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OMG! My Super Dave x Barbour jacket is gonna be here tomorrow!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHH!!!    
Ahhh shit, I think you are right. That means the pair I saw was fake, too... I just saw the selvedge has stitches instead of being weaved into the fabric...It should say Made In Japan...And I just realized how shotty the details are...I quit... 
Me too... 
Haha, we keep the litter box in the sun room. Hence = poop scooped once a week. Yeah, the litter dragging is a pain...And we have a medium fur so furrrrrrrrrrrrrr everywhere...But she's cute so we keep her around. 
 Real and badass!!!!!!!!!!!!! Watermelon and Strabearry! 2008 or 2010, I think. Super awesome! Can I haz?????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!It could happen...Juss say'n...Fingers crossed...
Hey @eazye What's up with your trip to Cairo? Any deetz on that?
 Dude, puppy tooth is such a kick ass pattern! I almost picked up a Haversack puppy tooth chambray shirt while we were in Japan...Should have...Sweet! I'm thinking about using some Target gift card we got for our wedding to cop a PS4...Hmmm...The good news is the wife approves! Def. a keeper!   Holy fuck! That's badass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Made in China?
I was using my posterior chain. HA! Are you quoting yourself? 
Yeah, for sure. I managed to keep my lower back straight. A bit rounded thoracic but locked it out fairly easy. Did it twice and didn't feel too bad. Gonna chill on the 1RM until I can rep out 275 with ease. So stoked I'm getting stronger. 
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