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Sweet pop, bro! The Cinese character on the bottom says "Lei" which means storm in a very cartoony style.  The second sets of characters says "Beautiful women like jade."  I don't think they are worth much though.   
[[SPOILER]] We got her over a year ago. Our neighbor found her running around in our neighborhood with another dog. She was about 3 months old at the time.
Or you can fleabay it. I'm sure there are folks who would love this shirt. 
[[SPOILER]] Not an expert but I'd say 60's because of all the deetz you've mentioned plus I would like to point out the single stitched cuffs. My type 1 repro has single stitched cuffs, too. Which means they've followed all the vintage denim jackets' details. So, either this is a repro, which I doubt it, it was made to specs. 
The tags look real. That is one ugly shirt. 
Urban swag ninja
What are the chances the donor lurkers on this site and was like  and gets a kick out of us getting off on his load?!
+1Chasing the thriftening high has neted me this...
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