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my loro piana lightest jacket is 10% silk ... they add silk in small percentage for strength as its only 175g/mt   You'll find that silk is protein based and it wears warmer, not cooler for its weight.   That said, it allows you to make a lighter garment so perhaps evens out in the end anyway?    Other attributes of silk will be wrinkling, sheen/lustre and softness.
I can remove alot of patina using dishwasher soapy water on my brass bracelet
Isn't "brasso" used to polish brass?
Haha I know! My wardrobe went reductive when I lost 10kg last year!
awww i only have plain and stripes!
Kamigata arrived from epaulet... Came in huge in the arms unfortunately
Shoulder width, sleeve rotation, sleeve length, shoulders not balanced all causing the rippling
Gaps up, slot a theatre ticket inside supposedly
Midnight blue is often used as it looks blacker than black under tungsten light ie at night indoors.
re: gouging    yup, I was the retail analyst for Macquarie Bank for 6 years. I did this analysis on domestic listed and non listed retailers vs global peers and gross margins globally are pretty similar when compared by industry (adjusting for differences in IFRS and US accounting etc i.e. what is COGS vs what is not COGS).   So what this means is that gross margins for any group of retailers by category are similar +/-3%.   Off top of my head a study i did showed...
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