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Call me crazy but my IH634S are a bit tight in the waist so in order for me to stretch them out I stuff it with 6 pairs of jeans and a t shirt. I'm gonna leave it like that until its cold enough to wear 21 oz. jeans. lolz!  
Wow! How much did you pay for those and which tailor did you end up going with? Can you describe what the process for getting a pair of bespoke jeans made at Savile Row?   So, in order for me to stretch out my IH, I stuffed it with 6 pairs of jeans and a t shirt...I'm gonna leave it like that until it's cold enough to wear 21 oz. jeans. lol  
HA! A trip down memory lane. It was not long ago I started getting into raw denim and this was one of the first video I've watched that helped me to cut away some of the raw jawnz bullshit.    http://www.denimfuture.com/read-journal/self-edge-s-experts-bust-selvedge-myths
Haha, not really but I was just thinking most of the thread members would be or at least try to be gentlemen when meeting other thread members in real life.  But this autocorrect thoooooooo... http://www.buzzfeed.com/erinchack/the-most-concerning-autocorrect-fails-of-all-time
I'm curious to know any members on here who met up with other members in real life and they/he turned out to be an asshole/assholes? 
HA! Yes! ^
 HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!  [[SPOILER]] Holy shit! That's a very awesome haul! I'm not a big RRL fan anymore but they do have some pretty sick vests and outtwear. 
 Lol, no different than when I was not. Lol, actually I used to be a 30 after a 15 lbs cut. Now, I'm at a 32 doing some strength training in my garage but I don't really think I've bulked up much because I've pretty much are not doing heavy upper body lifts but rather trying to build some strength in my legs, back, and core. But, I've been eating more junk. But still at 170lbs thou. I'm surprised I haven't gained much weight from eating all the garbage. 
Yeah, I don't wash my jeans very often. I usually just soak them once in a few months and hang dry them. Afterwards, I'll wear them for a few days to stretch them out.  If I had all the money in the world I would design my own jeans, too. But I won't use anything too crazy. I'll prolly use hemp threads or something really strong. I would like to make a pair of jeans that's around 30 oz with a big fat leather patch, with some crazy details.  Do you have pictures and details...
I saw the Valentino document few years back. I thought he was kinda douche. Years later, my opinion hasn't changed. Fucking A!!!!! Is it safe to say NYC is the king of CM???!!!
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