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Hey guys, what are your takes on this?   http://www.t-nation.com/free_online_article/most_recent/fake_strength_stop_arching_the_bench_press
 Little guy looks like a monster like he would fuck up your couch anytime. Wow! More deetz, bro!!!
Made In China and something about hand wash in 30 degrees. 38R has been busy with getting ready for the baby and kicking ass on Battlefield 4. He showed me some redonkulous SWnD stuff he's found. 
For some strange reason I always get Snoogz and Noob mixed up.
Not best for flipping. Decent for self wear and blah blah.
Holy shit! That's ugly as shit but bad ass looking at the same time!
That's some awesome advice! What do you think of the ProgramingToWin novice program? I've been checking it out. I like the idea you do bench, squat , and dead lift three times a week. There are 3 phases in the novice program including a deload phase and a heavy phase. Any information on that would be appreciated!
Yes...lol with 3 or 4 pairs left sitting in my closet with a few pair sitting around, somewhere.
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