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those are bomb. cool smudge, brah
woah, those are beauts. Must be the guys at moulded. Groovy make-up, but i'm always partial to speed hooks (the out of box laces are too long and floppy otherwise.) Modified last suede is sho nuff funky. be nice in snuff too
o man, that urban camo, too far out, bro
finally got the black monks i've been pining for! success! 
ain't nothin but a party, bb. nobody's judging your pissy soles
Isn't Alden of Carmel actually based in Seattle? They have a nice plaza last mediallion boot
http://www.newyorker.com/online/blogs/photobooth/2013/04/slide-show-lesser-known-photos-from-the-national-geographic-archive.html#slide_ss_0=8 looks like a modified cap-toe on the left. if you go to moulded shoe, they have kicks like that in their front display. canadian photo, could be alden, right? there's a chance...
guuuuhh. nature pix are so fire. i'm sick of carpet and concrete on this forum.
They absolutely refurbished the upper. Put a ton of wax on. I was considering sending a letter telling them not to, but I didn't want to be too uppety. I've lived in Massachusetts, I know these people, they don't want to deal with some city slickers neurotic b.s.
New Posts  All Forums: