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Ummmm, why???????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hold on a sec, you've been coping cheap Evisu but pass on selvedge little e?!   [[SPOILER]] WTF, which Bay Area?! The one in California??????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fuck!!! 
A heritage vest with a lining! That's sick!
lol that was my 4th session since I've started doing curls again. I mainly do it for grip strength. I haven't been doing any triceps in over a year, now. Shit, come to think of it, I haven't done any shoulders for over 6 months. 
Fleabay store: thenewbeat   Does it belong to a member here? 
Did some curls today.
WTF!!! Holy shit! That's a true e-thrift. Mine was a bit more but worth it. It's a size 4. I hope it fits...
Holy shit! I think I've just e-thrifted some thread's first swag!!! Hint: Spellbound!   Brodeetz when I get it soonish!!!    
Did you cuff your pants? 
I used to eat that shrimp flavor all day! 
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