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Yeah, B. Brit has crappy quality.  At least that's consistent. 
The details look consistent with all the B. Brit pieces I've seen.
The best way to authenticate it is to take it to a Cucinelli store and to have the staff there take a look at it. 
Real from Zegna's factory from Switzerland.  Real
[[SPOILER]] Legit
Nice find on the sorta recent Zegna and K Jacket. I went to one store today and didn't find shit. 
Zegna is real but really old and ugly.
Yes. It is Darkmatter blah blah's e-commerce site. But he since abandoned it. He has a few ebay accounts. I would trust his wares. 
Lol, I think the tag is suppose to say "Made in England."  Made in London is a bit weird to see.
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