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Damn bro, why are you all fucked up?    Jk jk. Why are you cutting so much? Are you preparing for a fitness show? I tell people I'm bulking as an excuse to eat all sorts of junk and I've gained about 3 lbs. Gonna see if I make gains on my big 3 in 2 months or so to see if I should bulk up to 180 or not. I can starting to see the rolls forming on my mid section. 
Are you serious? Got pics? No homo.
I forgot who is was but a few days ago, a member posted a truck load of made in China Ev Genes and asked if they were real. I said they were fake but on second thought, they might look fake because the quality is pretty shitty. Ev Genes is an official Evisu line but it's terrible and are not worth your flipping time. But, just curious, how much were they for a pop? 
Haven't thrifted anything in a long time. But I did pick up this at the side of the road. It's still in good condition.  
100% real and the seller is a reputable thread member. But my question to you is why would you buy a suit that you are unsure of its authenticity? 
Holy shit! I have the same one!!!
I would think it's heavy duty but the styling might be shit. Not sure if boarder patrol is known for being stylish. 
Oh yeah, pulling Kapital is a good day in my book, too.
BRO!!! Deetz on the Blue Bell raw chore coat!!! It might be the vintage or the reproduction. I want both!!!
I'm not an Evisu guy but I've seen a bunch of them when I was in Japan. It got me curious and I started reading on them. No.3 is usually their lower tier stuff except years ago, they were the original Evisu Heritage, made in Japan and selvedge. But I'm not too sure when did they make the switch over to the cheap, mass produced, made in China, No.3...Anyhow, if you see No.3 and made in Japan with the red, white, and blue selvedge, cop it. That's the good shit. Most No.3...
New Posts  All Forums: