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Are you saying that tweedish easy pants? I have a pair of them, well personally it was dressy when I got them and even the 1st time I wore them. But later it became dull... without shape just looks like normal sweatpants, maybe lil worse, especially on hip, since the fabric is thinner than those college-girl sweatpants O.o
lol anybody tried sizing down 4?! so fun when I saw the post lol~~
    for those who can/can't use the code, where are you...  
why that's invalid for me
damn go check tomorrow... n have haircut...
  well I personally think, for those works like sew the pleat or just hem the bottom, they are really easy for those tailors who have been working so many many years... so the quality of their works may be only depend on their attitude...
damn man you need to develop a good relationship with your tailor For me, hem a pants is $4 and plus $1 if I want a cuff. Last time I altered 2 waist, hemmed 1, slimmered 2 shirts and modified a collar, he just asked $15. Oh yeah also a can beer
they canceled free shipping on $200+?
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