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Lasts comparison between my CJ Islay Sleeker:D:D
Very nice sir!!
Racing green + green Urah sounds delicious ​  Is this racing green?  ​
1 new Renovateur. $20 shipped
In order to travel light for the upcoming move, I'm selling some of my new unused Saphir Médaille d'Or/Abbeyhorn products.    1 #8 Cordovan Cream Polish ( 75ml --$18 1 Abbeyhorn deerbone ( --$30 1 Burgundy Cream 75ml --$15 1 Saphir Saphir Médaille d'Or Crepe Suede Brush ( --$18
Unfortunately no...
Last: 87 Width: F (US D) Dainite sole UK9  $300-->$275 other sizes maybe available.....
Last: 87 Width: F (US D) Dainite sole UK9 $300-->$275 other sizes maybe available.....
Real beauties!!!
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