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PS - ill be full time in P.Johnson in Paddington for the next few months training how to fit and also getting SuitShop backend all up and running. Remy use to be a barista and ive done a full barista course just for fun so the coffee should be decent:)
Nah dont get a silvia - you'll need to spend more to PID it and then you need a grinder too - im afraid all that doesnt come under $1k.   When i first started out i used a Sunbeam cafe series grinder (about $250) (its now at the PJohnson shop) and a Lelit 41TEMD ($799).   However a cheaper more viable option would be to get the Lelit 42 which has a built in grinder for $839 http://www.jetblackespresso.com.au/shop/p/lelit-pl042em/   It doesnt have a PID but you'd be fine...
In HK check I'd also add Muji, the new RRL store and Tassels to the listFood Yardbird is always good and there is a newish sushi place which name escapes me but ill look it up when I'm back from vacation
  Sand > Brown    I think you are confusing net profit and gross profit - most retail businesses do not have more than 15% net profit .. between 5-10% is the norm.   Gross profit varies depending on the type of business (i.e. discretionary vs staple) and the volumes. Discretionary retail businesses is not uncommon to have 60-80% first gross margins and 40-50% gross margin after markdown (Cue, CR, Just Jeans etc).   You would then have something like 10-15% labour costs,...
Nice one    Suitshop does MTM separates and we have cotton etc    O&J im keeping trans-seasonal. Im just doing ranges based on inspiration at the time. Currently getting our camo-hunter shackets photographed and then going to release a new range of long sleeve casual button up shirts. Ive re-jigged the pattern and shortened the length in line with our popover range. Im also considering releasing an XS and a SM (between small/medium) for increased fit options.
  im guessing you have the driving shoes with "nipple" soles .. have you tried one with the solid rubber? it would be marginally better   otherwise some proper tassel loafers with a sole   or go for dressier sneakers? CPs etc
thats challenging - dressier shoes, shorts, lots of walking. I think you can find solutions to fit 2 of 3 of those requirements quite easily but all 3 im stumped
My biased opinion is that you require an experienced fitter to do your measurements properly. The brisbane guys can refer you to someone trustworthy.   Its simply not possible to ask a friend to take your chest and waist measurements, type them in online and expect a good fitting suit. Even if alterations are free, unless they are minor there are many areas where you will throw the balance or not be fitted correctly that cannot be fixed
My wife got our bugaboo from gilt.. Was 40% cheaper than local
always depends on your personal style   Im a white shirt guy - clean, crisp, layers well and is versatile. Sometimes id wear a semi cutaway, longer point white shirt with tie and suit to work, come home, throw on a pair of jeans, sports coat, remove the tie and put on some brown suede boots and im ready to roll for the evening.   plus its the the brad pitt, ryan gosling, george clooney crew staple and chicks love them 
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