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Forget the ghostly face! Look at his shit ass long sleeves @1:08!!!   http://www.littlethings.com/wedding-couple-ghost-photo/?utm_source=simp
Sulka is super legit. I think Spoo found a pair of those not too long ago. @SpooPoker what did you do with those? http://shop.striversrowusa.com/index.php/bottoms.html 
Bro, can't wait for our 3 day thrift trip!
Real. Old.
sup bros
You know, after I'll wear down my jeans, I'm planning on doing some patches maybe like a pair of boro jeans!!! I'll rock the shit out of these! 
Made in Italy Evisu for the win! Bro, those are pretty original!!! What gives, man?  [[SPOILER]] I actually dig how APC fades when compared to LVC. Are you planning on storing them away?
Nothing too particular but maybe the construction of how they attached the flannel to the shell on top of all the details. 
Yes, what @double00 said. I don't have too much experiences with STF denim but that sounds about right. I have 1 pair of STF denim. Those are my Onis. Basically, STF could shrink around 2 inches in the waist and even 3, 4 inches in the inseam. Also, sanforized raw denim could shrink up to an inch in the waist and around 2 inches in the inseam. I prefer Sanforized because what I'm seeing is near around what I'm gonna get after a few washes. If you really don't want your...
Ahhhh yes, the one she posted was the LVC 1954 501z which is unsanforized. So it would shrink up to 2 sizes. Good catch, bro. 
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