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Edwin selvedge is about 2 bills not as expensive as others.   Damn, original Headlight overalls could go high as $1,500! Bro, I'm not a big fan of trucker jackets but that shit is the mad shit! Post that Sammy when you get dou!Bro, keep all of your selvedge left overs to make a patch shirt or vest!!!
Fuck, just re-fucked myself because now my back is sore again...Can't.Even.Do.Squats.With.Proper.Form...I quit...Good news is that my ART session is on Monday. I'm seriously considering quiting squats...Nothing but split squats dumbbell squats and eventually hex bar deadlift.  Bro, just be careful. Don't want to fuck and re-fuck yourself like me...  [[SPOILER]] Lol, that was a great video. I've learned to keep my hands close and tight while doing high bar squats.
My back has stopped hurting. ART works! Did some squats first time in a long time. Switched to high bar squats to ease off pressure off of lower back.
Vintage Headlight is rare since the company defunct. They merged with Carhartt in the 60's. Their licensed made in Japan repro. is commissioned by Toyo aka Sugar Cane. I have their chore coat in canvas. Nice stuff. If true thrift, which I think that's what Spoo does, then a good cop especially it's a pop!
If Sugar Cane, holy shit! If true vintage Headlight, holier shit!!!
Bro, if you ever see buckle back selvedge in a 32, 33 please proxy!!! 
Nothing to do with thrift but holy fuck!!! For some reason the video embed option isn't working.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?x-yt-cl=84503534&v=BEG-ly9tQGk&x-yt-ts=1421914688
Ummmm, why???????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hold on a sec, you've been coping cheap Evisu but pass on selvedge little e?!   [[SPOILER]] WTF, which Bay Area?! The one in California??????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fuck!!! 
A heritage vest with a lining! That's sick!
New Posts  All Forums: