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tried Fredman?
ill message you
Anyone that wanted an MTM popover shirt best PM me
If you guys are interested in tweeds I'll send over a book from PJohnson we can cut lengths and use in Suit Shop. Rarely gets requested given they wear warm
Try a lighter canvas, lighter or no shoulder padding, open weaves and less lining.Come to PJohnson one day while it's scorching outside and try the various options on to see if you feel any difference.Btw happy new year to all!
Well it's weight and weave.. Open vs closed. I find anything higher than a 120 count doesn't breathe
Twills breath and wick sweat Poplins are light but dont breathe as well and will display wet patches That said I like the crispness of poplin esp on stripes
10pts for effort! How's the weather? Gloves are extreme!
Thanks Yeah that'd be me.. My fave jacket by far. Big fan of linen
posted me in jeans before... i rarely wear jeans but i think if you want to make it work in a casual way such as linen coat, long sleeve polo, it needs to look quite casual overall - Im with gerry and not loving that tie/denim combo.  
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