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Big man, small shorts 
THanks, bro! But I think I'm ok in jeans for now...That peacoat does look sick though! But I have way too much goodies for my own good! Home run!
Sweet! Thread's first? Bromoardeetz!!!
Shit, that looked easy.
LOLZ Bro, got your email! THanks again! I'm gonna start packing the other box starting tomorrow! Must get rid of 50 lbs of stuff. 
Lol, chances are, you prolly won't see her again. You ran into frenchy recently? 
Chances are, she might be lurking on here...
65% Wool and I think something synthetic fabric. Need to refresh... Welcome back, dude! Long time! Fuck dude, you got a pic of her? She sounds cool.   [[SPOILER]] Mister Hollywood is N. Hoolywood's flag ship store in Harajuku. So, I'm thinking it's the house line. Cool find, bro!   [[SPOILER]]
Sup bros! Good luck hitting the shelves! 
Holy shit, bro! YOu were gone for like 53 years and when you come back you drop the bomb on us!  Duuuuuude, I totally want to go to Carmel! I've been thinking about bringing my dog and we'll have a picnic! Can't get enough of that place! YES!
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