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Speaking of the sale, just grabbed a pair of Teign from NYC store. Very good for casual occasions in Summer. The crepe sole feels quite comfortable and the leather is quite breathable as the shoes are unlined.
Mine says online only. Also I made a purchase of $3xx with AMEX in store after having this deal added to my card but didn't get the $50
For sale is a pair of brand new in box John Lobb Philip II Chestnut museum calf double monk. Crafted on 7000 last. Size is UK9.5.Retail price $1750., bags and JL shoe trees included. 
Price drop!!! $335-->$295
 Thank you dear gentlemen! 
Just issued on 6/17/2015. A good timing taking it off my hand, as the semi-annual sale is just started.
30 and 32
Haha thanks my man!
For sale is a pair of new in box John Lobb Philip II double monk in US9. It's been tried on and there're scratches and creases on the shoes but using Saphir Renovateur + black polish will cover the unwanted details. Free shipping CONUS Probably can find bigger sizes.
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