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Fuck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$!! $$#!! $! $! $$! $!! $$! $!!#¥%!@_\'€'%-"\€¥!-\*=$=£7
If you are at your wit's end why not contact brioni directly? The worst thing it could happen is they ignore you.
Just got a super detailed pm from jompso. The dude is either mad, not like I'm angry but like I'm crazy, or he's a super genius. I can't decide which one... but one thing for sure is he haz all the good pulls. For that, i respect him, kinda like the whole frenchy thing shortly before and after he was banned for the second time or was it the third time? Cheers
Sweet finds, bro! Synergy on that mh x Edwin cinch back!Passed on this. Should i go back?think casual yakuza style. Please no loafers!Well, the bacteria actually could weaken the cotton which could cause blow outs so when your jeans start to stink, at least soak them and hang dry.
Uhhhhh ohhhhhhh but those pulls though... Fuck!
Lol now they put out shit like aape made in China shit. Ever since IT bought out bape, shit had been fufu. But i still would like to Kopp a pair of those glasses.Spoo shut the thread down. He owns the thriftening.
Lol naw bro, its up north, way up north!
OK time for the pics dump!!!!!!!!!1 So much of my childhood was on this cat!  [[SPOILER]]
Bro, it's cool. The thread moves fast so it will get buried in a few days. Trust me, with age, it gets easier to control your temper.Lol i think he closed his business. I've lurked his ebay store last year. It was pretty active. Didn't he troll the thread about finding a vicuna a few months ago?
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