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This   [[SPOILER]]
Lolz good ear hustle!!! Crazy shit! What can I say? He's the master! But that Neighorhood puffy jacket though...Not sure with it's poor spelling..."Whith"
Man, I really hate these fashion forward chore coats where the length of the arms is longer than the body length. Bro, do they have a canvas version of this? For some reason, I'm not a fan of denim jackets but love denim shirts.
Bro! How many of you guys watched The Simpsons x Family Guy crossover episode?! HAHAHAHAHA! Greatest thing every!
Thanks, brah! I've got a closet full of fall/winter swag wear I wanna bust out!!!
Isn't that one of Rick's models? 
I've just realized the MIJ Headlight canvas chore coat I picked up in Japan was made by Sugar Cane!!! Score!!!     Today was a great day!  
Is it me or does it look like the dude's eyes are cocked like one points 45 degrees to the upper right while the other one points 45 degrees to the lower left?  
I'm not sure what DT is.
Pffft, nonsense!!!
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