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Shhhh, honey hole, can't talk about in public.  +1 I coped a tweed PS off of him a while ago. 
Sooooooooo, I was at Costco today and saw these...WTF!!!! Fuck yes!!!!!!!!!!!     Coped a bottle of Bourbon. Will give deetz later.
Bro, this is money fursure!!!
Lol, yeah, the back pockets are a bit aggressive but I really really really like JDM workwear. 
Finally jumped on the Rising Sun Co. 50% off sale. Coped these. Been looking for a pair of nice khaki-ish colored jeans for a while, now. On a side note, dude, why are there so many jeans maker make their straight cut jeans with thin thighs?!    http://shop.risingsunjeans.com/products/reliable-brown-stoker   These do say reliable so I'm expecting at least 20 years of wear. 
Rising Sun Co. for when I decide to become a farm hand.  
Holy mother of Satan! I almost had a seizure looking at this!
It's a shaket? In this color/pattern?! Snap! Sounds funky! Brodeetz!
[[SPOILER]] Hmmmm, the Kanji kinda throw me off a bit because the character structure is a bit different than Chinese. But if I were to take those literally, the first tag says surface: linen, and the second tag says inner or inside, cotton. I'm not sure if that make sense...Made in Japan. Hope that helps.
Hey bros, look what I just coped, again.  
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