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Bro, that Lad Musician looks very very very similar to the one I saw when we were in Japan. Shit, it might be the same one!   [[SPOILER]]   OHHHHHH SHIT! It is! Damn, that thing has been there for at least 6 months! Damn, 46 with 17 shoulders???!!! That Moncler is a steal at that price! 
Oh shit, I've just read this.     SET-UP MISTAKES: The BIGGEST mistake I see people make with sumo deadlifting is treating it like a squat. This is even more prevalent in sumo pulling than conventional. They set their hands AND squat down at the same time. When this is done, you are not in a good position to pull, and your muscles are not engaged. Everything is loose. When you pull from this position, your back is again taking all of the load because your hamstrings...
Lol, those were from the dollar store!
After nursing my back for over 2 months, I switched to pulling sumo. After learning more about using proper techniques, I pulled first time 2 days ago with 1 plate. Back felt fine. No pain. I was talking to my co-workers about deadlifting especially on the sumo pull and got excited. I got home and pulled 3 plates. I was pretty surprised to see with properish techniques, after not pulling for 2 months, it was pretty easy to pull 3 plates without any back pain. I've found...
[[SPOILER]] Not sure if too many people need overalls but I really think some Japanese guy is going to eat these up!
@capnwes congrats, bro! That was awesome! 
Bros, my wife made us an awesome dinner in the wake of our pet rat, Noodles passing away...She died in a heat blanket in my wife's arms. Anyhow, the Karaage was bomb! The presentation was fucking awesome!  
+1 That's where I cop some of my good shit.
[[SPOILER]] Denim duster coat is the best I can do for now...Sorri...
Bro, you've been stepping up your game!
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