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Looks like they are sanforized so just order your actual size. They will shrink about half an inch in the waist but could stretch out about an inch.
Please do a review of it when you can!
Lol, I don't think that's a good idea since I had an allergic reaction on a cut on my hand to the little munchkin's dander and oils. I took videos but my mom was in the shot. I don't know if she's comfortable with me posting videos of her in it. Basically, the little girl tried to struggle out of my grip a few times. The handlers had to take control of her to calm her down before handing her back to me. After a few exchange, I didn't think she was comfortable with me so I...
That is awesome! Benched 290 tonight. Felt actually pretty easy. Getting closer to my goal of 300! Maybe in a month or so?
Hilfiger was Tommy's high end line. I have a shirt from that line and its badass! Brodeetz!!! on the RMC and the Evisu. They fake those shit tons so I would like to see the deetz for my edification.  [[SPOILER]] That little fluff ball had more of a "quack" sound. The little spotted fuzzy yarn I played with had more of a squeak. 
[[SPOILER]] So sick! 
This was in Ensenada, Mexico. We' passed on one earlier when they told us "it's for non-profit." I was like, "Pfftt, yeah right!" Then we went to down town and the damn cubs were too damn cute! I was talking to a staff from San Diego. He told me they rescue cubs from black market breeders, private parties, and from circuses that were mistreating them. I was like, "Oh, ok, he speaks English. Seems legit." LOLZ  I think Samurai's wimmenz line is the one of the most lux....
Milton's dimple looks spot on dou!
So, finally made it out today. One stop except for the Clot. That was found in Santa Barbera. I'm thinking old but not licensed?  [[SPOILER]]
She was only 1 month old with a little belly. <3 She squeaked a few times. It was the most adorable thing! She was also stinky. I think she and her brother were rolling around in their urine 
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