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panama/clothes always look best worn in... sean's looks nice and softened off
 Thought id give it a whirl today .. beige linen jacket, wool/linen trousers, bengal stripe handmade shirt, kilim slippers [[SPOILER]]
I get alot of use out of the light beige jacket from my linen suitMatch with navy, RAF, denim, other shades of beige, mid and light greys.Re creasing what type of linen is it? Light weight Italian linens will crumple to all hell and Irish linens tend to be too heavy. Check out some Belgium linen
Prince Charles is the man.. His hat looks the best to me... I got an Akubra from strand hatters... Only place to go in sydney
F Last my fave .. needed to size down 0.5
I love Alden boots + loafers
yeah id unline a cotton jacket.   Is it self lined in the front quarters ? if so thats actually hotter than half lining a jacket because you essentially have two layers of the fabric rather than fabric+lining at the front. Something to consider
Hi DRYou can always contact myself or the guys with any concerns.
my loro piana lightest jacket is 10% silk ... they add silk in small percentage for strength as its only 175g/mt   You'll find that silk is protein based and it wears warmer, not cooler for its weight.   That said, it allows you to make a lighter garment so perhaps evens out in the end anyway?    Other attributes of silk will be wrinkling, sheen/lustre and softness.
I can remove alot of patina using dishwasher soapy water on my brass bracelet
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