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Went to a shop in da hood today. The hood didn't show me much love but did manage to pop on a cdg play line. N/a Need some work but was cheap. Also, found this shitty quality mac queen. Lol No other tags on there. Really sorry quality.
The made in USA chambray shirts are mehhhh...
Holy shit! Where and how the fuck did you kop these?! Mr. Hare?! That's cray cray!!! Okinawa with rattle snack patch!!! Most of the Sugar Cane denim has sugar cane fibers woven in the denim! Yes, Sugar Cane has a made in USA line. I prefer the Japan made ones. 
Its hard to tell without all the tags. 
I know where you got those, too!!!
[[SPOILER]] Goddamn! That's a come up! [[SPOILER]] Ahhhh! That's it! No more Mr. "heyyouwannacomethriftingwithmebroorimheadedtoyourhoodyouwannahangout nice guy!!!" I'm coming after all y'all grailzzz!!! But nice find though, bro! 
Naw, bro, I don't do what was depicted. I do one leg at a time like a hurdler. I was trying to find a pic online but couldn't. This was the closest pic I can find. 
He's got a lot on his plate. But he did find a Sunny Sports in a XL.  [[SPOILER]] Didn't he kill himself in a BB?
Shit, I'm missing the Apolis sample sales in LA...You LA guys are so damn lucky.
Yerrrrr, just like HF makes for G&H.  [[SPOILER]] I fucking hate that! Makes me  every time I think I've found a RLPL.
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