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  yep sir. As seen in the second picture. The reason Peal Co has leather sole version is because CJ made mistake. They are supposed to make dainite version only. Story was told by 2 sales in 2 different BB store.
Why not us10…
Think carmina as well. Here here http://www.styleforum.net/t/277505/epaulet-x-carmina-mto/1560#post_5839577 Then a simplified version http://www.styleforum.net/t/277505/epaulet-x-carmina-mto/1590#post_5840439
Slightly different on the side. Which is the dream one
Suede + leather really is what I want but prefer higher…
Any pics?
Like this? http://www.paulstuart.com/product_info.cfm?ProdID=4948&ProdCatId=1008&MainCatId=14&HEADERMENUID=1&SUBPRODCATID=2075
Ye saw these days ago…
If there could be 6 people found who are interested in having 2 tone leather or leather+ suede, or maybe even cap toe version, then we shall do this as well : )
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