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I have the same pullup bar! I used to use it quite a bit until it made an indention in my door frame and some cracked paint around it. 
lol no such thing!
When in the fuck did you thrift some Maiden Noir??????!!!!!!!!!!
 The tag looks LVC.The Killing was ok. The Strain is a bit over the top. It's kinda cheesey. Yip, LVC.
Lol, I quit my job after thinking I can be a super flipper but all these mofos came out of the cuts and took my market share! So now I sit at home watching netflix and eating bon-bons. [[SPOILER]]  If you like sci-fi horror, check out The Strain. So far not so bad.
I've just finished watching The Killing season 4. One word, disappointment
Lol, welcome on board, bro! Fancy seeing you here! Anyone has The Beasts fades progress?
I would still keep them because of how often our body shape changes. You can always go bespoke denim.  http://3x1.us/bespoke/
Dude, long time no see! You could get a pair that's a size or 2 bigger and tailor the waist down. That should work.
Fucking A!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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