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+1 Does Daks count?
Dafaq?! Where do you live, bro?
You would need to post more details such as tags and other details. Simply posting a pic of the selvedge is not sufficient. The selvedge does look sloppy though. 
Hmmm, that just looks like a regular type 3 jacket to me. 
If dated, leave second one but pick up the first, I would.
Bro, he wasn't a homeless just SF homo chic. This is interesting. What club were they? Did you interact with them? All the Baroni suits I've seen were all shit. LOLZ, I remember when he first introduced his method to the thread, people laughed at it. I was like, "Dudes, I saw with my very own eyes how badass his method is!"
I see their wimmenz stuff all the time at one of my stores. 
Thinking about doing some hypertrophy work outs and keeping the rep range between 8 - 15 using maybe around 65% - 70% of 1RM. Gonna cycle the program for 6 weeks and then take a week off. 
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