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we have the SL and CS in stock   Im a 32 in the SL and I could JUST squeeze into a 30 for the CS - uncomfortably tight at the waist but given my SL experience id anticipate it to stretch after wear.
  Damn those longwings are LONG
Nope m65 style jacket in light weight cotton .. 3x1, aspesi, Nike, Barbour, muji, beams all make them
yeah we can stock anything :)
m65 jacket are good (esp the aspesi one) for these occassions. Guido who works in a similar environment seems to wear m65s and knits alot   Pjohnson have some very cool hunting jackets coming soon too :)   I wear mine on weekends only - im a 33in in true to size trousers and I got the 32 in 3sixteen SL cut. They were snug at first and after a month they have relaxed and really comfy. I would be a 31 in APC NS   In the CS cut they are looser in the leg and cut off a...
thanks - will see how it goes. Returns same as everything on our site - original condition with tags we will do one exchange or a refund. We do not pay the return postage though.   Yeah - 220AUD free shipping - just loaded them up tonight .. very limited stock as production quantities are done in small batches so we got our hands on what we could. They way I see it is that I cant compete with Selfedge/3Sixteen with their free global shipping but I can have a locally...
can get anything u guys want
PS - Owen and James is now the first stockist for 3Sixteen denim - should be the cheapest option for anyone locally wanting to but 3sixteen denim.   We started with the SL-100 and the CS-100 cuts (i.e. modern slim and a classic full leg based on a 1947 501)
Hi Superfudge   Patrick was in Italy recently.   Re suitshop and pjohnson i could write lots here as the two are quite different but lets keep it short.   Both businesses are grounded on the same philosophy and aim to re-introduce the public to sartorial wear in a relevant and accessible way, through education, guidance, passion, expertise and value for money.    We share the same technology and property in making individual patterns and some aspects of...
There should be silk/grosgrain lined against where it sits against the collar of the shirt so it has some movement under the collar.   like all ties its personal.. I wore one for the broadsheet shoot and I liked it .. it was black and softens an otherwise very stark colour
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