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I've been shipping new stuff to China for family members. From my understanding, take the price tags off. But your item would be subject to random searches. 
Fuck, stayed up all night watching Power. Hate being sick...I don't even have the energy to post my haul from the past week...
Damn, you went from ok denim to top of the line in less than a year! 
Licensed junk like Givenchy Gentlemen. GG has an almost exact same "face."
Why do you have two ebay stores, bro?
Yes! picsoritdidn'thappen  [[SPOILER]] Bro, I'm really happy you are about to make some $ to fix your car!
Wow! You are making progress quickly! 
Allow me to take a stab at this. I think he's trying to say Burberry doesn't make denim shorts? As in you are wearing a fake Burberry item while asking does Moncler make T-shirts? As in Moncler don't make T-shirts...No? BTW, that T-shirt looks real to me but I'm not an expert. 
@SpooPoker lolz I totally remember those vintage condoms!   Congrats on the sales! 
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