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End of May, like
Remembered a folk asked the double monk days ago. I'd say no they're not Lowndes. Lowndes have chisel but the peal ones have round toe.And for me, the things written inside of shoes can tell origin. Most ones made by AS have last number+width shown inside, like "87D", "89D", while CJ labels... the lasts we keep discussing here…
Then they gonna name it "Alden-Beijing"? Not bad ha
Sorry to interrupt… Has anybody heard from Pepe since last Thursday…? Got no respond since that time…
Emailed on Tuesday night. Haven't heard from Pepe yet. High volume maybe? But last week he was really quick…
Anybody needs +J shirts in XS?
^Ye Pepe was playing against Galatasaray ha~
Paul Stuart. I saw them days ago but they were taken off from PS site just last weekend both black calf+tweed and brown tweed
boy scout...
oops my bad 
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