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Holy shit! Is that a denim peacoat?! Brodeetz! For some reason, I've always pictured you to be skinnier. Not sure why.  
I think the pockets and the red ID are in way of too good condition when compared to the rest of the jeans. The red line usually fades quite a bit on old selvedge. But still, those are great finds.
No. Was just telling him to be careful of shoulders when doing decline. 
When I was doing decline, the bottom of my chest would round out. Just be careful with your shoulders when hitting those. 
Thanks, Wes! I'm gonna head on over to your eBay.
Have you tried doing push press with a barbel as an alternative?
I only do flat bench so my chest kinda look like that, too. Do you do incine and decline? When I was doing those, I had a fuller chest. 
Opps, flannel shirts.  I'd thought I'll give a try on the thread before I drop $71 on each Sugar Cane. Might cop 2 at that price for NWT.
Bro, you are losing gains as you type this.  Bros, anyone got some sick made in first world countries flannels you wanna sell/trade me?! 
 Bro, I really would like one in a XL. That shit was dope!What SilverwareBandit said. Sugar Cane is such a solid clothier but they don't release innovative shit like that MFxSC P Jacket. It's like they don't want to take that extra risk to produce some funky ass shit. They are more than capable to sew quality and innovative clothes. When I was going through my Lighting magazine from 2013, Sugar Cane had a lot of really cool staple pieces but they were all very trad...
New Posts  All Forums: