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Maybe 2 from me
YNWA lol!
As a group. dunno how many people want something like those And the color is limited according to the MTO PDF
          wish they can do these...
Guess there would be more than 6 orders : )
Then I'll be w you!
CONUS shipping included.   Burgundy color. Built on CJ 240 last.  Still smell good! 
typical french cut... tight on armpit. CONUS shipping included
Price w/ shipping(CONUS), $40 each... buyers cover the paypal fee Chest 45-46cm, 17.8 inches Shoulder 40.5cm, 15.9 inches Sleeves 63,24.8 inches Back 74cm (29.1 inches) without collar, 78cm (30.7 inches) with collar Armpit hole 23cm, 9 inches Waist 42cm, 16.5 inches (slimmest)
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