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Dammit! Posted on the wrong thread. Noob of me! Anyhow found some cool shit at my last thrift run. Rack full of 45rs. High fashion real mccoy denim shirt. 10 lbs. Blue Blue coat. Doc martins x bedwins colabs. What!!! Insane ted company reversable Japanese gangster jacket!!!!!!! Wtf status lad musician swnd tux!!!!! Real mccoy 8 hour union. Selvedge tote! Coped a blue blue sweater, ih chambray, ih denim, and a few kimonos. Good stuff! No pics for now....
Yeah, dude...hate posting on my phone...shit sucks, yo!
Goddammittt!!!! Wrong thread again! fuck me!
Opps, wrong thread...noob!
Super awesome haul!!! So happy for you!!! Gonna do a final run tomorrow! Wish me luck!
Holy shit! Did i just get snoogz`s seal of approval!!!??? Stoked!
Kapital Headligght Iron Heart Gustin Addidas
Close ups of my cdg i got back from the dry cleaners. Heavenly!
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