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 Bro, I really would like one in a XL. That shit was dope!What SilverwareBandit said. Sugar Cane is such a solid clothier but they don't release innovative shit like that MFxSC P Jacket. It's like they don't want to take that extra risk to produce some funky ass shit. They are more than capable to sew quality and innovative clothes. When I was going through my Lighting magazine from 2013, Sugar Cane had a lot of really cool staple pieces but they were all very trad...
Lol, I get the burritos with black beans and hammer it down within 5 minutes. I used to live close to one. Oh yeah, Chipotle is owned by McDonald's btw.
I know, right?
They are damn crispy though but in a cheap way. 
Bro, I was just talking to a few members about your epic hauls!  [[SPOILER]] Wow! Love your set up!
Where's the thumbs down button?
For my SWnD folks, anyone interested in a Momotaro, NWT, Going To Battle, chambray shirt with selvedge guist (sp?), about a size 38 for $65 plus shipping? PM me for brodeetz!!! Ohhhhhhhhhhh snap! My 5k post!!! Didn't even notice at first!
Bro, sounds like you are putting them to good use. I almost coped a pair of NWT Studio D'Artisans D1650 broken twill @12 oz. but for about the same price as those Gustin Quick Fade. If interested, PM me for deetz. 
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