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Bro, that is so sick! Damn, I have a SC by him...Never wore it. Never found any of his stuff to be good quality. 
Got hooked up by my cousin! @Stitches I believe that's his handle runs a diamond business. PM him for info. He tried to hook me up (a decent price) but my hook up was better deal (family prices). lol 
Legit. I've been here about almost 3 years now and I'm barely feeling ok enough to do the exchange. I just hope I get someone who is a "normal" size. lolz
I've started icing and heating alternately with 10 to 20 min. each and it has helped a lot! The first day I tried that the pain went down from a 7 to a 4. 
Damn, bro, sorry to hear about your back injuries. I've been nursing this back pain for 1.5 month now. Just don't do what I did as in I've reinjured it a few times by not giving it enough time to heal and being too hyped up to do deadlifts. I would give it at least a month to heal. It's been almost 2 weeks since I've decided not to do any lower back work out. It feels fine but I think our bodies has a tendency to trick ourselves "there's no pain" to help with the healing...
Does it have to be 50 posts in this thread or can it be 50 posts overall on SF? 
GTFO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WTF!!!! DUDE, BRO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Been looking for a good hoodie for awhile. This is a bad ass haul! Oh yeah, Spoo's haul was just legendary/epic status!!!
That jacket is sooooooo sweet! Good lucky, man. Those are serious life changing moves.
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