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 Sweet! But my Sugar Cane 12654 has a better design. loz but damn, I wish I had stumbled upon that...Lucky!NOt really sure who made these but I was able to make out some Chinese characters "day 15 wash." Maybe some Chinese guy wore these and kept their washing dates? lolz
W.t.f!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bro, i call dibs in my size! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[[SPOILER]] The styling looks really old like vintage. Anymore tags on there? "Made in Japan" it says. Totally legit. "Nippon Made" actually. 
[[SPOILER]] FTFY  go back for the pants.
Post my ok stuff before noob drops his. Found these in close proximity to the earlier two loros. One is moskin. The other is cords. It's official, pleats are back. These are pretty heavy. Is it usual for Pringle not to have additional tags? On the hunt for pants.
[[SPOILER]] Oh shit, you back in LA, bro?!http://www.yelp.com/biz/schaeffers-garment-hotel-los-angelesLooks like Takai beat me to the punch. Holy shit! I wouldn't leave those 2 scarves either! Good stuff!  Lolz, you should google map that place!
White one = Bahljs!Black one = balls...
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