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  Thanks NAMOR, turnaround was 6 weeks (felt like eternity without these in my rotation), $140. I'll post better b4 pix. They'd gotten very light before I'd sent them in (I never use wax, only Reno). They had a ton of nicks and cuts, and a hole in the left sole.   I was tempted to ask Alden if they could avoid using any wax in the resoling, but I sortof wanted to get the whole experience. w/e, I'm sure the wax will strip off in due time. They are oxblood as all get out....
  My girls, back from restoration, it's a whole new shoe, gents. Forgot how heavy and substantial they are, i'd worn them to the nub before, and they felt much lighter. Was considering having the resole done locally, a la Don Ville on La Brea, but I'm glad I went with Alden's program. I was wondering if they'd replace the cork footbed, and they definitely do.   And those cedar trees they give you are the business. jah bless
  Yeah, but they're amazing. Symmetry is overrated.
not enough dirty wear pix on this thread. j crew 2nds from shoe mart (inner panel on the left boot was much lighter). forgive my ronald mcdonald socks. worn a year.
John C. Reilly wearing Cigar PTB last night at the Sanctuary in Santa Monica.
i could watch kathleen read the phone book
^this is gold
all in good fun, chap! <3 <3
Did nick help you? That guy's incredibly rude. bit of a drinker too i hear
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