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 Noice!!! My goal is to hit 500 within 2 years.Wow! That's so fucking insane! What were you sniffing before the sets?  Sorry to hear that. I hope you will recover soon. 
That's a good look! Can we get the full pic? Fuck yeah!!!
Wait what...
You lift so fancy!
So, I've just caught up reading frenchy's blog and holy shit! 
Shit, I hope 2 days is enough! 
I light weight pulled my left hamstrings during squat today with fucking 135lbs warming up...WTF is wrong with me! I ended up cutting squats out and did some deadlifts, pendlay, row, and bench press instead. Gonna rest 2 days to see if my hams will heal...This sucks.
That is fucking sick!!!!!!!!!!!! Available? Reminds me of a Moncler jacket I saw in Tokyo. 
A new PS4, get sleeved up/chest piece, Oliver Peoples shades, a home gym. ETc. Oh yeah, popcorn on the pygmy hedgehog.
It's in Korean. I think we have a few Korean members on here.
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