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What version was this?
If it's Kato AAA yerrrr, bro, yerrrrr don goff up! Damn right, Kato is piece of shit while KATOAAA is bad ass anyday!  Bro, I'm in this year! I got way too much shit lying around not to join! WHO!!!????? We demand Brodeetz!!!!!!!!!
Hey Doc, what are your views on benching with the false grip and regular grip? I've always used the regular grip for benching but have seen beasts like Charly and other big dudes using the false grip. I just feel the regular grip keep my wrists straight. What are some of the advantages and disadvantages of either grips? 
Have you tried taping your wrists? 
Kato AAA. Almost pulled the trigger on a parka when I was in Japan. Bad ass quality, too.
Lol American Horror Story: Freak Show. Oh yeah, and trying to run Diablo 3 on my laptop...Also, designing a denim apron with 38R that would allow big bottles of Sriracha to fit perfectly in the pockets.
2:11AM crue reporting for duties, bro!
[[SPOILER]] Yeeeee! Wear them in good health! 
Right shoulder been bothering me. Did a week of deload on bench. Cut the weight down to 185lbs and started doing 2 seconds pause for reps. Was able to pause rep 225 lbs. today. Felt pretty good, no pain.
lolz, for me, if it's real selvedge (yes, people have faked selvedge before especially on fake Evisu), and it's my size plus it's good quality (ie. rivets, stitchings, and other details) I'll take a chance. Since I don't flip it's almost pointless to pick up stuff not in my size unless they are homies' size. But I usually don't pick up Evisu unless I'm in a thrift store in Japan. I guess in the end, selvedge denim is actually not too expensive so I guess counterfeiters can...
New Posts  All Forums: