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Gaps up, slot a theatre ticket inside supposedly
Midnight blue is often used as it looks blacker than black under tungsten light ie at night indoors.
re: gouging    yup, I was the retail analyst for Macquarie Bank for 6 years. I did this analysis on domestic listed and non listed retailers vs global peers and gross margins globally are pretty similar when compared by industry (adjusting for differences in IFRS and US accounting etc i.e. what is COGS vs what is not COGS).   So what this means is that gross margins for any group of retailers by category are similar +/-3%.   Off top of my head a study i did showed...
just bought this cotton linen kamigata  
I'd say it's a quickly dying platform... Actually it's already dead
Detailed first fitting followed by a 2nd fit when it's in. If you don't have the option for the 2nd fitting we can courier it and do via Skype although not as ideal
We have natural shoulder. It's 90% of what we make. We just don't have a completely unpadded shoulder.
 Biased but I like em:) Good with a jacket,  [[SPOILER]]
depends on your fit Edwin, Baldwin, Nudie worth a shot if they stock them? (unsure re:baldwin)
I fly to Singapore every 8 weeks with PJohnson if your cousin wants a fitting. Next there in November.
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