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ye there're two versions out there, leather sole and dainite sole. According to the sales in store, CJ made a mistake by making some with leather sole instead of dainite sole, which BB wanted. So after getting my order, which was with leather sole, I did an exchange to dainite sole. Can be less careful ha!
the $9xx one has dainite sole? Made by crockett & jones
So sir do you know what size does our KING wear 
He wants everyone keeps the secret
anyone can comment on AS 87 last? Compare to tricker's Stow how does it feel? narrower and less generous?  
  I saw yoox label~
yup they do... but according to their website they only do so if goods are no more than 2kg... If I grab 2 pair of boots the total weight would be easily above 2kg I guess...
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