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Ive got about 120kgs of shirts sitting in customs right now   popovers + camo shackets :)
suede looks better beaten   otherwise get some rubber soled boots - gerry recently got some nice carminas   Leathersoul has Alden Safari boots!   http://leathersoulhawaii.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/safre1.jpg
nice - let me know what pubs.. ill wear a JLC on both wrists and hopefully for once a lady buys me a drink haha
i know which id prefer - and it isnt the car 
i ditched mine years ago lol
alot of australian men wouldnt know anything other than omega/tag/rolex .. to alot of people they represent the epitomy of watches. Otherwise you go to Prouds and buy the battery operated stuff.
    superfudge you are legendary!
  fancy although im kind of a shallow guy - I go for a pretty face than how nice she is on the inside:P   In all seriousness though - Ive never been a sucker for clear casebacks .. and most of my movements are hand wound so its ideal for this kind of treatment but still I think its rare people look at the back of the watch, you probably stare at it the most at the store when deciding to buy it:)
Oli - while I dont have a sense of your style (besides mr RMW) or age but im worried that mid grey trousers may not be as versatile for dates and weekends as you may expect.   Ive heard that a pair of old jeans with speed-action button fly works best for dating    PS - re watches ive got my eyes on some fluoro plastic basic swatches :)
All another reason why it is important to be able to touch and feel a fabric so you know what you are getting and where ordering purely online from pictures can be difficult
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