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New unworn Phineas Cole (Paul Stuart) Wingtip Boot made by Crockett and Jones, exact same model as Islay (Confirmed by Paul Stuart sales representative).   Free shipping.
Nice quality!! So is the 11D US size or UK size... it isn't clarified on the page, not like on some other pages...
These run small. Take half size up than your normal size.
These run small. Take half size up than your normal size.
Brand new with box and shoe bags. 
Mate sry for my rusted brain but I couldnt get points between your lines... Are you saying if they're indeed made in china then you gonna end up buying Meermin...? Or you gonna be devastated for haven't got enough pairs of meermin...?IMO even if they're made in china, they're not overpriced. And even if they were made in china, still many people were happy w/ the shoes and thinking ordering more pairs
And don't forget the Balmoral boots are still on going!!!
I've only worn them for 3 times for less than 3 hours total. Yet shown in the pictures, there're some wear off on the soles, particularly on the front part of soles.   The main reason I'm getting them off my hands is they're actually half size smaller for me. The SA gave me a completely wrong suggestion and lamely I followed it...    Really sharp boots...
Smaller on my feet but run true to size. Brand new.
How lame... They are smaller on my feet. But I'd say they run true to size. Brand new.
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