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He used to make Denim himself completely. @Troika coped a pair before he started hiring help.
The back is healing but I'm a Dumbass as i kept doing squats and deadlift without letting it heal. So this time I'm taking three months off or maybe even four. I want it to heal completely before start squatting and deadlifting again.
I'm experiencing the same problem. 
I think @capnwes is a 44.
What' that? My goal is 300 on the bench and eventually 315. 
Yeah, same thing in Japan. Most of the stuff in resell shops are not thrift prices. I coped a pair of Fullcount Bush Pants for about $100 which is not that great of a price but I was so surprised that they had jawnz in my size. I'm kinda kicking myself for leaving a KatoAAA field jacket almost in my size for around $75...Dude your SLP jawnz is fucking awesome! Dude, you don't have to tell me how crazy thrifting is in LA. DM7 was showing me shit he thrifted and giving me...
Street wear? Not really, just your run of the mill stuff but I've been thrifting denim here and there. Prolly the best e-thrifted piece was a Neighborhood field jacket I got to my door for around $80. But it's now too small for me cuz I've made some gainz...FML. In term of denim and true thrifted, the most notable was prolly a pair of Studio D'Artisans for like $4 which was sitting next to a pair of RRL I gave to Mrs. Thrift Vader which was also sitting next to a pair of...
[[SPOILER]] Brodeetz on them denim shirt. 
Bros, beware of the TF necklace that comes in different sizes but still cost the same.   http://www.tomford.com/large-penis-pendant-necklace/TFPND005D-GDC.html
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