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Looks like their earlier stuff. Looks real. Show more details like the other side of the tag and other details for sure. 
Looks legit ^
That is so baller status!
Both fake. Polo doesn't use Korean on their tags.
Natural lighting works best IMO. How's the thrift thread? Haven't been on there for over 3 months. 
^^ Bro, popcorning!
[[SPOILER]] Looks fake. They (No Where Inc.) always put their address and phone number on their tags. Also, it should say made in Japan.
This might be a long shot but does anyone has any M-65 field jackets or similar ones that are made in USA or Japan or any other first world countries? I want to try out here before pulling the trigger on a Cockpit one. 
Pics would help. 
I koped 2 pairs from Khaki of Carmel 2 years ago, I think. They are pretty well made for Agave. They come with canvas pockets which is a great detail to have on jeans. But I ripped holes in the pockets after 6 months of wear. But still if you've gotten them for cheap, they are great for wear. They don't resell for shit though.  Also, don't ever machine wash them. My wife accidently washed them in the washer but not tumble dried, they ended up with vertical folding streaks...
New Posts  All Forums: