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Saw a BBBF polo, made in Italy or was it USA...Passed... Bros, are we still on that "leave no cashmere behind" campaign? If so, I've been failing, Epicly...
That might be true, bro but those polos were really nice. I don't wear polos but if they do a size 5, I would rock them. 
I'll need to double check out there's a patch in the size of a chest pocket sewn. Maybe it hasn't been opened? But why the fuck would you need to bast a polo pocket shut?! Oh, BTW, saw Jurassic World. WTF...Thanks for ruining my childhood memories, you assholes!!! 
[[SPOILER]] Bro, be careful when feeding feral cats. I don't know about them cat feed'n laws in your neck of the woods but in my hood, if you feed a feral cat for more than a period of time (forgot how long) it automatically become your pet in the eyes of the city.   [[SPOILER]] Hmmmm, no pics of the tags...Suspect... Bros, just my luck! Koped a Samsung S5 from eBay, NIB, came with a slight defect. Returned it. Koped another S5 from Bestbuy.com, NIB. Came with 2...
That is a red flag in my book. I would pass on it.
Opps, you know what I meant. 
You are right, bro. Those are python skin. I'm actually creeped out by snack snake skin...
His tricking dou...
Fuck! Jon Call is a beast!!!   https://instagram.com/jujimufu/?hl=en
Went to a shop in da hood today. The hood didn't show me much love but did manage to pop on a cdg play line. N/a Need some work but was cheap. Also, found this shitty quality mac queen. Lol No other tags on there. Really sorry quality.
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