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Holy shit!  
Holy shit!!!  
That means the page isn't loaded correctly. Reload it.
Lately, I've been less obsessed about clothes and more obsessed about lifting heavy weights...What the fuck is wrong with me?! Clothes whore no more?! Shame on me! 
I was doing some reading on squat techniques and stumbled on this blog. I have a tendency to push my knees inward just a little bit when squating especially under heavy load.    http://lifthard.com/why-we-do-not-believe-in-knees-pushed-out-when-squatting/   Are the techniques different between clean and jerk and back squats? Any inputs?   Also, found this blog talking about the debate whether knees should be in or...
I've seen some of their Overdyed jeans. They are a pretty cool find. I don't think they are worth much on fleabay though. But, still cool. Can't wait to see them deetz! 
Not sure if it's the lighting but I just can't look away from it...
THanks for the heads up! Popcorning! I think I'll be entertained for a few hours. 
Stussy is considered the king of SWnD swag for a long long long long long time now. They did colabs with lots of other SWnD brand. Is it the Deluxe line? Deetz and pics a must!
Uhhh, IRKSM? 
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