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6 foot
  im definitely getting the first two .. still considering the grey.. got plenty of time
Suit Shop for most my stuff but Ill still be getting a few special pieces from PJ - sometimes for an odd jacket I like his even lighter unstructured naples & rome options   These are what im considering next...   1) navy chalk stripe double breasted with peak lapels. Unsure if I will get roped or soft shoulders this time but probably jetted hip pockets and welt chest. Trousers with side adjusters, button fly and 2inch cuff       2) Considering a chocolate brown cotton...
Quick shot of my new suit - first time ive gone with a roped shoulder and I quite like. Ill take a full length pic next week when I have more time.  
good news for guys in Sydney - a selection of Double Monk's shoes will be available at PJohnson in a few months time   remember.. you heard it here first 
or get a bialetti brikka and a good grinder ... once you master it you'll be able to make a good espresso shot.   But you'll just want a better machine after:)
PS - ill be full time in P.Johnson in Paddington for the next few months training how to fit and also getting SuitShop backend all up and running. Remy use to be a barista and ive done a full barista course just for fun so the coffee should be decent:)
Nah dont get a silvia - you'll need to spend more to PID it and then you need a grinder too - im afraid all that doesnt come under $1k.   When i first started out i used a Sunbeam cafe series grinder (about $250) (its now at the PJohnson shop) and a Lelit 41TEMD ($799).   However a cheaper more viable option would be to get the Lelit 42 which has a built in grinder for $839 http://www.jetblackespresso.com.au/shop/p/lelit-pl042em/   It doesnt have a PID but you'd be fine...
In HK check I'd also add Muji, the new RRL store and Tassels to the listFood Yardbird is always good and there is a newish sushi place which name escapes me but ill look it up when I'm back from vacation
  Sand > Brown    I think you are confusing net profit and gross profit - most retail businesses do not have more than 15% net profit .. between 5-10% is the norm.   Gross profit varies depending on the type of business (i.e. discretionary vs staple) and the volumes. Discretionary retail businesses is not uncommon to have 60-80% first gross margins and 40-50% gross margin after markdown (Cue, CR, Just Jeans etc).   You would then have something like 10-15% labour costs,...
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