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 Actually C&J uses the same 348 last on Tetbury and Lowndes. I found a few pictures of Tetbury paired with jean/pants/suits that some folks posted here earlier.     Try to imagine these in dark brown suede...
Probably you want to check out my other stuffs 
Thank you @razl for highlighting my shoes!!!
I have AS 87, 89, 99 lasts and I found my size is actually in between AS UK9 and UK9.5.
Well I guess it depends on how snug you like them to fit. I'm a UK9 US10 most of the time. For Antibes I took UK9 and the vamp area is quite tight. I've tried Walkton and Antibes in UK9.5, the vamp is comfortable but there's a 3mm gap on the heel.
Price dropped  $890-->$850
Price dropped $450-->$420
Thanks man! Considering to get yourself a pair huh?
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