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Haven't contributed in some time. [[SPOILER]] Shout outs to vexco for a great trade!
willicatchflackforlikingthis?   [[SPOILER]] I've only seen a handful of these made in Japan PRL. Koped like 2 and both did ok. 
 Jesus! Junya Watanabe x CDG!!!!! WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
too lazy to post my haul. But got a Sulka reversible top coat with Loro Piana fabric, 25% cashmere. Found 7 pairs of recent Brioni pants but only koped 3 pairs plus some other fodders. I know, picsoritdidn'thappen...
OMG! Daredevil, season 2! So good!!!
[[SPOILER]] What are those khakis? I've passed on a shit tons of Flippa K before. Bad move? That Lubiam suit does look a bit dated. Nice on that P&S!!!
Damn, all y'all hauls are making me jelly! I feel motivated to post mine...Tomrrow.
[[SPOILER]] If I remember correctly, RRL were made in USA first then Japan. Now they are back to made in USA. 
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