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Is Roy getting enough to eat?
 I've been dying to see some wild george boots,  distinguished last too. big ups, hoss.
J. crew TSM seconds back from a month and a half long restoration. $160. The nice folks in Middleborough sure had a long summer break... Before, (with big holes in the bottom) AFTER: W/ Civilianaire Super Slim Black 2X1 RH twill 13.5oz raw, marcoliani wool socks OTC (what, me summer?)   My concern with renovation is always that the color that I've worked so hard for will be masked by wax polish. Luckily this was not the case. Galway eat your heart out,...
glass shine, uncle. like nothing else
most illinist. very smart
dude, the burnishing is sensational
those are the best, dude. a little selvedge d would really seal the deal tho 
Mcnairy's so fruity and whack. No dignity, no gravitas, no alden. Scotch grains cool tho...
    Speaking as an Alden/shell fetishist here, most of these videos are beyond creepy. The series where the guy takes new shells out of the box in a hotel room and SLOWLY talks about them. It's repulsive, guys, truly. Who does that benefit? Dyslexic Alden fans?
I got my TSM black shell monks today. I can get away with an 11.5 plaza last w/ insole, but for some reason, the aberdeen is just too big, even with insoles. Serious bummer. Was really looking forward to these. Very sad.
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