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so cool here!
Wot size are u wearing
For guys who need black apc, I do have a pair of new New standard black (not raw) in size 29 in my closet. don think i'm gonna wear them
what are they exchangeable?
Sorry to bother guys, here's a sizing issue. I got 2 pair of CJ Cottesmore, in 9.5 and 10. Wearing 9.5 is like putting feet into two dies that I can hardly move my feet (but look plump, cool). For size 10, everything feels movable and they give a space for almost 1 finger around heel, but look less plump.    Should I keep size 9.5 and wait for the shell to stretch out? Or should I keep size 10 and let the leather shell comply to the shape of my feet?   Again,...
Maybe try barena? I've tried a double breasted shawl cardigan. Nice. Fitted really nice
Been already out: TIMEFORGIFTSOn all orders
  ought to be tasty 
anyone wants black new standard 29? got them early this year and haven't worn yet. 
anyone wants UU heavy heavy gauge v neck sweater gray? in xsmall. lazy going back to store  
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