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Yeah.. Just realised you can zoom on the original. I think your closest..Looks maybe 2x2 basket/hopsack weave which is just a variation of plain weave using 2 yarn vs 1 yarn
Depends how the bottom is finished - Strand Arcade a few stores down from us is a leather worker called "Elie" he is your best bet. Looks like a standard plain weave to me, I can see why the above said birdseye but I think its the perspective.
far out, twice ive tried buying something from Smythson and the website goes offline midpurchase ...... 
Good mattress + good linen = awesome sleep. I've got a gel layer and independent coils on mine. Gel heaps me feel cool as I get too hot normally
Fwiw I'd treat super numbers as a guide rather than gospel. Nothing beats feeling the cloth. Cheap weavers can create high super numbers at detriment to the cloth. Feel, weave and weight are more important to me
We like to offer a service rather than just a productCareful with spring loaded trees they can mishape your shoe
It might make sense just to get them to make the suit rather than try to do via luxire and then match fabric
Iris construction and handiwork on nabils jackets are top notch. I find it her style more English rather than Florentine but perhaps it's the shoulders that she does for Nabil
I bought those shop 4 shop hangers in emergency but they aren't great.. Flocked trouser bar much better
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