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Detailed first fitting followed by a 2nd fit when it's in. If you don't have the option for the 2nd fitting we can courier it and do via Skype although not as ideal
We have natural shoulder. It's 90% of what we make. We just don't have a completely unpadded shoulder.
 Biased but I like em:) Good with a jacket,  [[SPOILER]]
depends on your fit Edwin, Baldwin, Nudie worth a shot if they stock them? (unsure re:baldwin)
I fly to Singapore every 8 weeks with PJohnson if your cousin wants a fitting. Next there in November.
 Yeah a bit, bemberg breaths better than regular. Silk is often requested but wears warm.  Poplin in general are tightly woven and usually wear warmer and condusive to sweat patches. They do however allow higher colour saturation and crisper lines/patterns than their twill equivalent which weight for weight will wick sweat better 
 Not bad, arms could be suppressed if you can be bothered, especially in the forearm
Fabric mainly on look and feel and weave quality/clarity. Hard to write about but I can show you good vs bad cloths and you will gain understandingConstruction really comes down to workmanship... Shaping, hand work etc
nice jacket! You have good posture however it closes your skirt. If you could be bothered altering it, the skirt could be opened a tad more via the dart inside your patch. 
Geoff thanks I've been quoted many times in the paper myself however you still don't understand... This is inbound, not outbound.. We made no announcement.
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