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Holy shit! I've just bought an Iphone 6!!!
Didn't know dead stock means new. I thought NDS meant "new dead stock." The point I was making those Ice Cream are not longer in production so maybe he could make some $.
Not to mention shitty quality. But you will get some $ for them as they are deadstock.
WTF. I think it's time to change gym and give them the finger before you go. Do they even deadlift? Fuckers.
LOL, I've seen fake Ice Cream hoodies but just not shoes. I'm not saying they are fake but they don't look very quality...Got deetz?
I'm sorry to hear that. What's the infraction they are claiming? 
Wes, I'm not sure about those Ice Cream...
What's a written up at the gym? 
Prolly a new lurker on the thread. Actually, not really. The series is a bit on the slow moving side. I was staying up icing and heating my back. Naw, not really. I've been playing the shit out of Dead Island. Ok ok, I've been playing with my puppy. No, wait, oh yeah, I remember now. I was pissed off chasing my other cat around the house for fucking up our nice leather couch set! That mother fucker! I'll kill him when I see him!!! HAHAHAHAHA! Awesome! 
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