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If we wrote press releases we'd never end up in the press.
Yes and it often falls on deaf ears, not having an appreciation for the difference. Most times journalists are so time poor there is no luxury of education, merely a call out of the blue and a machine gun of pointed questions.Those in these circles understand the difference but for someone like a journalist bespoke is merely another adjective in the arsenal
 That question best be aimed at the author of the article since they used the term? I wish we could actually write the article .. oh wait no, readers want independent journalists and news stories....
sounds tedious... think ive got better things to do haha
how does that thread work? Ill join in if someone kindly explains first so i dont embarrass myself:)   also re belts yes they are fine .. i personally feel awkward in one 
Belts are overrated.. Haven't owned one in 4 years. Now they remind me of IT guys who have their mobile phone leather holder clipped on their waist and can't do it
 Thanks yeah im a big jlc fan - fits nicely. Patek is cool but itd have to be an 80s calatrava or if modern the rubber strap nautilus :) Ill check the steel AP though Ive got a rolex pepsi gmt and thats enough steel for me in a sports watch I think
I'm eyeing off an AP royal oak.. The thinner one not offshore. Preference for rose gold and strap
Yeah all the time. Some guys have the shoulders for it, some dont. Same with light or uncanvassed jackets - they can collapse through the chest on certain body types and not great.  Thanks The braided tassel and the dark green penny look great
We cut our suits to the individual. Some guys like no padding and no drape, some guys like a fuller cut and more structure.   We tend to cut our suits in either a milanese or neapolitan style in PJ and the use of varying workshops helps aid the outcome.
New Posts  All Forums: