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I see someone has been hanging around the thrift thread! I haven't been on there for over 6 months! I've forgotten all of my makers! lolz
That it looks fake.
[[SPOILER]] Yep, real! It says "Mad In Japan" and the company info on there. Ugly as shit but you have a piece of Bape history before they were sold it IT. The made in Japan ones are long gone. Now, you just have cheaply made in China, AAPE crap. Good find!
Looks like their earlier stuff. Looks real. Show more details like the other side of the tag and other details for sure. 
Looks legit ^
That is so baller status!
Both fake. Polo doesn't use Korean on their tags.
Natural lighting works best IMO. How's the thrift thread? Haven't been on there for over 3 months. 
^^ Bro, popcorning!
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