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All in CM ok? 39.5, 25, 28, 19.5
At least true to size for me, I'm 30 n Im wearing 30 For this
the notification in store said the promotion is btw 9th-15th, so I guess 2 weeks later?
Try UK site?
what do you want  
Should between 32 n 33
Lol nice question I just wanna say sth about it~Just arrived home n tried the shirt with some blazer. I found the collar is too small so the whole edge of collar was visible. Not tidy compare to extra fine shirt. If you want to wear it alone with chino, that maybe better. But if you want to wear it alone with black dress pants, the pocket may become a weakness…
Such mysterious…
Shirt in what color? I tried white n navy in S&XS tonight in 5Av store…
hey mate! I got a PS black 29, but they are so tight so I’m considering if I should get NS 29. only tried at home never wore out, also the tag are still there. If anyone’s interested in, let me know   measurement waist 15.75 inches, 40cm inseam 33.5 inches, 85cm leg opening 6.5 inches, 16.5cm thigh 10.4 inches, 26.5cm   they are black, not black raw, make sure n don't get it wrong~
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