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His googlefu is strong and you, too, my friend.  Yes, you've been had!!! It's a fake! Quickly, send them to me for disposal before the Ralph Lauren police come to get you!!! 
Thrift Vader, "Troika really is Denim Yoda!"   Sooooooooooo, bros, do you remember Snoogz gotz that pair of unidentified selvedge with no tags but just the "34 work clothing sport" 34 stamped on the wist band? Well, Troika just single handedly IDed those!!! His denimz fu is strong!   Carry on. 
Lol, bro, how's the back doing? Mine is all healed up! Switching to sumo pull was the best decision I've made in a while since I have short arms. Dude, I'm up from a size 31 to a size 34 now ever since I've started bulking. 
@mrchariybrown Could we see your routine? 
Bros, anyone here who knows denim including lurkers? Drop me a PM. I got a bro who needs help on denimz. 
 brodeetz!!! on them goodies! Little Bag Spoo? I'm sensing there's a story in there somewhere...
[[SPOILER]] @Thrift Vader 
This looks interesting. Brodeetz!!!
Does it HAVE to be purchased within a year?
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