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Zegna is real but really old and ugly.
Yes. It is Darkmatter blah blah's e-commerce site. But he since abandoned it. He has a few ebay accounts. I would trust his wares. 
Lol, I think the tag is suppose to say "Made in England."  Made in London is a bit weird to see.
This might look like an orphan because it's a birdseye. But I've had SC before that was made from birdseye fabric. Also, keep in mind this is TF. He tries to blur the line between casual wear and formal wear or at least business attire. Also, that's a real Zegna tag. They've been making for TF for years. It's real based on that tag and all the details looks legit. The triple patch pockets also make it casual enough to be worn as a SC if this were intended to be a 2 piece....
Honestly, I forgot...Sorry, lol I've been out of the game for awhile. I've seen enough licensed YSL and Lanvin ties to know these are. I'm gonna refer you to a higher authority in this matter. @SpooPoker
Armani is real but very old. The YSL are licensed. Lavin are also licensed. Gucci looks legit. The rest, not so sure. 
lol, bruh, I've been just hanging out around here trying to get the jump on any sick sw stuff but alas, got diddly jack. Oh well. Hollah at yo boi! 
Y U NO 34 OR 36!!!???
lol maybe after i start thrifting again in the fall. i really hate going out during summer. hot as fuck.
Not thrifting and just lifting weights. lol I got sick of thrifting. I'll start again in the fall. lol I bet you guys have been hauling ass!!! I've just been buying stuff on discount here and there. 
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