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Cool ill be in. PJT just received the new season books .. will be a good chance to look through in more detail;) remind me to show you the delfino
He runs P.Johnson Tailors in Paddington, named after himself FYI some samples arrived today - I like the E82 edward green last! Unfortunately everything arrived in Patricks size so we dont have all the try-ons yet.     Just charging same as dub monk   Double Monk is much better value than HB fyi     DJ anderson cloth is nice. FWIW PJT have a 2nd shirt maker now - he is a guy who patrick considers as top 5 in the world from Poland. CEP came in the other day and picked one...
Patrick will have a selection of CJ and EGs from double monk in his store in paddo next month. pricing is very sharp
  Cool man - as long as you enjoy it and are happy with the new look I think its great. Id say most guys here are still developing their own style as it takes time.. lots of time and experimenting.     Im considering this Billy Kirk bag although ive read reviews that they are quite heavy due to all the brass hardware and framing. I like the combo of leather/canvas and the colour/style. I also dont mind the totes but they can look quite feminine
any creeps wanna know a bit more about me theres a small Q&A on pugnacious george  http://journal.pugnaciousgeorge.com/articles/people-places/sydney-men-of-style-003/
Im loving the Billy Kirk bags... am investigating furhter:)
Thanks although that looks extremely heavyYou must have me confused with the wraith Will check it outAny thoughts on ghurka or lotuff?
im on a hunt for a new briefcase/tote and would appreciate suggestions   Can be either leather or canvas (or combo) but mustnt be overly heavy   currently use a filson 256 which i find is a tad cheapo and also has become too small for my new role.   Daily carrying requirements: 13inch macbook air + charger + mouse Mini ipad pens cards notebook lunch container   Id be guessing that the filson 257 would be an ideal size but I dont want another...
we have the SL and CS in stock   Im a 32 in the SL and I could JUST squeeze into a 30 for the CS - uncomfortably tight at the waist but given my SL experience id anticipate it to stretch after wear.
  Damn those longwings are LONG
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