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Hey guys, I'm new here. I've been hanging out on the Thrift/Discount stores bragging thread. Troika told me about this thread. I've been coping some pretty dope stuff for myself. I'm really into work wear. Sorry for the crappy photo. I apparently thrifted my phone, too.    These just arrived today.     Tellason canvas chore coat Epaulet indigo terry crew Chipewa 6 in. Odessa with Vibram lug sole Guilded Age Gotham selvedge   These were not so...
Spellbound melton wool CPO shacket! POP! A thread's first???!!! I've always wanted a COP shacket!    I got these for $26. Not sure why so cheap given the condition is pretty damn good! I love the nylon lined cuffs and collar!         Also got this Champion terry crew sweat. Not sure if vintage but prolly not. Made in USA. POP!    
Yes, chain stitchings are not as sturdy as lock stitching but looks so damn cooler and authentic! My IH's were hemmed with lock stitching and every time I look down at my cuffs, I sigh and a part of me dies a little inside... 
Helluahaul!!! WTF!!!!! Both Black Armor and 634s!!!!!!!!!!!!????????????? WHo the ufck in their right mind would donate mint shaped IHHHHHHH????!!!!!!!!!!!!! GTFO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But wait, why the fuck did they cheap out on hemming their jeans with lock stitching??!!! Why the ufck would you spend $ on a pair of IH and NOT get chain stitching???!!!  Go lighter, bro!  Since everybody has been talking about weight, I was at my heaviest at 196 in sophomore year because I...
[[SPOILER]] Somebody has been holding out on us!!!Bro, this fucking show got me really into CM! I was drooling over what Michael Pitt was wearing in season 1!!! I was searching for Martin Greenfield discount suits and found SF...No joke! Bro, they've green lit season 6!!! WTF!!!
Me, too, buddy. My true waist has gone up to 35...
Ask her if she prefers anal.
lol it was silk, flak, and something else...after discount it was like 1,300 on clearance...also on the same rack were kittens. 
Just PMed. Sorry, I was working out in the garage so afk for an hours...But damn, never imaged Ross could be a gold min!!! WTF!!!
WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????????? Brodeetz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can you proxy for M4 in a 31 or 32?! 
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