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Prolly looks like its from the 90's, yeah?    Oh wait, you said "Denim." I thought you meant "Dinner." Opps, cop that shit!
+1 You prolly won't see any of them ever again so why not?!
[[SPOILER]] That N1 Deck Jacket is sick! Real fur?
[[SPOILER]] Yeah bro, it's Edwin's mass produced ladies' line. Well, the do mass production anyways. Kinda cheap. I think they've might have made for men, too.  Check this out, "It is always the brand philosophy that it is attractive to beautiful women. And how to show a 'flat ass' of Japanese female-specific sterically." This was on their website.  
Lucky bastard. 
I've been eating a pbnj every morning before gym. The best thing to make with bread.
Did 3 warm up sets on leg curls and 15 working sets of 5 - 10 reps afterwards...Gonna be sore tomorrow. 
  Prolly get more hits if anything! People eat that shit up!
New Posts  All Forums: