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Damn, sorry to hear this. I've had back injuries for about 10 months because my dumb ass keep working out so I re-injured a bunch of times. Anyhow, I've been rehabing it to the point, there's no pain anymore, just soreness, sometimes. I also, ice after work outs, no matter how I feel. It really helps. Anyhow, after my back has healed, I've started high bar squating (bye bye low bar), and narrow sumo deadlifting but I increase the weight pretty slowly. I've been doing...
I've used color safe bleach and it has worked.   [[SPOILER]] IDK, bro, I've passed on a pair because sold listings at that time, sucked ass. thatseriouslylooksyourhood
Lol what about jumping on the rack from the other side? I do that shit all the time and no one has said shit to me. A few times i did say I'll trade you spot and was all good.
Well, raw is kinda uncomfortable because of the denim being starched. I think 634s are one wash. I actually prefer one wash.
Sweet! But -3 points for not being raw! That the jean shop in the left?
Woa, aren't you like 7'5"?! So, your bestie is what? 7'3.5"?! Dude, bro, we all hate it but having a kart sometimes really helps. I never leave shit on the racks. I always grab them and even when my hands are full, I take them to a kart.  Depending on how I feel, I would challenge him on that. That was a dick move on his part. 
Might Kopp this
2 ugly to pass
Sweet pop, bro! The Cinese character on the bottom says "Lei" which means storm in a very cartoony style.  The second sets of characters says "Beautiful women like jade."  I don't think they are worth much though.   
[[SPOILER]] We got her over a year ago. Our neighbor found her running around in our neighborhood with another dog. She was about 3 months old at the time.
New Posts  All Forums: