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Lot them watch the bid goes up. That's what he wants you to think.  [[SPOILER]] If I had something this high end, I would be scared shitless to snag it on something. 
Bros, whatthefuckiswrong with me? Like, I see all these fab grailz in my size been posted and I'm not even like, "Dude, I should dip these!" I've noticed I haven't even thought of that for the longest time. Am I really that desensitized?! Is this normal? Do any of you thrift bros feel like this or am I the only one?!  Oh bro, got2moreboxesheadedyourway, bruh. @Snoogz
Had to wait for my wife to get home just so I can borrow her phone to take pics of my shitty haul just so I can post it on some random used clothes bragging thread on the interwebz...Shit, I think I might have a problem... Nothing compared to what you gentz have been posting but fuck it! I want to particimapate!!! All N/A as they are fooder and headed to @Snoogz. Yesterday  [[SPOILER]] My size! Today  [[SPOILER]]
Holy shit! Ray Donovan season 3 started!!! 
Mad respect for people who got shat on when noobing but stuck around and became bawsesss!!!    F.U.C.K!!!!!!!!! [[SPOILER]]
Real and very over priced.
I love wolves! They are my favorite animal! Cats are cool, too, I guess... Lolz, don't let the possibility of getting shit on here stop you from posting, asking questions, and learning. We've all been there. In the tradition of the thread, getting shit is almost like a rite of passage. I certainly went through it. That's how I learned.  In the end of the day, we are just buying used clothes and posting on a random internet forum to impress people we prolly won't ever meet...
New Posts  All Forums: