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Happy b day, nat!
Real. Who is the seller? We might know him as he might be a member.
Bro, i miss fall in Japan.I'VE only seen 1 or 2 pairs of tommy selvedge. But the quality wasn't all that great.How much was it? Not sure if it would be a flip but if cheap i would Kopp for the novelty but prolly won't wear it and end up donating it. Lol doesn't it look 70's?
Not really. Old Edwin aren't all that great. Their Sen line is pretty cool but not all that high end. They do make very good beaters though. I stopped picking up old Edwin and big john. They are like the common levi's you see everywhere.
Holy fuck, what was the police's follow up? This is crazy. Getting robed in day light (?) With an ak47 is fucking nuts!
Wait, wat!? Brodeetz! I don't think you've posted deetz.I'm right there with you. It turned my stomach when i heard it.And on top of that, you add some rob lowe bullshit to get an even bigger shit sandwich.
Bro, those are still good flips! Make some money back!You lucky bitch!
Ohhhhhhhhh yeah, you are right because of the "r" just like how you would pronounce comme des Garçons. I feel weird trying to pronounce how the French would. Like if i talk about Lanvin and pronounce it like "lon vangh" (errrrrrr, not sure about spelling...) people won't know what I'm talking about or i feel like a wannabe Frenchman. So, i just say "Lan ven" and call it a day.
Thank you!I always have my cart in front of me when in the racks. I never leave it unattended if even it's empty. It's a good habit to have.Yeah, i would leave those unless they are super cheap and would only Kopp for the novelty. I've been leaving all sorts of cheap selvedge on the racks lately.I've always thought it was pronounced as "hermez."Does your outfit make lots of noise when you walk?HahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaSpeaking of gyming, i over worked on...
New Posts  All Forums: