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Squats are back for me! High bar and just two plates. 
Sooooooooooooooo, coped this bad boy for around $60. Gonna try it out to see the quality. But damn! The photos showed so much details!!! They sold out on the green rainbow weft so I ended up with the red rainbow weft; a bit on the flashy side but I'll live!         Next cop: 
Jacket: fucking badass!!!!!!!! Translation: @Thrift Vader
I would have coped it and replace the buttons with horn and sell those buttons in a different listing.  Thrittherapy!
pm @Snoogz With kids or the raper? X18
Lol, you've always told me just because its made in China doesn't mean it sucks. Granted fast fashion from China usually sucks. These small production shops don't look like they are fast fashion. I just hope the companies will pay the workers a fair wage. I know, that might be too much to ask. lol I'm actually pretty excited about some of the wares I've sen!
So, bro, I know the majority of us scoffs at that "Made in China" make tag, including myself. However, recently, I've discovered a few small producers of work wear that are out of China and would like to share with you guys. Now, I've yet to cop a few of these articles. I'm very interested to cop a few pieces through my proxy service in China.    From my understanding some of these makers were once denim/work wear enthusiasts who got into the game to make quality wear....
Wen Ying in simplified Chinese, I think. Not sure what wen means but ying means silver. I'll ask my dad when I get a chance to make sure.  [[SPOILER]] Wow, Wes! You look 20 years younger! But no more senior discount! lolz Will it be improper of me to rock an Isaia lapel pin on a bullshit jacket but fits me well? I got one from Brian some time ago.  [[SPOILER]] I'm pretty sure if those were Japanese the Kanji would have been in traditional Chinese. I vote Chinese. I'll ask...
I think more deetz are needed to be certain. I think Levi's stopped making the Z model around 66. So any deetz will have to reflect that and any deetz that doesn't reflect that will most likely be repro. But these screams LVC to me. I've read somewhere the SP is for waist that's more than 38 inches but not sure how true that is. Certainly, this isn't the case. I think shots of the tags, behind the buttons, and so on should confirm what these are. I'm not an expert on...
New Posts  All Forums: