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Oh yeah, I would like the Cross-back with the green selvedge ID! Holla!!!
Bros, anyone has a pair of Denham, raw selvedge or muti-diped in a size 32, 33? Hit me up!
Morning? But I haven't slept yet...
 That Escada! 
So it has been about a week and a half since I've strained my back. I've been benching, pull uping, and weighted side bending for about a week and a half, now, for 4 sessions a week, for about 6 sessions. Not sure if that's enough time for gains but I've benched 275 x1 today. I think I could have grinded another rep but didn't feel like straining. I'm hoping my back would be 100% healed by the two weeks mark. If not, I'll just give it another week of icing and heating. I'm...
Looks like a yachting SC.  Lol, I used to dig GAP but...All in all, thrifting selvedge is a pretty good day. Bro, what's that RRL? Solid haul!  @SpooPoker
Fucking A! That's a good day for you!
This is fucking nuts!!! 
Hook her up with some of your steroids. I have an eating disorder, too. It's call seefood diet. My back has been slowly coming back. I was actually kinda pissed about it and told my co-worker I was just going to fuck my back and do some squats and deadlifts. He recommended me to try the Bulgarian method of using ice and heat, 20 minutes on for each. I tried it and with only 1 session the pain/soreness subsided by a whole bunch. He calls it tissue pumping out the swelling....
Just watched SOA season 5 episode 2. This has bullshit written all over it. But I've come too far to quit now.Watching Helix. Pretty sick so far.
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