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Sorry Bros, i got distracted playing arkham knight and spending the last two hours yelling at the damn tv because i hate driving levels! but the mega pics dump is coming, i promise! Oh, I'm so jelly of you LA guys and your access to grails!!!
I mean i hardly ever get into one of these rants on here. I just would like to think i know a little bit about denim. I don't want to call myself a denim head but i think you've given too much credit to Mr. Ford in the denim game. That's all. I wish Mr. Ford the best. I've watched in an interview he has reduced the amount of his work in order to spend more time with his husband and their son. It sounds like he's living life.
I get it. Tom ford produce quality garments. He has to because his name is riding on it. Yes, he doesn't cheap out on the quality maybe the way brioni does but telling me i don't get it just makes you sound condescending. I still stand by what I've said about he doesn't bring anything new to the denim game. What's interesting to me is before he was making non selvedge jeans with nothing special unless you count the gold plated buttons and diamond studs. Seasons later, he...
Ok dude. Fyi gustin has selvedge fly. It's not that big of a deal. Maybe you can donate a pair in the knowledge box to show us theze tom ford quality you speak of?
This is the results of my closet purging. I got a few more in my drawers. Thanks to snoogz that I'm able to be free, again!
I believe there's a guy named frenchy and another bro named jizzy or something rather.
Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha, how's the land of legalized rec. Weed with a surplus of tax dollars?!
I think at this point, Mr. Ford is just plugging up holes in his men's wear offerings. Selvedge denim, check. A bit late to the party, I might add. lolz
Who is in fueco!?
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