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 You could look at the Loro Piana Soft Touch book - about 270-280gram but flannel texture
I just made a pair of 300 gram I would t want any heavier
mmm money green leather hehe
 Hi Thanasi, Feel free to come in for a chat, book in for a consult only so we don't have time to "sell" you anything but instead have a listen to what you are after, show you our cloths and what is possible. You can then make up your own mind if we can help!
Ah so you guys were the ones at duke's
There is a MTM denim place opening opposite our Strand Arcade store - due to open late April. They use 14.5oz japanese selvedge so it'd be a bit crispy
What are you after Tom? all of the racks in our stores are custom
 Yes I agree its in the pipeline
 Yeah this has a bit of "fuzz" and softness due to the 50% cashmere factor but not as much as you get in a flannel or pure cashmere. Keep in mind this is a summer weight fabric again due to intolerence to heat lol
Also pondering this wide set herringbone as a navy staple jacket in winter
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