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Thex-giving fit.   Iron Heart, Sugar Cane, Iron Heart, LVC, Red Wing.   Not pictured: lumber jack axe and grizzly man beard. 
 Bro, I'll be surprised if it isn't.Holy shit! Look at all those TF!  Wow! 3rd one this week?!  Fuck me, the little guy is soooooooooooooooooooooo cute!!! SQQQQQQQQEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! Nice, I've found a pair like last year. Decent quality. 
Ohhhhh shucks! 
My TV shows bros, check out Ray Donovan. I'm on season 1, episode 4 and it has been pretty damn sick!
PMed  Fuck, you type well when drunk. If that were me, I"ll be, "oiasndbewik  aohisdn ojoiadbfs of  30-343=4=3."
I guess I've never learned how to build enough tension in my hamstrings because I would squat down and securing my grip during the set up. So, maybe most of my DLs were performed with more of my lower back instead of the posterior chain.  I've just learned how to build tension from Mark Bell's video @0:11.  Wait, is this the Russian chick with family mob connections who also has a nice ass?!
Bro, that Lad Musician looks very very very similar to the one I saw when we were in Japan. Shit, it might be the same one!   [[SPOILER]]   OHHHHHH SHIT! It is! Damn, that thing has been there for at least 6 months! Damn, 46 with 17 shoulders???!!! That Moncler is a steal at that price! 
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