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anyone can comment on AS 87 last? Compare to tricker's Stow how does it feel? narrower and less generous?  
  I saw yoox label~
yup they do... but according to their website they only do so if goods are no more than 2kg... If I grab 2 pair of boots the total weight would be easily above 2kg I guess...
Anyone hit the customs before? considering making an order but a bit worried. I'm in the US
Found it in NYC months ago. Also saw the lookbook, featuring my man - Eric Cantona 
Got the same one. So going on 26th?
^ Yep good call, thx
Dear me... I remember clearly I checked Wednesday and they were not on sale??!! What a steal!!!
and the tiny tiny black on my finger in the 8th picture
  like... my fingers 
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