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That looks sick!! SWEET Find, bro!!!!! Neighborhood started in the mid 90's in Harajuku by Shinsuke Takizawa who wanted to make high quality clothes for his biker buddies and crowd. He eventually got over that hype and started making clothes for regular folks who don't bike but wanted to look badass. Most of his stuff is biker/military culture inspired. Thus, they are very well made and tough as nails. You can tell the brand takes pride in itself by the quality and...
Dafaq!!!!!??????/   @SpooPoker, does your daughter know about this?!   http://www.thewire.com/culture/2014/08/what-mrow-hello-kitty-is-not-a-cat/379252/
Yes! Thanks man! I remember when I was visiting him in LA a few years back, he told me he and some locally well known fashion designer were launching a line. I just remembered that waking up from a nap. 
Anyone remembers Dark Matter? Whatever happened to his men's wear site?
Congrats on the job! I hope all the pimple faced teens don't annoy the shit out of you. Lol, I'll just need to make a good enough excuses to the wife so I can swing by for the chicks. But need to avoid fall/winter cuz it looks like it would suck ballz down there.
Lol because on a good week/month, you can clean up fat and flip into gold so you don't have to get a big boy job to make rent. 
Holy fuck! And yet no Japanese SwnD swag posts?! Balenciaga is good swag find anyday. But looks orphan though. You haz the pants?
Is it me or does this seems too short?
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