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This is the only thing you are allowed to wear to an interview.   You must not sit down to break the line of the leg, you must wear a black circle on your face to not distract from your carefully considered interview "fit". Robot pose should be held at all times, even when taking selfies with an iphone. Ignore 95% of what I say, accept 5%, which 5% is up to you.  
PSA:   P Johnson Tailors Patrick and Tom will be taking appointments in Brisbane on Thursday and Friday the 15th and 16th of August. Please contact Skye, if you would like to make an appointment.
  dude - stick with the white shirt and navy tie, breath in, breath out and focus on the interview. Don't listen to what 95% of what is written on this forum    PS - time for some grown up bed sheets
Cool glad it arrived. Next time we cross paths we should do the second fitting to fine tune the pattern.I'm biased but the fit is not great in those mjbale pics..
Na just sources really good ones.. Might be Gritti
Cool ill be in. PJT just received the new season books .. will be a good chance to look through in more detail;) remind me to show you the delfino
He runs P.Johnson Tailors in Paddington, named after himself FYI some samples arrived today - I like the E82 edward green last! Unfortunately everything arrived in Patricks size so we dont have all the try-ons yet.     Just charging same as dub monk   Double Monk is much better value than HB fyi     DJ anderson cloth is nice. FWIW PJT have a 2nd shirt maker now - he is a guy who patrick considers as top 5 in the world from Poland. CEP came in the other day and picked one...
Patrick will have a selection of CJ and EGs from double monk in his store in paddo next month. pricing is very sharp
  Cool man - as long as you enjoy it and are happy with the new look I think its great. Id say most guys here are still developing their own style as it takes time.. lots of time and experimenting.     Im considering this Billy Kirk bag although ive read reviews that they are quite heavy due to all the brass hardware and framing. I like the combo of leather/canvas and the colour/style. I also dont mind the totes but they can look quite feminine
any creeps wanna know a bit more about me theres a small Q&A on pugnacious george
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