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Hey guys, so I spent about almost 4 weeks in Japan. I've found out Japan doesn't have charity shops. They have resell shops and lots and lots, and lots of true Americana vintage shops. Stuff that collectors will put aside or display them which Japanese will actually wear in public...To me that's mind blowing. Anyhow, amongst all the racks and racks full of grails, I've learned something that's really surprising which sometimes, when a Japanese reproduction company...
Hey Gentz, over 1k of new posts missed...I'm not gonna bother. lol   Being lazy so I'm doing a blast on here for peeps' address. Need to catch up on some stuff.   @GMMcL, PM coming tonight. Might need your address.   @ridethecliche, need your address.   @jdrizzy need your addy, bro.   @1ofTheCoolKids, addy, bro, please, brah!   Think might be leaving some folks out...Will catch up later.   Jet lag is a bitch! Slept for 12 hours today and lost a whole damn...
Borrelli and Gucci are both real. Grats. 56L, Wow! Big boy! Made by Zegna.   Oh shit, just realized this was sold by a reputable SF member. Super real!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dude, you could have hit me up earlier while i was up north!!! Pm me for details.
Hotel discount fit. Iron heart 10 oz. Selvedge Chambray Sugar cane 9 oz. Wabash vest Gustin selvedge 18 oz. Slubs Adidas
So while i was eating lunch today, 38r said watch this as he poured some chocolate milk onto his kitchen carpet. I was kinda freaked out but he used his method to get the stains out under a minute...woa...
Plus the one I was wearing today, it'll make 3!
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