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absofarkinglutely proper
I'll call my SA tomorrow and ask her if we have good relationship
Wish someone can help me with getting one item with 40% off as well... Terribly thanks if a pm sent to me...
Finish the other side
no no no this is lovely! supposed to be bold
inflation makes it... from feedstuffs that animals eat, to food that craftsmen eat, the prices are all going up
haha good to see you enjoying it!!   The mistaked version actually comes along w/ the correct version. I knew it since I got the leather sole version first, after ordering online. Then I went to my neighbor to change them to dainite version... 
  yep sir. As seen in the second picture. The reason Peal Co has leather sole version is because CJ made mistake. They are supposed to make dainite version only. Story was told by 2 sales in 2 different BB store.
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