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Bro, it sucks ass through a straw.I think that's what happens when you don't wear a bra.Wait, did you had previous runins with her? Was she offended by your offer?
I'm inclined to believe this. How do you know so much about Chinese affairs? I know you've been living in Bangkok. Have you spend a considerable amount of time in China, too? 
Has anyone seen the pilot?   
Dildo high!We are headed to Japan, the land of the over priced grails!I hope it wasn't expensive. Lol
Fuck, Bros, the crash from the thriftening isn't pretty...
Bros, Wtf is this? My wife said its a glued on Rhine stone. I'm hoping for a yellow diamond...
Soooooooooooo, am busy doing shit to post all the deetz but once I found that LP I knew I had to look for other shit. Bam, then the Coogi hit! I literally gasped! I even had to play it off by saying to the person who heard me, "Isn't this the ugliest sweater you've ever seen?!" Anyhow, didn't find shit after that. Went to the ties, BAM! Hit up 2 selvedge tip dildos and another and another, by the time I was up 5, all I had to do was glanced at the silk/pattern to know...
Bro, we don't have any kids yet but having a dog and being responsible dog owners, her antibiotics was like $300!!! 3 Bones for a fucking dog!!! 
Bros, you don't know how happy we are because this Vaca and recent house hold expenses have been up the roof.
Yeeeeeeeeeee! My wife is jealous of my dildos.
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