of the denim plus some construction + build comments....
I know they were on the clearance rack but when I was last there, they were still expensive. Did they have another sale?
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