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That was it! No batch variations, no spilled edge dressing, just a toe crease (maybe when the last was removed from the shoe?) Lucky, right?
First few steps in new cigar cap toe (plaza) from TSM 2nd's list. Had a crease on the right shoe when I gottem'. The plaza is such a refined, sleek last (in the world of orthopedics). Perfect for chinos and suits (unlike #8 barries) Ecstatic about these.
sho nuff
        Thanks, guys. I picked up the J Crew barrie cap-toe boot #8 from the style mart seconds list a few months ago. Turned out nicely. (the inseam panel was slightly lighter than the rest) Hopefully with the cigars it'll only be a slight color variation or some edge dressing. CAN'T WAIT
what a hurtful comment.
$400, MY FIRST EXOTIC SHELL!!! So stoked to try the plaza last, i have 3 color 8's, all on the barrie, so monotonous. really lucked out this time, hopefully the damage isn't too horrendous.
I got it!!!!!!
so rad, i prefer smaller perforations. kiltys are interesting. maybe not with a long wing...seems a little gauche. i like the exposed eyelets on the top atoms
so rad, thanks for posting these
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