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Y U no make NBHD A???!!! 
On that YY coat, how the hell are you going to have a 50 inch chest but have only 16 inch shoulders???!!!   This might be a long shot...But, does anyone have a YY coat similar to this but doesn't have to be exact, in a Size 4 or around a 42? Please no Y-3 or Y's, only mainline, please! Or any similar SW brands?    OR, anyone has any baller trench coat such as this Kapital one? 
[[SPOILER]]  One helluva story! But you've met Ferdinando Caraceni? Brodeetz!Damp towel, dab, dab, dab. Try avoid rubbing too hard. If did that, it's ok. Or if it's caked on there, you can use your finger nails to scratch them off. Works for me. All in all, wear it proud! Denim is suppose to be worn though tuff situations so you'll have the fade marks and stains to tell stories of.   [[SPOILER]] I would use my 30% off coupon to kop this. 
Isn't he a member? I remember saving his ebay thinking he's a member.
Happy birthday, Hans! Happy thanksgiving, Bros! It's been dry out here. Oh, anyone interested in my nwt Bronson flannel lined camo jacket? Too small for me. Never worn. Size 42 but fits like a 40. Asking for cost plus shipping. Pm me!
You can't go wrong with Red Wing Lugs. Every workwear lover should get at least one pair. If you need them for the winter, just wear 2 pairs of thick socks and you'll be good. 
Made in usa, Kopp. Made in China, no.Flip. You'll find better, trust me.
Brodeetz on the undercover ninja pants.
I hear you, bro. Left this bb by isaia due to damage.
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