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Got a box ready for snoogz and i thought i should document some of the stuff i got recent. Left this due to small sizing and moth holes. My favorite item this week. Forgot to photograph some Baller isaia and Paul Stuart sc. Oh well.
Isn't that divsec's ebay? Glad he's been pulling grails. 50% off day at savers. Bust... only 3 items.
Sugar cane, flat head, samurai, studio d'artisan, schott made in Japan, you know, the usual suspects. All the japanese makers made flannels at one point or another.
Fucking a!!!!!!!!!! I would shit my pants if I've found these!
Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha, had me busting up!Bro, don't give away the coochie so easily. You gotta make the old man work for it!
^^ Yeah, bro! Good job! Be careful out there. I've seen too many maimed motorcyclists for a life time. No bikes for me. I rather surround myself in a steel cage with a seat belt and have enough room to transport a shit ton of grails 
Sooooooooooo, some of you bros may or may not have known that Kapital's website has been hacked since August or even sooner. I think recently, they started working on it...Anyone knows if it's safe to buy from the web store? I facebooked them regarding that. Waiting to hear back. 
Ahhh shit, I just realized I haven't post the rest of my stuff from our Japan trip, yet...Got some really cool stuff to share. 
To my secret santa, I have updated my signature.    Anyone kopped this?   http://www.gq-magazine.co.uk/style/articles/2015-09/10/h-and-m-balmain-collaboration-preview   Does that mean their stuff are made in China?
@HansderHund You might be able to squeeze in still. 
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