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I had a drink with Andrew Chen (owner 3sixteen) who suggests something radical .. wash your jeans to prevent crotch blowout ... he reckons guys who actually do wash have jeans that last alot longer
  Nice - im thinking of commissioning a DB next - RAF blue cotton, smoked MOP buttons and wide peaks
Hi Jase - we have a few linen blends but if you want a pure linen id acutally suggest that you are better off going with P.Johnson - he has a much wider selection and you can get some totally unstructured options that would do the linen justice. When you are up in Sydney welcome to catch up for a coffee (good to say hi anyway!) and flick through the books incase anything does catch your eye.     Hi Oli - true there are a few options but TBH ive never found any denim...
Also - looks like 3sixteen may supply Owen & James with their denim. Im looking at getting the SL cut which is a modern slim in a mid rise and also the new CS which is based on the 1947 levi 501 cut - fuller in the leg and higher rise. Keen on anyone's thoughts
Hating the weather ...   Watched O'mast last night - was pretty cool and my daughter liked watching the old italian blokes talking so passionately on TV haha   also picked up some flat waxed laces "shoe stripes" from double monk - much better than typical round laces imo
Ive always wanted someones pants that have 5 years age... like a good wine id imagine they'd develop a strong bouquet :P    depends on the shade of brown and rest of outfit.   Casual chinos sneakers could work. Formal chinos then black shoes or maybe a navy suede?     I like the grey tie - goes well with a navy suit. Bottom one id find hard with a work suit as its too dark
Yeah I couldn't believe it when Sliq sent that to me over the weekend.. My website traffic increased ten fold it's been crazy. Genuinely had no idea they were doing an article
I like the side adjusters on sliqs photo better.. Cleaner look. Nice trouser nonetheless jase!
Dont get this confused with your GRINDR app  bwhaha
Anyone on linkedin and want to connect? PM me and ill share my profile with you. Just getting the hang of this thing
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